Who is Steve Perry’s Wife, and How Many Kids Does He Have?

Steve Perry does not have a wife, as he is not married and has never been married in the past; however, he has a daughter known as Shamella, whom he has intentionally kept out of the media, citing security concerns.

Steve Perry is a legendary singer and songwriter who has gone through various romantic relationship experiences at the hands of different women. He also showed a great level of commitment to some of his ex-girlfriends, but none led to marriage. Meanwhile, Steve Perry’s wife could have been Sherrie Swafford, his girlfriend from the 1980s. But what then happened?

Who is Steve Perry’s Wife?

Currently, Steve Perry has no wife, and has not been married to anyone in the past, be it male or female. Although the singer cum songwriter has been linked to some women, he has not been able to walk down the aisle with any of them. He has always had strong negative opinions against marriage and the thought of getting legally married to any woman.

This gave the impression that he had intentionally decided to be single and not to have any woman who would be referred to as his wife. These negative opinions are not baseless; they were informed by his experiences around married couples, including his parents and band members. Perry revealed this during an interview with The Guardian, stating that he was scared after seeing what his parents went through.

He also explained that he was in the midst of band members who had gone through series of divorces and lost half of their properties each time they divorced their wives. From his explanations, it is evident that Perry, despite constantly getting blown away by the wild affections and ecstasies of romance, has always held himself back from taking the big leap.

Steve Perry is aware of the divorce pandemic that is plaguing entertainment industries across the globe and knows that he might not be an exception. To further maintain his peace, he therefore forfeited marriage and anything that came from it.

How Many Times Has Steve Perry Been Married?

Steve Perry has never been married, nor does he have a wife that is known to the public. This notwithstanding, he has dated a couple of women and shown true commitment to them, but it often got cut off just before marriage.

List of Steve Perry’s Past Girlfriends

Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry

Sherrie Swafford is a yoga tutor and esthetician who gained popularity in the early 1980s for dating Steve Perry. Meanwhile, how they met is scarce, but they dated for some time and were tagged as the perfect couple. Their love tale was like that of Romeo and Juliet from the 1980s, and it was so glaring that many people were thankful to Sherrie for diluting Perry’s distaste for marriage. Perry also had a hit song in 1984 titled Oh Sherrie, which he wrote and dedicated to his lover to express his undying love for her.

Eventually, Sherrie and Steve became the power couple of Journey’s Prime. They were often captured, strolling hand in hand at local events and giggling at each other like people in a fantasy world. Their love was so coveted by many around them that it was safe to call Sherrie Steve Perry’s wife. Unfortunately, their relationship eventually ended.

This happened in 1985 when Perry lost his mom, which was a double hit for him. Steve Perry cited his devotion to his career as the reason for their breakup. He was always away with the band because his band was aiming for the stars at that time. Due to this, he could not strike a balance between his relationship and his career; thus, one had to go down, and that was Sherrie. Perry took a hiatus from his career to heal from the heartbreak and loss, while Sherrie disappeared into obscurity and showed up about 18 years later.

Kellie Nash and Steve Perry

Steve Perry dated Kellie Nash back in 2011. In 2011, the singer met with Petty Jenkins, a movie director who directed Wonder Woman. During the meeting, Petty was showing the singer some of her recent jobs and a video clip from a cancer film she was handling at the moment when Perry stumbled on a particular character, Kellie Nash, and requested to know her more.

Steve Perry's Wife

The singer contacted her via email immediately, and shortly after, they went out for dinner. It didn’t take long before the pair started dating, and with time, many regarded her as Steve Perry’s wife. At that time, the singer knew Kellie’s cancer was terminal and had a high chance of recurrence. However, he said he believed their love could cure cancer.

Perry sadly lost his second heartthrob to cancer in December 2012.

Interestingly, Perry revealed that Kellie made him promise that he wouldn’t go back into isolation again if anything happened to her.

The singer grieved for Kellie for two years before returning to continue his songwriting and music career. He also returned to live performances and joined the Eels Band. Steve has most likely had other relationships that did not appear in the spotlight. He insinuated this after disclosing that he has a family, even though he didn’t delve deeper into it.

Does Steve Perry Have Any Children?

Yes! Steve Perry has a daughter known as Shamella. Apart from her name, there are no other details about her because she maintains a relatively low profile. Due to this, there are no records of her date, month, or year of birth. Details of her educational history are scarce, but it is believed that she is well-read, following her father’s net worth.

The singer chose to keep her away from the limelight for security purposes. However, despite his carefulness to keep his daughter away from the knowledge of the public, different sources have revealed Shemela as Steve Perry’s daughter.

As much as Steve Perry does not have a wife, Shemela was born to him through one of his early relationships in his early years, even before attaining fame. Because Steve Perry is not a personality that accepts marriage, it is believed that he walked away from establishing a known relationship with Shemela’s mother. Further details of who Shamla’s mother is, what she does for a living, and where she is at the moment are not known.

Steve Perry’s daughter is reported to be married and has welcomed children who are the singer’s grandchildren. However, information about who her husband is and what he does for a living are scarce. The number of children that she has and when they were born is also not known.


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