Why Did Stunna Girl Go To Jail?

Stunna Girl has been sent to jail for a number of crimes, including hit-and-run, kidnapping, forgery, theft, and money laundering. 

The fast-rising American rapper and social media personality born in Sacramento, California, bagged a three-year jail term as a minor, but there have been stories behind her conviction as an adult, which has posed a lot of contradictions between her fans and the rest of the public. Read on, as we have detailed all that has to do with Stunna Girl’s jail sentence.

Why was Stunna Girl Convicted?

Stunna Girl was convicted of hit and run, which involved a 62-year-old man on a bike on June 11, 2021. According to eyewitnesses, they presumed that she must have done this because she wasn’t careful enough as she was driving recklessly in her Mercedes Benz. Stunna Girl, however, made the wrong decision by fleeing from the accident scene. After a hot-distance chase by the police, she was caught, and an alcohol test was conducted, in which she tested positive.

Stunna Girl’s blood at this time showed 0.12 percent alcohol, which was against the permittable blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent for any driver in America. This led to the conclusion that she committed the act under the influence of alcohol. Stunna Girl was further charged with two important crimes: first for fleeing the scene of the accident and second for taking the wheels under the influence of alcohol.

Based on the laws of California, where the crime was committed, a crime of this manner attracts a four-year prison term or a fine of $10,000. Meanwhile, reports have it that her lawyers were on the claims that she wasn’t drunk while driving and didn’t intend to hit the biker. Her lawyers further revealed that the claims of Stunna Girl being drunk must be from her haters, who are after making her lose value in the entertainment industry.

Did Stunna Girl Serve a Prison Term?

According to several sources, Stunna Girl served a prison term as a minor. It was speculated that she had been previously involved in fighting, using fake IDs, and robbery at 11 to 12. This further landed her in a youth jail at 14, where she spent three years in jail, gaining her freedom at 17.

However, because she was a minor, information regarding her court proceedings is not made available. It was further claimed that after her incarceration as a teen, she left the jail environment and started making music.

Is Stunna Girl in Jail?

It is still unclear if Stunna Girl is in jail or not for hitting the aged man on the bike. This is because there is no detail about court seating and the legal procedures that followed Stunna Girl’s crime. This made it totally difficult to determine if she was given the option of jail or to pay a fine. However, available information maintained that the rapper was jailed, but there were no details of the jail terms or the particular prison where she served.

It was also speculated that she left her only child with her mother for some time. Some sources also had it that the rapper lost her association with the Capitol Music Group, a record label she had been with while growing her music career. These sources further revealed that the label held their morals in high esteem, and as a result of her actions, her songs were taken down from their websites.

In addition, she has been seen attending musical concerts and tours recently, and no one in jail can have such a social activity. Meanwhile, with all these claims, it is still not certain that the rapper is in jail as she has yet to react to it.

Stunna Girl Had a History of Fraud and Theft

A part of Stunna Girl’s crime profile is her fraud and theft history, which was claimed to be part of the things that the judge considered to sentence her for the hit-and-run crime. She reportedly created fictitious documents, used credit cards that weren’t hers, and made up identities in order to deceive others into handing her their money.

To make it more difficult to track down, she transferred these funds across other bank accounts and companies. The individuals she misled told the police about her activities, which was how they learned about them.

Stunna Girl Kidnapping Story

Stunna Girl was also linked to a kidnapping case. However, some of her fans maintain that the rapper wasn’t involved. It all started immediately after Cuban Doll’s victory over Rocky Badd, in which Stunna Girl was believed to have played a good part. After the victory, Rocky Badd was assaulted, and in the process, she also lost her chain.

Rocky Badd went on to report the assault to the authorities after the torture. She claimed that Cuban Doll and Stunna Girl were behind the inhuman treatment. After making the reports, she was attacked together with her manager, Lando Bando, who ended up with several cuts, while Rocky Badd was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Cuban Doll, who was in the same Capitol Music Group as Stunna Girl, was let go by the music label as they do not tolerate scandals.

In turn, Cuban Doll took to her Instagram to announce her resignation from the label. In her defense, Stunna Girl denied being involved in this act. Irrespective of her denials, all hands still pointed at her and Cuban Doll, as they were very close to each other. On the other hand, the reason for the attack on Rocky Badd and her manager was never revealed to the public.

Meanwhile, some members of the public were of the opinion that Cuban Doll was innocent, as she was the one who called the police to the scene of the crime. But others claim that she took a deniability step by being the one to make the call, to drift the public’s mind away from her. This further made more fingers focus on Stunna Girl as the mastermind of Rocky Badd’s attack and kidnapping.

Did Stunna Girl Put a Girl in a Cage?

Stunna Girl was claimed to have locked up a fellow singer in a cage. It was stated that during the attack on Lando Bando and Rocky Badd, the latter was kidnapped and locked up in a cage. Even though Stunna Girl denied being involved in this act, it is still believed by so many that, together with Cuban Doll, they attacked Rocky Badd and locked her up in a cage. However, since there has not been any conclusion from any credible source on who really caged Rocky Badd, our fingers still remain crossed.

Who Did Stunna Girl Put in a Dog’s Cage?

Rocky Badd was the one who was locked up in a dog’s cage during an attack in which she and her manager were the target. Based on speculations, the reason for the feud was not revealed, but she was treated badly in the fight and eventually locked up in a dog’s cage with the help of Stunna Girl. However, Stunna Girl still denies having a hand in the inhumane treatment of the singer.

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