Everything You Need To Know About The Boyz (South Korean Band)

Since their debut on December 6, 2017, The Boyz have continued to push the boundaries to stake a claim among the ranks of South Korea’s best entertainment acts. While they are mainly known as a singing group, the group is more diverse than just lending their voices in the studio and on music tours.

Most of the members of the group seem to have made their own efforts in entertainment that paved the path for them to become members of Cre.Ker Entertainment’s The Boyz. In the relatively short time that they’ve been around, the group has dropped at least four studio albums, all of which have performed well domestically. We’ve gathered together some interesting facts about the group and the individual members that you’d love to know!

Facts About The Boy Band

1. The Boyz used to go by the name “Cre.Kerz”

When the group was officially announced on July 4, 2017, they were introduced on Cre.ker Entertainment’s social media pages as Cre.Kerz. This was intended to be a play on the entertainment company’s name and a way to foster the brand name. However, the name did not stick and the group was soon renamed to The Boyz. All their albums have come under the new name.

The boy group made their music debut in December 2017, the same month that they released their first EP titled The First. The album peaked at No.3 on the Gaon Music Chart. They also signed a deal with Sony Music in December 2017 to help push their content in Japan.

2. The Boyz is one of the largest groups in K-pop history

South Korea’s pop groups are usually known for having anywhere from three to six members. The Boyz broke this trend when they announced a band featuring a record-breaking twelve members: Hwall, Jacob, Younghoon, Sangyeon, Juyeon, New, Kevin, Q, Sunwoo, Hyunjae, Eric, and Ju Haknyeon. The group still maintains some similarities with other k-pop bands before them, however. For instance, each member is a rapper, a singer, or a dancer, and contribute their unique talents to the success of the group.

3. They also pursue other ventures besides music

Perhaps their success and diversity have a lot to do with the fact that several of the members in the group were already somewhat known in entertainment. Kevin, for instance, once a contestant on the final season of Kpop Star in 2016. Ju Haknyeon was also on MNet’s boy group survival reality show Produce 101, while Sunwoo participated in the hip-hop survival TV show, High School Rapper.

Still, The Boyz’ first foray into the world of entertainment was not music; it was a reality show. Yep! The dreamy-eyed musical collective made their entertainment debut as a group on Flower Snack, their first reality show, that aired from August 23, 2017, to October 11, 2017. The group went on to have other reality shows like Switch, The 100, Come On! The Boyz, and Otoseyo.

4. They have signed some lucrative endorsements

Among their many efforts, add ‘model’ to the list. Whenever they are not in the studio dishing out new songs, singing on tours, or on the set of a reality show, the members of The Boyz strut their stuff as models for a number of interesting brand names. In November 2017, all the members of the group signed exclusive deals with Skoolooks, a reputable school uniform brand in South Korea. They also subsequently penned a modeling deal with cosmetics brand, Serio Cosmetic.

5. There is a four-year gap between the oldest and youngest member of the group

Eric and Sangyeon
Eric and Sangyeon: image source

Sangyeon who is the oldest member of the group was born on November 4, 1996. He is widely regarded as the “father” of the group on account of his age and responsibility as the leader of the group, songwriter, and as the main vocalist. Eric, whose birth name is Son Young Jae, was born on December 22, 2000. He is the youngest member of the group. This puts a four-year gap between him and Sangyeon.

Running a 12-man group with a noticeable age difference between members can be a hectic undertaking. Tack on the fact that all 12 members live together and the situation gets a lot scarier. However, during an interview with Billboard after their performance at KCON in July 2019, the group said that the age factor was not a hindrance to their harmony as a group.

6. All their albums have achieved a Top 5 position or higher on domestic charts

From December 6, 2017, to August 19, 2019, The Boyz banged out four EPs: The First, The Start, The Only, and Dreamlike. Within that time frame, they also released two single albums: The Sphere, and Bloom Bloom. All these albums debuted at different positions on domestic charts but they all peaked at a Top 5 position on the Gaon Music Chart. The lowest peak was achieved with The Sphere at No.4, while The Start, Bloom Bloom, and Dreamlike all tasted the No.2 position.

The group has also been awarded various awards for their efforts. These include a Rookie Award at the 2018 Korea Brand Awards and a Melon Music Award in the same year in the category of “Best New Male Artist Award.”


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