What Happened to DJ Paul’s Arm?

DJ Paul’s arms are not the same size because he was born with Erb’s palsy, also called the brachial plexus birth palsy. Due to this defect in his arm, his right arm has grown shorter than his left arm.

Paul Beauregard, more often known by his professional moniker, DJ Paul, is a well-known DJ, rapper, producer, and businessman from the United States. Over time, he has gotten the public’s attention with his DJ skills.

However, public curiosity has been piqued following the inequality of his hand, which left most of his fans wondering what must have happened to his right arm. Read on as we have detailed what happened to DJ Paul’s arm and other information that needed to be known about his arm.

Who Exactly is DJ Paul?

DJ Paul, whose real name is Paul Duane Beauregard, is one of the most famous DJs in America. He was born on January 12, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Paul, who is of black American ethnicity, belongs to the Capricorn birth sign and is of American nationality. He is the oldest of the three children born to his parents, Paul Beauregard, an American DJ, and Helen Beauregard, a nurse.

His full siblings are Corey Beauregard and Craig Beauregard, and he is also the half-brother of Lord Infamous and Craig Petties, who were convicted of drugs.

Meanwhile, following the fact that DJ Paul’s father was once a DJ, it is believed that he derived his interest in being a DJ from him. However, he expanded his portfolio in the music and entertainment industries more than his father.

What happened to DJ Paul’s arm?

DJ Paul’s arm are not of the same length due to a birth condition known as Erb’s palsy. His arms did not uniformly develop like those of every other individual. Erb’s Palsy disorder is also known as brachial plexus damage, and the condition is mostly developed at a very early stage of one’s life, especially during childbirth.

To have a clearer understanding of what Erb palsy is, it is described as a muscle impairment in the arm or shoulder that can develop as a result of an injury either before birth or later in life. It is a chain of nerves that connects to the spine, which makes the nerves on the hands and wrists function.

In the case of DJ Paul, he got the disorder at the time of his birth, as the health provider stretched his nerves, which caused the damage. DJ Paul’s type of arm disorder happens in 0.9 to 2.6 out of every 1000 births. This means that every year, the disorder occurs in 12,000 persons, which are mainly children.

Does DJ Paul’s Arm Disorder Have a Cure?

Yes, medically, it has a cure, but in most cases, the disorder is outgrown some months after birth. Some situations heal on their own in three to four months. However, it’s likely that your doctor may advise you to start physical therapy and exercises with your child at around three weeks old. However, it shouldn’t be ruled out that after applying all the cure procedures, the disorder can still persist, just like in the case of DJ Paul.

At an older age, two medical procedures are usually recommended. Either nerve repair surgery is applied or muscle repair is used.

Does DJ Paul have a prosthetic arm?

Yes, DJ Paul makes use of a prosthetic arm on his right-hand side to help balance the difference with his other arm. He wears the cast often, especially when he wants to perform on a stage. However, Paul is very proud of his arms, as he once referred to his right arm as his ‘baby arm.’

How does DJ Paul Manage to DJ with one hand?

It will not be unusual to assume that DJ Paul is limited because of his right-hand disorder; however, this is not the case, as the DJ scratches with one arm and still performs extraordinarily. His condition has not affected his career negatively in any way, and his large fan base and the awards he has bagged so far proves this.


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