Is Melanie Martinez Still Alive or Dead?

Melanie Martinez is still alive and not dead, though the American pop singer and songwriter has been rumored to have passed away several years ago.

Melanie is still a resident of Bell Canyon, California in the United States, where she is building her career in the music industry.

Did Melanie Martinez Die?

Melanie Martinez did not die even though she was reported to be dead in the past. Rumors about the American vocalist’s demise started making the rounds on social media without any form of credible confirmation or verification and the gullible ones actually believed it and gave the speculations wings to fly.

However, it didn’t take long for the real facts to surface, proving the viral social media claims to be fake as the singer was revealed to be hale and hearty.

What Happened To Melanie Martinez?

Nothing happened to Melanie Martinez but her new album entitled Portals sparked a lot of talks among fans and the general public.

The celebrated singer has different musical eras that led up to the release of her latest studio album, Portals. Fans went on to make several videos suggesting that Martinez had passed on and later had a rebirth. In fact, there were TikTok videos that showed Cry Baby being literally buried.

The illustration was just to show that the talented vocalist was about to begin a brand new chapter in her music career. In the music video for the song, Death and Womb in the Portals album, we saw Melanie hatching from a large egg as a new life form (an ethereal four-eyed being).

Does Melanie have Cancer?

No, the celebrated American singer does not have cancer. However, she was reportedly diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and the same erroneous reports that claimed she was fighting cancer also narrated how the vocalist had to cancel all her scheduled concerts, tours, and appearances as she needed to start keeping a low profile. It also claimed that Martinez’s hairline was beginning to thin out due to chemotherapy.

When the news about Martinez’s purported cancer diagnosis went viral, the truth came out and that was when it was discovered that a totally different girl called Melanie Martinez was the one who was diagnosed with cancer. The sick Melanie is not as well-known as the American vocalist but she is described as “the smiling face of SMS” by friends who took it upon themselves to source funds for her treatment..

The sick Melanie’s friends and fans went on to set up a GoFundMe site that was targeted towards her surgery, radiation, recovery, and post-recovery needs. The name of the person who set up the GoFundMe is Robyn Cornwell and in her words, she said all the money generated from the account will be used to pay for Martinez’s hospital expenses and put her on the way to recovery. Robyn also said Melanie would be in Denver for her hospitalization.

With that said, we need to reiterate that the pop singer is hale and hearty and is still very much relevant in the music industry.

Where is Melanie Martinez Now?

Melanie Martinez is still a resident of Bell Canyon, California, where she has been living for the past few years. The singer and songwriter is still waxing strong on the pop music scene. In fact, she has already dropped her 2023 album entitled Portals which hit the music stand on the 31st of March 2023.


Is Melanie Martinez Dead?

Melanie Martinez is not dead. The celebrated pop singer and songwriter is hale and hearty and is doing exceptionally well in her music career.

When was Melanie Martinez Born?

Martinez was born on the 28th of April 1995 which pegs her current age at 29. Melanie has achieved a lot of milestones in the industry for one who is so young.

Where was Melanie Martinez Born?

Her place of birth is captured as Astoria, Queens, and the music star spent a better part of her growing up years in Baldwin, New York. She is currently a resident of Bell Canyon, California.

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