Where is Jason Worley Now?

Jason Worley currently lives in Louisiana in the United States, where he works as a software engineer.

Jason lost his first job following the death of his children, who were murdered by their own mother. According to him, he took to alcohol abuse, contemplated suicide, and later landed in the hospital while thinking about his life. All these made him lose his job, but he later managed to get another one and is currently getting his life back on track.

Who is Jason Worley

Jason Worley is an American software engineer. He has never been a mainstream celebrity; thus, facts about him are hard to come by. However, he was reportedly born in 1985, which pegs his current age at 39 as of 2024.

Jason is an American by nationality, but where he was born is unknown. Ethnicity-wise, he is said to be Caucasian. Worley is not the type that believes in the existence of God, as he is an atheist.

He works and earns his keep as a software engineer. The only reason he gained public attention is that his two children, Tyler and Charlee Worley, were killed by their mother/his wife after he threatened her with divorce.

What Happened To Jason Worley?

Jason lost his two children after they were killed by their mum, Brandi.

Jason Worley and Brandi’s love story started in 2009 after the duo tied the nuptial knot and settled to raise a family in Darlington, Indiana. The couple’s first child, Tyrel Daniel Clinton Worley, was born in 2009, while they welcomed their second baby, Charlee Rose Jean Worley, in 2013.

Life was generally good for the duo until May 2015, when Jason started suspecting his wife’s relationship with their neighbor. All efforts to unravel the kind of relationship Brandi was having with their neighbor proved abortive as she was shrewd enough to lock her phone with a password.

On confronting his wife about her secrecy, Brandi’ said she was planning to surprise Jason by getting their neighbor to construct a home office for him. Still suspicious of her moves, Jason found Brandi’s phone unlocked one day and discovered that she and their neighbor were actually exchanging sexually suggestive texts. 

However, she was leveraging an auto-delete program to hide most of their conversations, which made it hard for Jason Worley to get his hands on hard evidence.

Because of this development, the software engineer decided to play a fast one on them by installing tracking software on Brandi’s device, which helped him get the needed evidence. The final confrontation with more than enough evidence made both Brandi and their neighbor admit to their clandestine affair, which led Jason to set the divorce ball rolling.

He wasted no time in leaving the house for Brandi, who took to blackmail by telling their two kids that their father just kicked them out. There were also threats to keep the children away from Jason, whom she said had a record of suicide attempts.

With this development, Jason was thrown into a dilemma, and at the end of the day, he decided to try and patch things up with his wife, as his kids were just two and six at that time. However, things got worse as Jason continued to suspect that Brandi was still cheating.

Jason Went to seek Counsel on Reddit

Following his decision to remain married to Brandi and the continued suspicion that she was still cheating, Jason Worley went to seek counsel on Reddit under the username JasonInHell.

After explaining his situation to the Reddit community, his post started receiving hundreds of responses from users. While many suggested couples counseling, the rest told him to go ahead and divorce his cheating wife.

Brandi Refused to go for Couple Counselling and later Killed Their Children 

After weighing the options, Jason decided to go with the group that suggested he try couples counseling with Brandi. However, she refused to go with him. It was at this point that Jason finally asked for a divorce; this happened on the 15th of November, 2016.

Unfortunately, Jason’s final decision to go for a divorce led to a family tragedy. Brandi stabbed their two children to death two days later and even attempted to end her own life but didn’t succeed.

While she was stabbing their children to death, Jason Worley was in the basement and slept through it all. Brandi reportedly called her mum after she finished murdering her children, and her mother suggested that she call 911. It was the scream of his mother, who came to meet her grandchildren dead the next morning, that woke Jason from the basement, and he came down to behold the tragedy.

To date, the American software engineer has not stopped blaming himself for what happened to his kids. According to Jason, he feels he has failed them and can never forgive himself. When quizzed, Brandi said she needed to kill their children to stop Jason from getting custody of them after the divorce.

Brandi was taken from the murder scene by the authorities and put behind bars at Montgomery County Jail. When she was arraigned, she first pleaded “not guilty” but later admitted to her crime. Her crime attracted a sentence of 120 years imprisonment, and she has been serving since 2018.

What is Jason Worley Doing Now?

Jason Worley is still working as a software engineer and living in Louisiana. The last time he was seen in court was when the judge asked him to recommend a sentence for his wife, and in his response, he said he never wanted to set eyes on her in his entire life.

Going forward, he kept a low profile, and during his last appearance on Reddit, he narrated how his life turned upside down following the murder of his children. According to the Software engineer, he took to alcohol abuse, contemplated suicide at a point, and was even hospitalized. All these culminated in the loss of his job.

However, he’s reportedly got his life back on track and has started another job as a software engineer. There was a time he clashed with Brandi’s mother after she used his name to create a GoFundMe account to fund her daughter’s trial.

We must not fail to mention the rumors claiming he found love again and is currently married, but this is yet to be confirmed. Note he divorced Brandi in 2017 while she was behind bars.


Who is Jason Worley?

Jason Worley is the ex-husband of Brandi Worley, who murdered their two children in cold blood.

Is Jason Worley Married?

Worley is rumored to be married after divorcing Brandi in 2017; however, this has never been confirmed to date.

What Happened To Jason Worley’s Children?

Jason’s two children, Tyrel Daniel Clinton Worley and Charlee Rose Jean Worley, were murdered by their mother, Brandi Worley.

What Did Jason Worley’s Wife Do?

Jason’s Brandi Worley killed their two children after her husband threatened her with divorce.

Where is Jason Worley’s Wife Now?

Jason’s ex-wife, Brandi, is serving her prison sentence of 120 years for the two murder cases.

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