Kim Kardashian’s Engagement And Wedding Rings

Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian West was born Kimberly Noel Kardashian on October 21, 1980. She is a 34 year old famous American reality TV and social media personality, socialite, model and actress. She is considered by many to have had a very long and healthy dating life beginning in her teenage years when her boyfriend was TJ Jackson, the nephew of Michael Jackson, member of T3 and a famous American singer and songwriter.

Soon after TJ, she started dating Damon Thomas who was a music producer back then. She eloped with and married him without her parent’s consent. She was in the marriage for a number of years before filing for divorce citing “physical and emotional abuse on his part. Since she eloped to marry the celeb, there was no wedding to talk about. Even if there was one, it was not as flamboyant as is expected of celebrities in the caliber of the then budding Kim Kardashian.


Unlike the eloped marriage, the engagement and wedding of Kim to Kanye West was a very public affair and an event to behold with utter admiration.

Kim’s Expensive and Flawless Engagement Ring

Prior to Kim walking the isle for the third time, Kanye West wanted to make history by having the best celebrity proposal ever in the world. The rapper made his marriage proposal by renting out the AT&T Field and a 50-piece orchestra for the occasion. He knew that Kim’s immediate ex-husband, Kris Humphries, had set the standard too high by giving Kim one of a kind expensive engagement ring, which was a 20.5 carat with the hefty price tag of $2 million.

Kim’s engagement ring from Humphries

Kanye presented his own engagement ring on her 33rd birthday on Oct. 21, 2013. Outwardly, Kim’s new bling appeared to be similar in style (and perhaps design) to what she had gotten from Kris Humphries. The very first time the public had the opportunity to see the ring, Kim’s hairstylist, Clyde Haygood, shared a picture of the socialite flaunting her new bling on Instagram. According to reliable sources, the rapper proposed to the mother his four-month old daughter, North West with a brilliant 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring.

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According to a Lorraine Schwartz representative, the ring was a D flawless cushion cut and a perfect diamond. He also confirmed that Kanye West actually worked with Schwartz in designing the ring. He had a vision on how the ring should look. In other words, Kim’s engagement ring was the brainchild of her husband Kanye. When it came to cost, the actual prize of the jewelry was not revealed but experienced authorities in industry believe that it costs between $4 and $5 million. Some reports indicated that the high quality diamond engagement right could cost up to $8 million.

kim engagement ring Kanye
Kim’s engagement ring from Kanye

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Ring

As if the enormous engagement was not enough, Kanye West married his sweet heart Kim Kardashian with one of the most expensive wedding rings in the market. The rapper had no choice but to find a better wedding ring that would match, fit and perhaps surpass the multi-million dollar D flawless, 15 carat ring he gave her for the marriage proposal. As usual, he delivered just what was expected of him. Earlier during his marriage proposal to Kim, the rapper said he wished to have a celebrity wedding of the century, and presenting her with that kind of wedding was the first step to realizing his dream.

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According to the Lorraine Schwartz rep, the rapper was as instrumental in designing the wedding ring as he was in designing the engagement ring. Kim’s diamond band was handmade and matched perfectly with her engagement ring. She is no stranger to such flashy things and therefore she must have been really pleased to know her husband knows her tastes and preferences. Kanye West’s band was equally elegant but was made of gold. It was not immediately clear how much the jewelry cost but the price could approximate to that of the engagement ring (in the range of $4 to $5 million).


What do you think? By all standards,I think Kim received some of the best, most pricey and luxurious rings compared to other celebrities. It is most likely because she loves to live big and has plenty of jewelry to show for it. Although she has had two unsuccessful marriages, chances are that marriage number three would last.

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Odds markers predicted that Kim’s marriage to Kanye West would end in 1 to 2 years. Well, it is not yet long enough to make conclusions but chances are that the two are committed to making the marriage work afterall.


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