Where Is Stunna Girl From and What Is Her Ethnicity?

Stunna Girl is from Sacramento, California, United States. The rap star, whose real name is Suzanne Sade Brown, is of African-American ethnicity.

Stunna Girl is a famous American rap artist, songwriter, and media personality. She became a known figure in America after her 2019 hit single Runway made waves on TikTok.

Other popular works from the rapper that helped build her fanbase include Rotation, Let It Drip, Like I Said Tho, and Lil Boy Cash, which got included in the soundtracks of the popular video game NBA 2K21. Her remarkable contributions to the American entertainment industry have resulted in fans seeking to know where she is from and her roots.

Where is Stunna Girl From?

Stunna Girl is from Sacramento, California, in the United States, where she was born on July 2, 1998, in the Oak Park neighborhood. She is currently 25 years old. The rap artist was born into a family of musicians, as her father, Mr. Brown, was a street rapper who owned a makeshift home studio. On the other hand, her mother was a singer who spent a couple of years in prison.

The rapper grew up under the watch of her parents alongside six siblings, including three direct brothers, two direct sisters, and a half-sister. She once opened up about her life and growing up in Oak Park, California, during a 2018 interview with DJ Smalls Eyes. She revealed that there were lots of haters and jealousy in the city.

Stunna Girl also described her upbringing as rough, saying that the roughest point was when her mother got a two-year prison term. She said the incident re-positioned her life since she was just 12 at that time.

Stunna Girl’s Ethnicity

Stunna Girl is of mixed ethnicity that comprises African and Native American. Different sources also have it that she has German, English, and Welsh ancestry, but there is no proof to validate the claim. Also, merely looking at Stunna Girl, one might conclude that she is Black, as her skin color, hair, and eyes all speak of her black ethnicity.

What is Stunna Girl’s Real Name? 

Stunna Girl’s real name is Suzanne Sade Brown. However, she adopted the stage name Stunna Girl at the onset of her music career, which has taken over her real name. The rapper’s stage name has also taken over her real name on her social media accounts and in her first reality TV show Baddies West. Recently, Stunna added Queen Mula to her stage name, which she likely crafted from her boyfriend, Richmula 500.

Stunna once spoke to Office magazine about her stage name and disclosed that it was inspired by the music goddess Sade. She confirmed that she always looked up to the singer and wished to collaborate with her someday. According to her, her stage name, Stunna, was born out of a flashy, goal-getter spirit and a personality that makes her stand out. From all indications, she gave herself the name, and it depicts what she perceives herself to be.

Where Is Stunna Girl Now?

Stunna Girl’s current location is vague, as she rarely shares her whereabouts with the public. However, she mentioned during an Instagram Live in 2020 that she resides in New York. She revealed that she decided to reside in the city as she had more access to run her businesses from there than in her hometown, Sacramento. She also hinted at plans to move to Los Angeles, California, but it is not known whether she finally did or changed her plans.

Despite the limited information on her whereabouts, Stunna Girl is currently deeply involved with her entertainment career. She has released some songs and some that are still cooking. Apart from her music, the rapper explores romantic expeditions with her boyfriend, Richmula 500. Amid all these activities, she still finds time to represent brands and influence products among her millions of followers across media platforms.


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