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“We Tell Stories about Your Favorite Celebrities and people that matter”

Heightline.com is your one-stop website that offers regularly updated stories on celebrities and famous people, their profiles, lifestyles, career achievements and rise to stardom, family dynamics, relationships, event timelines and just about anything you would want to know about your favorite stars from awards and nominations received by actors and musicians to body measurements of your sports personalities and super models. Here at Heightline, we research and write with the reader in mind. We understand that our readers have a variety of interests, and as an entertainment and lifestyle site, our goal is to provide our readers with useful and informative content in a way that is both user-friendly and entertaining.

Heightline has, as its parent company Alexander Moore Partners Ltd. An internet media outfit that boasts of a diverse team of editorial staff and journalists from around the world. Our team is made up of researchers, journalists, writers and editors with each bringing unique contributions and taste to our overall corporate existence.

Editorial Policy

Heightline abides by the strictest journalistic policies. We have been able to achieve this by recruiting mainly well trained and seasoned researchers, writers, editors and web-native journalists with mastery of online media and internet technology.

We work with talented people and are deeply committed to making only fair and unbiased reports in all contents we publish. Our journalists are mandated to perform a thorough fact-check of each article, provide sources and links for references, quotes and statistics before the article gets published.

Further to this, an editor with a specialty in a particular field checks any of our articles (in that particular field) before they get published. On the other hand, our statistics, reviews and guides are regularly updated to ensure the information we have is current and accurate.

As an organization, our aim is to differentiate ourselves and stand out as number one in the niche we compete in and get known as a respected and trusted media organization. In doing this, we don’t lose sight of the need to constantly provide our readers with satisfying, accurate and actionable information that they can always trust.

Please take a look at our Editorial Policy Page for more on our Editorial Ethics & Guidelines

Corrections, Updates and Deletions

Considering the dynamic nature of the digital media space, we take absolute care to ensure that the content we publish is accurate when written. However, if after publication there is a need to make a correction or an update, we don’t hesitate to effect the change no matter how negligible it might be. We are straightforward and very cautious in the information we publish and wouldn’t like our readers to misunderstand a story.

Though we always leave our content live with corrections and notes when and where necessary, we sometimes take down content from our site, social media accounts or other similar platforms. This comes up mainly in legal and extenuating circumstances. However, it is often rare. But when this does happen (after approval by editorial leadership), we will leave a note that we did so.


In writing an article, we source materials from a variety of sources and ensure that the information they bear is truthful and factual. We refrain from publishing any piece of information our editorial team has not fully checked and vetted. Similarly, Heightline.com does not engage in the practice of paying sources for information we use on our site.

Work carried out by our writers and editors has been shared by, quoted in, or used by organizations that include BBC, Business Insider, The London School of Economics, teachers and researchers

Awards, Praises and Accolades

Work carried out by our writers and editors has been shared by, quoted in, or used by organizations including:

Fox News | Washington Post | BBC | Forbes | The Guardian | The London School of Economics | CNN Business 

This document was last updated on April 28, 2020