What Happened to Steven Assanti and Where is He Now?

Steven Assanti is an American reality TV personality who gained fame for embarking on a weight-loss journey on My 600-lb Life. He took part in the fifth edition of the show, where he weighed 800 lbs, but he currently weighs about 518 lbs. He has since gotten married and lives a low-key life with his family in Iowa, United States.

At the time Stephen became famous on TLC’s reality TV series My 600-lb Life, he was heavily criticized by viewers and described as rude, mean, and crazy, which left him in the bad books of not only viewers but also the show host, Dr. Nowzaradan. Things have since changed, as Assanti appears to be heading back to the limelight.

Summary of Steven Ashanti’s Bio

  • Full name: Steven John Assanti
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: December 2, 1981
  • Steven Assanti Age: 42 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Steven Ashanti’s Wife: Stephanie Sanger
  • Steven Ashanti’s Children: 1 step-daughter
  • Siblings: Justin Assanti
  • Steven Ashanti’s Height in Inches:  65.7 inches
  • Steven Ashanti’s Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Steven Ashanti’s Weight: 518
  • Famous for: Appearing in My 600-lb Lifestyle and House of Hatred reality show

When was Steven Assanti in my 600-pound Life?

Steven Assanti was on the fifth episode of My 600-lb Lifestyle, weighing 800 pounds. He is a reality TV personality who was featured in two shows: Dr. Phil’s House of Hatred reality show and My 600-lb Lifestyle. He ventured into the entertainment industry for a rather awkward reason, as he was hopelessly obese and, as a result, hated slim people. This hatred earned him an invitation to feature in the 2007 edition of Dr. Phil’s House of Hatred reality show.

In the show, Steven lived in great pretense in order to fit into his new environment. His conduct attracted the attention of various reality TV producers, hosts, and network executives. Steven Assanti debuted in My 600-lb Lifestyle after he appeared on a local news broadcast and piqued the interest of TLC executives. He joined the fifth episode of the show weighing 800 pounds; however, he did not last on the show because of his weird behavior.

He refused to abide by the show’s eating rules and, consequently, put many people off with his personality. Steven Assanti was bent on doing his own wish irrespective of the consequences, which offended the show host, Dr. Nowzaradan, who threatened to get rid of him on the show.

In addition to persisting in his eating disorder, he started using drugs and abused painkillers, which made the show doctors get rid of him. He was further sent to a rehabilitation center where he could be treated for his series of psychological disorders. His departure from the show cut short his rare opportunity to lose the unhealthy fats that have left his body obsessed, from his neck down to his ankles.

How Much Did Steven Assanti Lose?

Steven Assanti lost around 100 pounds while on My 600-lb Lifestyle by kicking and screaming. Meanwhile, Dr. Nowzaradan revealed that he lost less than he claimed before he left the show. Steven also revealed that he lost more weight after the show as he followed the show’s protocol in order to shed some fat.

Although he didn’t stay in the show long enough to record a substantial weight loss result, he later underwent sleeve surgery, from where he lost some good chunks of fat. At the moment, the reality TV personality has weighed about 518 lbs since his weight-loss journey.

Steven Assanti’s Early Life

Steven John Assanti was born on December 2, 1981, in Providence, Rhode Island, South Carolina, United States, and is 42 years old. He is an American national born under the Sagittarius birth sign and is of Irish and Caucasian heritage. Steven was born to John Assanti and to a mother whose identity is not known.

He grew up under the care of his mother and her boyfriend, as his parents divorced when he was younger. Steven was raised alongside his younger brother, Justin, in Rhode Island.

Unfortunately for him and his brother, their mother’s boyfriend subjected them to severe suffering and child abuse. The series of abuses they went through pushed Steven into emotional eating, causing him to find comfort in excessive eating, which led to uncontrolled weight gain. He continued with this eating disorder, and by the time he became an adult and sought to break free, he had gained about 800 pounds.

Where is Steven Assanti Now?

Steven Assanti is currently living in Iowa, United States, with his wife and her daughter. The TV personality reportedly relocated from Texas to a low-income Iowa home after he returned from the show. Meanwhile, there were rumors that his heart gave out at the age of 40 in February 2023, but it turned out to be false.

To refute the claims, his brother, Justin, took to his social media to state that his brother is alive and healthy. In addition, there are no records of what he does for a living at the moment, but he is surely earning a decent living.

What to Know About Steven Assanti’s Wife

Steven Assanti’s wife is Stephanie Sanger. Despite being heavily criticized while displaying his best attitude on the show, Steven was able to tickle someone’s fancy. Meanwhile, they met via social media during a live video chat that both of them attended, and as fate may have it, they connected on the occasion with a love spark that has sustained them for years now. Steven Assanti’s wife revealed that while watching her now-husband during the show, she had always thought that he was her soulmate.

She disclosed that she fell in love with his personality, knowing that he was rather putting them up and that he could be a better person in real life. In 2018, they got married in a low-key event that had just the bride and the groom in attendance.

It was later revealed that Steven Assanti’s dad did not support their marriage, as he thought that it was a dubious one; hence, he did not pay any attention to their wedding. However, he got to flow with them after finding out that they loved each other and lived in peace.

Steven and his wife do not have any children together yet, but they are living with Stephanie’s teenage daughter. Stephanie is an Iowa-based licensed massage therapist and the single mother of a teenage girl. She was born and raised in Iowa, but her exact date, month, and year of birth are scarce. The TV personality’s wife studied at the Iowa College of Natural Health and has been working as a massage therapist ever since.


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