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“We Tell Stories about Your Favorite Celebrities and people that matter”

Heightline.com is your one-stop website that offers regularly updated stories on celebrities and famous people, their profiles, lifestyles, career achievements and rise to stardom, family dynamics, relationships, event timelines and just about anything you would want to know about your favorite stars from awards and nominations received by actors and musicians to body measurements of your sports personalities and super models. Here at Heightline, we research and write with the reader in mind. We understand that our readers have a variety of interests, and as an entertainment and lifestyle site, our goal is to provide our readers with useful and informative content in a way that is both user-friendly and entertaining.

Heightline has, as its parent company Alexander Moore Partners Ltd. An internet media outfit that boasts of a diverse team of editorial staff and journalists from around the world. Our team is made up of researchers, journalists, writers and editors with each bringing unique contributions and taste to our overall corporate existence.

Editorial Policy

Heightline abides by the strictest journalistic policies. We have been able to achieve this by recruiting mainly well trained and seasoned researchers, writers, editors and web-native journalists with mastery of online media and internet technology.

We work with talented people and are deeply committed to making only fair and unbiased reports in all contents we publish. Our journalists are mandated to perform a thorough fact-check of each article, provide sources and links for references, quotes and statistics before the article gets published.

Further to this, an editor with a specialty in a particular field checks any of our articles (in that particular field) before they get published. On the other hand, our statistics, reviews and guides are regularly updated to ensure the information we have is current and accurate.

As an organization, our aim is to differentiate ourselves and stand out as number one in the niche we compete in and get known as a respected and trusted media organization. In doing this, we don’t lose sight of the need to constantly provide our readers with satisfying, accurate and actionable information that they can always trust.

Please take a look at our Editorial Policy Page for more on our Editorial Ethics & Guidelines

Corrections, Updates and Deletions

Considering the dynamic nature of the digital media space, we take absolute care to ensure that the content we publish is accurate when written. However, if after publication there is a need to make a correction or an update, we don’t hesitate to effect the change no matter how negligible it might be. We are straightforward and very cautious in the information we publish and wouldn’t like our readers to misunderstand a story.

Though we always leave our content live with corrections and notes when and where necessary, we sometimes take down content from our site, social media accounts or other similar platforms. This comes up mainly in legal and extenuating circumstances. However, it is often rare. But when this does happen (after approval by editorial leadership), we will leave a note that we did so.


In writing an article, we source materials from a variety of sources and ensure that the information they bear is truthful and factual. We refrain from publishing any piece of information our editorial team has not fully checked and vetted. Similarly, Heightline.com does not engage in the practice of paying sources for information we use on our site.

Work carried out by our writers and editors has been shared by, quoted in, or used by organizations that include BBC, Business Insider, The London School of Economics, teachers and researchers

Meet Our Team


Stephen Angbulu


Stephen’s essays have been published by the Embassy of Ireland, Nigeria. He has also been featured on interviews with BBC News Africa and Daily Trust Newspaper. Stephen has over 6 years experience writing on a wide range of topics from biographies to lifestyle and entertainment

Jachike Samuelson


Jachike’s writings have appeared on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Good Men Project and Bella Naija. When he is not writing about sports and entertainment, it is politics or other news worthy global events. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and TV shows

Felix Peters


Felix Peters has over 6 years experience in content creation and editing. When he is not slaying dragons in fantasy game worlds, he is traveling the world one book at a time. His fiction has appeared on Wattpad, Medium, and Creative Freelance Writerz

Edidiong Mboho


A storyteller, movie enthusiast, and TV nerd who can always be found on Netflix. I’m always up to argue about comic book movies. Getting to write and edit for a living is definitely the dream and it is always exciting to be afforded the opportunity to learn new things every day

Uloaku Onuoha


Meat junkie, movie geek, and perfectionist. The thrill of traveling the world through writing and editing from the comfort of my desk and PC is what keeps me going most of the time. After office hours, you might catch me still writing at home or running some culinary experiments

Chidiebube W. Nzeme


I have written and edited articles on movies, celebrity biographies and other juicy things. When am not writing, I spend time outdoors, lost in the beauty of nature or simply travelling around the world. Thank goodness I can do the later with any internet-enabled device

Chuka Udeze


Chuka has a master's degree in Engineering from the University of Aberdeen, UK with plans on pursuing an MBA and doctorate in journalism, Online media and Web Technology. When he is not thinking about the future of digital media, he is trying to keep up with his young son, David

Mex Udeze


Outside work environment (which is almost everywhere), I love catching up on all the missed action/thriller movies and TV shows. You will also find me dreaming about the next adrenaline pumping adventure or strategizing for my next FIFA gameplay.

Chinedu Ndubueze


An advocate of closed-back headphones, horror movies, and dark humor; Peter Griffin and Stan Smith should be real people. Outside of having to write, edit, and work on other forms of content, I may keep up with the EPL or listen to everything Eminem and Jon Bellion

Christabell James


I write, edit and create digital content. I also love supporting good causes. With my workout routines and a power smoothie, I go out daily to conquer. I also enjoy watching movies in oversized tees and cooling off with a good read

Walbe Ngwan


The one who plays music on replay, drinks more coffee than beer, plays games, and reads poetry. In between, I review products, write about games and computers, and talk tech and arts. If there is a WIII, I believe it could be caused by bad writing

Nwobodo Ikenna


With over three years in this field, it is safe to say my life won’t be complete without editing and writing interesting articles. When I’m not writing, I like taking adventures, playing the piano, singing, and hanging out with friends

Linda Nwadigwe


You'll often find me laboring over publishing the most grammatically correct version of a piece of article. To unwind, I enjoy reading a book, scribbling something creative or just getting a beauty sleep. Outside all of that, you'll find me glued to a food channel

Stanley Okpara

VP of People Operations

I'm a voracious learner, especially when it has to do with infotech. I love good food. When I'm not surfing the net, I'm trying out some strange but amazing food combinations. I have a lot of stunning dance steps in my head, but still trying to make my dancing look less awkward.

Daramola Adeola


I am always mesmerized by the fact that putting a bunch of letters together to form words can change a person’s life forever. So, I write. Other than that, I enjoy movies, playing video games, and maintain a love/hate relationship with Arsenal

Chika Udeh


I am a huge music geek. I love playing with words and when I’m not writing about people and events that matter, I am probably listening or dancing to some real, cool jams

Chike Echebiri


A techie in the day and a writer at night with interest that spans across politics, technology and sports. I am a student of life whose major source of frustration is Arsenal’s inability to win trophies

Uwa Ndekhede


A bit of a perfectionist, I often tend to exceed expectations. As a lifelong movie buff, I’m either bingeing on new movies during leisure, or giving someone a whopping on the latest FIFA edition

Chidimma Eze


I have a flair for all things entertainment and when I'm not writing, you would most likely find me either spending time with my family, binge-watching whatever television series that holds my interest at the time or silently editing other people’s grammar

Ernestina Ginikanwa


I’m a writer who loves telling stories and being up to date with recent news headlines. The limited free time I can carve out is for catching up on my favorite TV shows and spending time with my family

Peace Ezebuiro


I'm a journalist that is passionate about research and digging out facts about practically everything I stumble at as I go through life; from issues of importance to mere frivolities. That’s exactly why you can rely on me when it comes to versatility and accuracy in content dev.

Ugochukwu Nwadinobi


At work, I’m thinking about how best to provide the most unique, original content that provides utmost satisfaction to the user. Away from work, I am a football addict and love to catch up on my favorite pastimes

Ijeoma Ogbozor


I am a content writer by day and a creative cook at night.  Adventure and music enthusiast who is curious about everything, I enjoy reading and pay attention to detail. You can find me in my downtime fantasizing about my trip into the ocean, space or neverland

Daniel Samuel


I'm a researcher and content creator who is deeply passionate about the writing and singing arts. My expertise is in creative writing and fictional character development as well as article writing revolving around exciting names in the world of entertainment, sports and business

Queen Osondu


I am an enthusiastic, confident, and goal-oriented web content developer with a strong interest in sports, particularly soccer. I write about celebrities, lifestyle, and other trendy subjects. When I'm not writing, I spend time with my family and friends

Onukogu Chizitere


Writing has proven to be therapeutic, what better way to create your own world. In an alternate universe where LeBron James will still be the GOAT, I probably should have visited half of the countries of the world but I’m rather stuck here trash-talking your favorite sports team.

Uchenwoke Chioma


With almost a year experience in content writing, I aim to attain a wealth of experience in this field as I'm passionate about writing quality articles. My main interests are movies, football, music and books

Obianuju Okafor


With over 4 years of experience as a lifestyle and celebrity news content developer, I keep my insights fresh by following up on the latest pop culture news and trends. When I’m not working, I’m likely still reading or watching the most interesting stuff online

Stephanie Ekowa


Articulate, straightforward, and with sound experience in digital journalism. My passion lies in digital content creation and development. I'll always maintain that Life is boring without family and friends

Helen Pius


In my personal time, I enjoy reading wide and being a mother to my kids. I also have experience as a hiring manager

Chukwudozie Nzediegwu


When I am not racking my brain trying to produce quality and original content, you will most likely find me in the studio recording music or performing for an audience. Outside all of that, I casually publish inspirational, entertaining and fun articles on social media

Osenweokwu Onwudinjo


I have written articles on entertainment, sports and celebrity news. When I am not working, I am participating in community service with RULDIN-SON or churning out interesting food recipes".

Benjamin Dimaku


Victor Onwuegbuchulam


Awards, Praises and Accolades

Work carried out by our writers and editors has been shared by, quoted in, or used by organizations including:

Fox News | Washington Post | BBC | Forbes | The Guardian | The London School of Economics | CNN Business 

This document was last updated on April 28, 2020