Who is Lance Gatcomb and What is He Doing Now?

Lance Gatcomb is a professional builder, businessman, and vehicle repair expert best known for the role he played on the set of the reality TV show, Maine Cabin Masters. After he left the show in season three, the builder went back to his private business and trucking company in Maine.

Lance joined the Maine Cabin Masters reality show from its inception in season one and contributed a lot to their projects. However, he didn’t last long with the cast and had to leave after the third episode. The reason he decided to leave the show was not revealed and it is not known whether he will be returning in the future.

Summary of Lance Gatcomb’s Biography

  • Full Name: Lance Gatcomb
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Lance Gatcomb’s Wife: Lily Gatcomb
  • Lance Gatcomb’s Children: Two
  • Lance Gatcomb’s Parents: Pamela Gatcomb
    Siblings: Two
  • Famous For: Being a reality TV star
  • Facebook: Lance Gatcomb

Where is Lance Gatcomb From?

Lance Gatcomb was reportedly born in Litchfield, Maine, where he also spent all his formative years. Details about his date of birth never made it to the public arena despite the fact that he gained a lot of popularity as a cast member of Maine Cabin Masters.

Lance’s mother has been identified as Pamela Gatcomb but nothing has been said about his father. It is common knowledge that the Maine Cabin Masters star didn’t grow up as a lone child. He has one biological sister Elizabeth Anita Davis and a stepsister known as Crystal Perkins. However, we were not told which part of Lance’s family (maternal or paternal) Crystal comes from.

All the information above was extracted from Lance’s Facebook page as the builder has never been the type to talk about his family life in the public arena. The Facebook account also revealed the Maine native in a lovely white sailboat which fans have concluded may be his hobby.

Also from the same Facebook page, fans got to know that Lance Gatcomb passed through Cony High School located in his place of birth, Maine. After matriculating, the builder proceeded to further studies at The University of Maine but details like his course of study and year of graduation are not known.

Lance’s Role in Maine Cabin Masters

Lance Gatcomb played a prominent role on the set of Maine Cabin Masters. The show follows the professional lives of Chase Morrill (the boss), Ashley Morrill (Chase’s sister and the designer), Ryan Eldridge (Ashley’s spouse who is a carpenter), Jared’ Jedi’ Baker, and ‘Dixie’ Dix who were master carpenters.

Lance Gatcomb is a recurring cast member in the show and appeared in only its first three seasons as a builder.

Though everyone recognizes Chase as the boss, the entire cast of the reality show collaborates to achieve results. Ashley leverages her ‘designing’ abilities in choosing paint colors and searching out interesting decorative objects and pieces synonymous with Maine culture. On his own part, Ryan does the carpentry work and is called the voice of reason by his colleagues.

As a builder on the set of the reality show, Lance quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his laid-back personality and humor. He was seen on one of the episodes on a motorboat making doughnuts for everyone and in another episode, he left viewers laughing while eating Cheetos and lying down on a hammock in order to test it.

During his stay on the show, Lance proved himself to be a highly versatile and skilled builder; a great addition to the cast who never failed to entertain viewers with an attitude that was nothing short of goofy. One Twitter user described the builder as the show’s “comedy relief” and that random unpredictable character whose presence heralds smiles and laughter for the audience.

Though Lance Gatcomb can be outrightly funny on occasions, his fellow cast know him to be “one hell of a builder”. In fact, the workforce of Maine Cabin Masters behaves like one big family.

The show was shot at the Kennebec Cabin Company which is listed as its head office and it has a very simple format. For each episode, Chase would be the first to appear and go on to introduce Ryan and Ashley to the latest project or cabin and also introduce the owners of the abode.

Most of the time, the cabins to be renovated would be in a badly dilapidated state and the level of dilapidation would affect the budget to be set for renovation. When the budget is set, it comes along with a deadline for the completion of the project.

Once the above-mentioned duo are accomplished, the builders and carpenters would get to work renovating the cabin, restoring it back to its former glory, or even making it better.

Did Lance leave Maine Cabin Masters?

When the fourth episode of Maine Cabin Masters started airing, it soon became glaring that Lance Gatcomb wasn’t part of the cast anymore. His absence led to a lot of questions from fans and it was soon revealed that the funny builder left the show.

Now the reasons for Lance’s exit from the show is one big question that is yet to be answered by anyone. Not his cast members or the producers of the show.

Chase, who is recognized as the boss on set, was once quizzed about Lance’s exit and he simply answered “That’s how he rolls.” It goes without saying that Lance Gatcomb’s exit from Maine Cabin Masters got fans upset and many of them took to Twitter to register their displeasure.

The fact remains that Lance didn’t want his reasons for leaving the show to become public knowledge and his cast members did a good work of covering up for him. Much later, one Twitter user revealed that Lance’s wife was heavily pregnant at the time he left the show and that was his major reason for taking the decision. The user alleged that he needed to be on hand when she delivered, though this claim was never confirmed.

What Does Lance from Cabin Masters Do Now?

Lance is not big on social media and has no presence on many of the major platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and he rarely posts on his Facebook page.

As a result of his lack of interaction on social media, it has proved difficult to find out things about his life after leaving the reality show. However, the reality star surfaced on YouTube in September 2020 with a self-titled channel. In his debut video, the builder was spotted around his home doing various tasks like renovations, building, and fixing things, and this was followed by some “how-to” videos.

Some of his ensuing videos came with such titles as “Finishing a Lawn for house-lot,” Building a Pavilion,” “How to Change the New Style Excavator Bucket Teeth,” and more.

There is one tell-tale description on Lance Gatcomb’s YouTube channel that read “Gatcomb Construction and Excavation,” which made fans conclude that he must be the owner. Some of his job at the company was also featured on his YouTube channel with such captions as “Fire Truck Recovery Gone Wrong”, “Building a VW TDI generator,” and more

Lance’s channel also revealed that he has a truck servicing company where he works from time to time. His channel is coming up with a subscription level of over 1k with 125,000 views.

What is Lance Gatcomb’s Net Worth?

Lance Gatcomb’s net worth has never been mentioned in the public arena, however, the Maine native is making good money from his construction and trucking business, building projects, and reality shows.

Though what he earned per episode of Maine Cabin Masters was not documented, his fellow cast members like Chase and Ashley were getting $30,000 per episode while Jared and Ryan were receiving between $7k to $10k per episode and fans conclude that Lance’s pay may be in the same neighborhood.

He is Married with Children

Lance Gatcomb has never been the type to gush about his love life in the public arena, thus, nothing much is known about his wife and kids. However, through an episode of the Maine Cabin Masters show entitled “A Cabin for the Bride,” his wife’s name was revealed to be Lily Gatcomb. The episode also revealed that the couple share two children.

It equally threw some light on the house they live in x-raying how Lance built it from scratch.

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