Mel Metcalfe

Professionally, Mel Metcalfe is known as the award-winning sound engineer who has played great and important roles in the production of blockbuster movies and live-action animations including, Aladdin, Hocus Pocus, among others.

Though his good looks and talent was obvious for all to see, it has not guaranteed that his love life would be without hassles. He had a marital scandal which no doubt placed him in the negative light for a while. Moreso, fans of his work as well as enthusiasts who are not so close to the star, have often wondered if Mel Metcalfe and Jesse Metcalfe are related in any way. If you are still curious to know, do read on.

Who Is Mel Metcalfe 

Mel Metcalfe is an American professional who has contributed his expertise massively as a sound engineer to a lot of hit television series as well as over 160 movies including; Father of the Bride, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Sister Act, Aladdin, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Hocus Pocus, Cool Runnings, The Three Musketeers etc

For his impressive work in movie industry in Hollywood, he has been nominated for prestigious awards most notable of which are his various nominations for the Academy Awards in the category of Best Sound. In 1987 he was nominated for his work in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Beauty and the Beast in 1992, and Aladdin in 1993. He has sure achieved a lot in his line of work and is smiling to the bank with a net worth estimated at $2 million.

Personal Life – Marriage And Scandal

In 1996 news was received that Mel Metcalfe was getting married to Portia de Rossi a prominent actress most popular for her role in the television series, Ally McBeal. Things were going well until 1996 when it was reported that the pair had split just after three years of marriage. Shockingly, Mel divorced his wife in order to get married to, Renee Kappos, the wife of his brother-in-law.

Mel Metcalfe

The news was quite bizarre and left Portia and her brother seriously dazed and in disbelief for a while even causing them to move in together in other to comfort each other. Celebrity couples divorcing was something everyone was familiar with, but this was just Mel’s situation was surely not a common one. Fans and friends alike wondered why he would do such a thing.

That notwithstanding, speculations have it that Mel decided to leave Portia because she had only married him for a green card and to officially become an American citizen. Moreso, Portia de Rossi was a Lesbian who was living in the closet. Thus many think his union with Portia was based on other things besides true love. Afterthe couple split, his ex-wife soon married the famous reality tv talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

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How Is The Sound Engineer Related To Jesse Metcalfe?

There has been a whole lot of confusion as to if Mel Metcalfe and Jesse Metcalfe are related in any way or if they are one and the same person, but it still comes up as a mystery.

When researched, Jesse Metcalfe‘s profile reveals that he is a model, actor and a musician who was born in Carmel Valley, California, United States, on the 9th of December 1978.  He is popularly known as the actor who started out in the character, Miguel López-Fitzgerald, in the 1999-2004 soap opera, Passions.

He is also known to have made guest appearances twice in the superhero comic book series Smallville series, where he played the role of  McNulty in 2003. His most prominent work as an actor is mostly remembered to be his role in the popular 2004 debut television series, Desperate Housewives, where he acted as the good-looking teenage gardener, John Rowland, who had sexual relations with his employer, Gabrielle Solis played by Eva Longoria.

From this description, it is aparent that the two have a lot in common especially as they are both involved with the movies. Jesse is mainly described as an actor, the only issue is that when Mel Metcalfe is researched, the same picture of Jesse Metcalfe is shown. Therefore we can’t say for sure if they are the same person, brothers or just two people who look uncannily alike.

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