Vince Vaughn’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

He’s brought us a whole lot of smiles and endless bouts of laughter throughout the years, so it’s about time that we checked him out. Though today is all about Vince Vaughn’s height, weight and body measurements, that has never stopped us from having some real fun with our celebrities.

Here are some fun and hopefully funny facts about the actor.

  • He was born Vincent Anthony “Vince” Vaughn on March 28, 1970.
  • His family has got a thing for names beginning with the letter ‘V’, his father was a man named Vernon,  his sisters are named Valeria and Victoria, they even have a chihuahua named Vanadis. Vince finally broke the ‘V’ theme, though they named their son Vernon, Vince and his wife named their daughter Locklyn.
  • Jennifer Aniston is Vince Vaughn’s former flame, they were an item while they were filming the movie, The Breakup. They would have also starred alongside each other in the TV series, Friends, as Vince was briefly considered for the role of Chandler.

Vince Vaughn's height 1

  • Vince only ever took the role in Swingers as a favor to a friend, not realizing that it would turn out to be a career-defining move, Steven Spielberg only cast him in Jurassic Park after seeing him in Swingers.
  • He was once involved in an auto crash that cost him a large chunk of his thumb.
  • Recently, he dropped his funny-guy mantle, to appear onscreen on Sky Atlantic’s grittiest drama, True Detective.
  • A fellow actor once got stabbed in a bar fight for him. Yes, while Steve Buscemi and Vince Vaughn were in North Carolina filming a movie called, Domestic Disturbance, a brawl was caused by Vaughn talking to some guy’s girlfriend and when Buscemi intervened in the fight he ended up with several stab wounds.

Vince Vaughn's height 2

It’s time for the fun facts to come to an end and for us to concentrate on the matter at hand beginning with Vince Vaughn’s height.

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Vince Vaughn’s Height

There has never been a more relevant topic, honestly, volumes could be written on the topic of Vince Vaughn’s height. The actor stands incredibly tall at 6 feet 5 inches, the list of people that are taller than Vince is probably not going to make it onto the list of ‘longest lists in the world’.

Vince Vaughn's height 3

Chances are, the actor towers over anyone standing next to him and you bet that he has always used his height to his advantage. Nevertheless it can pose as a disadvantage once in a while, though Vince must be a delight to work with otherwise, this is what his Four Christmases co star, Reese Witherspoon had to say about their experience.

Vince Vaughn's height 4

‘He’s 6’5″ and I’m 5’2″. We had a really funny scene, I don’t know if it’s in the film any more, where he rolls over onto me. We were in bed and then at the very end he rolls over and goes to sleep, but he rolls over and lays on top of me.’

Vince Vaughn's height 5

She added, ‘It was like a tree trunk had just landed on me. I kept going, ‘Tim-berrrrr!’ It was really funny.I stood on a lot of boxes and they had to build ramps that were about the same size as where I should be. It was a challenge, especially the kissing scenes. It was hard to get up there to kiss him but we worked it out.’

Vince Vaughn's height 6

Here’s a short list of celebrities that would have no problem kissing Vince Vaughn if need be. Liam Hemsworth, Usain Bolt, Joe Manganiello and Hulk Hogan all share Vince Vaughn’s height. We said ‘if need be’ so… yeah.

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Vince Vaughn’s Weight

Vince was one of those celebrities whose weight increased after fame, he had been in pretty good shape in the 1990’s (he was at about 99 kg in the early 2000’s, which is a healthy weight for someone as tall as he is at 6’5”) but then started to let it go a bit with age. By the time he was 40 Vince was in the worst shape of his life.

Vince Vaughn's height 7

He was in the neighborhood of 136 kg, apparently when he gave up cigarettes he endorsed another bad habit… constant snacking. He also added these to the list of reasons behind his major weight gain, ‘ … my wife had a baby and I had an injury, so I put some weight on.’

Vince Vaughn's height 8

The good news is, Vince shed some of that weight, 11 kg to be precise and is now adopting a healthier outlook on life.

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Vince Vaughn’s Body Measurements

In addition to Vince Vaughn’s height and weight, here is a summary of all his body measurements.

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Weight: 100 kilograms

Chest size: 43 inches

Waist Size: 36 inches

Arms/ Biceps size: 15 inches

Feet/ Shoe size: US shoe size 10, Euro shoe size 43, UK shoe size 9.5


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