Who Is Olivia DeJonge? 6 Facts About The Australian Actress

An Australian actress, Olivia DeJonge is not one of the most famous actresses around at the moment, but with the talent she has displayed since she began her career in 2011, the bet will favor her to go far. So far, she has not acted in many movies and TV shows but is popular for her roles as Tara Swift in Hiding and then as Becca in The Visit.

As her endeavor as an actress is yet to catapult her to global fame, it is not a surprise that people can’t tell many things about this Aussie. In view of that, let’s keep up with her a bit.

Who Is Olivia DeJonge?

On April 30, 1998, Robyn and Rob DeJonge gave birth to the first of their two children, Olivia DeJonge in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. When Olivia was 5, the family moved to Perth, Western Australia, where she was brought up.

With the knack to be an actress since she was only a child, Olivia would perform for her parents, take part in many plays, and have her brother dress in tutus and perform.

The actress attended Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Perth.

DeJonge got her first professional gig in 2011 when she appeared as Ally in the short film, Good Pretender. In 2012, she was in Polarised and Eleven Thirty. She also acted in The Sisterhood of Night (2014), The Visit (2015), the horror film Scare Campaign (2016), Better Watch Out (2016), and Undertow (2018). She got a Saturn Awards nomination for Best Performance by a Younger Actor for her role in The Visit.

Apart from films, she has also made appearances in some TV shows such as the Australian television drama series Hiding (2015) and the American drama television series, Will (2018).

6 Facts About The Australian Actress

1. She has always loved acting

Laurie Davidson and
Olivia DeJonge and Laurie Davidson of Will (Image Source)

As stated, DeJonge had always loved acting since she was a child. Between the ages of 8 and 14, the Australian actress had already done as much as 41 radio and TV voiceovers as well as 4 TV commercials. When she was 12, she was signed to talent manager and actress Theresa Huska. While Huska represents her at the Independent Management Company in Australia, she is represented by Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood.

2. There were many rejections for her on the way

Because Olivia has had the better side of the Australian movie industry and has now sold herself to Hollywood, one might think she has had it all rosy. Contrary to this, it has not been all easy for her. In four years, she has done more than 70 auditions and has got so many rejections in the process that she now doesn’t feel too bad about being rejected. When she was younger, she said each rejection would upset her, but she is now all grown.

3. She is not done with education

Because of her acting career, she hasn’t had all the opportunity to focus solely on her education. Nonetheless, Dejonge is not ready to call it quits on education. She has plans to study psychology.

Acting will always be the first thing for her but she doesn’t want to keep it as her only focus, that is why she is interested in going back to school. The young Aussie hopes to study at Melbourne University.

4. DeJonge is a feminist

In Will which is a TV drama series fictitiously based on the life of William Shakespeare, she plays Alice Burbage, a “feminist” who decides that instead of getting married, she would pursue her dreams fearlessly. Beyond the character, Olivia is also a feminist who says she does not want to relegate herself to the role of a girlfriend.

5. Career Achievements

With less than 10 movies and TV productions to her name, Olivia DeJonge has achieved a lot and she has been recognized in the form of awards.

She won the West Australian Screen Awards for Best Actress for her role in Good Pretenders and has got many nominations including the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards and the Logie Awards.

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6. She still lives in Perth Western Australia

Olivia has come a long way since she began acting. Inasmuch as she is now having gigs in Hollywood, she still resides in Perth Western Australia with her parents and younger brother, James.

As of 2018, her net worth was placed at less than a million dollars. That said, her fortune is expected to soon grow with her involvement in more things.


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