Kat Timpf Net Worth and Salary

Kat Timpf’s net worth is currently $6 million and her fortune accrued from an annual salary of $2 million. She makes over $1.5 million from her work with the Fox News channel and the remaining $500k comes from other gigs.

The TV host has a background in stand-up comedy before her foray into the mainstream media. She began practicing journalism from the tabloids and later moved into the electronic media where she became an on-air-personality.

What is Kat Timpf’s Net Worth Today?

As of August 2023, at Timpf ‘s net worth is pegged it at $6 million. For several years, media sources reported her bottom line to be $2 million and the figure has remained the same while Kat has been breaking new frontiers. However, the status quo has changed and a better representation of her bank balance just surfaced.

The latest estimation of Kat’s net worth shows that she had $450,000 in 2018, $800,000 in 2019, and $1 Million in 2020. With the advent of 2021, she established additional income heads that quadrupled her bottom line, bringing it to an admirable $4 Million. Kat’s fortune was boosted to $5 Million in 2022 and by the middle of 2023, it shot to $6 Million.

The lion’s share of her fortune came from her career at Fox News channel where she hosts several programs and news shows. Since she joined Fox, the on-air-personality has been raking in $1.5 million as annual remuneration. Her other gigs outside the media outlet account for an additional $500,000 in income that hits her bank balance every year; this brings her annual remuneration to $2 million.

Below is an Estimate of Kat Timpf’s Net Worth from 2018 to Date

  • 2023- $6 Million
  • 2022- $5 Million
  • 202-  $4 Million
  • 2020- $1 Million Kat
  • 2019- $800,000 Kat
  • 2018- $450,000

Kat Timpf’s Net Worth and Income Sources

Kat Timpf made her money from diverse income sources; she works as a stand-up comedian, journalist, libertarian columnist, conservative television and radio personality, political commentator, and more.

She came to public attention, thanks to her humorous way of writing and presenting current issues to an audience. Her gig on “Sincerely, Kat and Gutfeld!” played a huge role in announcing her to a wider audience.

She Started her Journalism Career in the Print Media

Kat first completed her studies at Hillsdale College before relocating to Washington, DC in pursuit of a career in the media industry. She scored some minor gigs at the initial stage but started earning popularity following her breakthrough. Her big break came when she was hired by the conservative tabloid, The Washington Times, to work as one of its digital editors.

While with the print media, Kat Timpf covered a plethora of topics ranging from Politics, culture, policy, and more. Her gig at the Washington Times served as a starting point for her, as she went on to work with multiple prestigious media outlets.

From Print to Fox the Electronic Media 

From the print media, Kat made her foray into the electronic media and her first port of call was the Fox News Channel which she joined sometime in 2015. At Fox, she joined “Red Eye w/ Tom Shilliue” late-night show as a regular guest host.

As the years rolled by, she went on to appear in other shows on the Fox News channel. This includes “America Live with Megyn Kelly,” “Fox & Friends,” “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” “The Five,” and “Outnumbered.”

During the latter part of 2015, she joined Greg Gutfeld on the popular late-night comedy news show entitled “Gutfeld!.” On the show, Kat functioned as a panelist with Joanne Nosuchinsky. Professional wrestler Tyrus later replaced Joanne as a panelist when she exited the show in 2016.

One year later, Kat Timpf joined Eboni K. Williams and Eric Bolling to co-host “Fox News Specialists” – one of the channel’s afternoon news and talk shows. However, the show only lasted four months on air before it got canceled. This happened during the time Eric Bolling was enmeshed in an alleged case of sexual misconduct that led Fox to dispense with his services.

Fox Nation created a personal show for Kat in mid-2019 entitled “Sincerely, Kat.” On the set of the program, the talented journalist has a run of multiple topics like culture, politics, social media, technology, and her own life experiences.

Fox also created a weekly Fox News Radio podcast called “Tyrus and Timpf” which Kat co-hosts with Tyrus, the other panelist on “Gutfeld!”.

She Works as a Content Contributor

While working for the Fox News channel, Timpf has also been serving in other publications in her capacity as a content contributor. She writes special columns for the likes of Orange County Register, Investor’s Business Daily, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and International Business Times. There was a time she contributed quality content to the National Review.

In the latter part of 2018, a column written by Kat Timpf for the National Review had to be publicly retracted; the reason for this was that it misrepresented a sexual harassment case involving some students of the University of Missouri.

Apart from writing for publication, Timpf also went on to become a published author. In 2023, her book, “You Can’t Joke About That”, hit the book stand.

Other Media Appearances

Apart from the aforementioned, Kat has recorded several other media appearances. She was with NASA’s Third Rock Radio as a news anchor and there was a time she worked in Santa Ana California as a staff of Total Traffic Network in her capacity as a news reporter.

In 2016, Kat became a contributor to the blog website called, Barstool Sports; she functioned as the host of its weekly podcast, “The Kat Timpf Show.”

She started her Career Life as a Stand-up Comedian

Though she is currently thriving in her career as an on-air political personality, Kat came from a comedy background. Tidbits from her website revealed that she once toured different parts of the United States.

The highlight of her stand-up comedy gigs was in 2015 when she recorded an appearance on a late-night panel talk show on Comedy Central called “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore”.

While working with 98 Rock in Baltimore, Maryland, the comedian did a good job of contributing her comedy skills to the station’s morning drive radio show.

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