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If we think of the majority of humanity to be plagued with ignorance, and they are, journalism is the profession that shines a light on that ignorance. There is a saying that goes – “The worst kind of ignorance is not knowing what you don’t know” and that is the human race until every night after we’ve gone about our day in silent ignorance of the happenings around our world during the day. Then journalists, who have made it their mission and life goal to cure our daily ignorance, report the state of the world to us. The world is filled with many professions who in their own way, perform a noble task but none compares to the enlightenment that a reporter brings to our lives as he or she rolls the headlines in a soft baritone. One of the people in this noble profession is Kendis Gibson, a reporter for ABC News.

Who is Kendis Gibson?

Until recently, Kendis Gibson was simply a nice endearing face you saw on TV every morning and night as he tells you in different ways that the world is terrible and humans are ruining the planet. The ABC News reporter who was born on the 6th of September 1972 in Central America, Belize City in Belize to be exact has come under fire for some of his recent comments about the popular K-Pop music sensation, BTS.

The reporter, who is usually known to stick to reporting the news instead of being it, was born to parents Alrick Gibson, who was a cabinet maker in the city of Belize (one of the best) and his mother Hortense Gibson, a simple homemaker. He joined the world as the youngest of six children and spent his childhood in the city of Belize like any normal child would, playing and creating memories with his siblings.

In search of greener pastures, his parents moved the family to the United States in the 1980s where he completed his high school education and proceeded to the State University of New York, Oswego where he studied Political Science, earning a degree in the discipline in 1994. Having graduated, Kendis Gibson sought work in one of the world’s noblest fields – Journalism. He applied and got a job at the NBC station in Rochester in New York and spent three years as a news reporter for the station, delivering the news to the ears of New Yorkers before he moved to Philadelphia and joined WTXF as a morning anchor and news reporter.

His move to WTXF Philadelphia turned out to be a great one in his career as he won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding News Reporting and Sports Feature. A completed stint at Philadelphia meant a return to New York for the New York-raised Belizean turned American. He became a lead reporter for the WNBC News Channel.

A journalist’s pedigree and career are measured against the stories they told during their career and how they told it. While he was at WNBC, Kendis got a chance to tell some of the biggest stories of his career including the unfortunate crash of the Concorde and the generation-defining tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Perhaps as a result of his coverage of the attack, Kendis Gibson was approached and signed by the giant news network, CNN in January 2002. He joined the network and became a reporter, news anchor and its entertainment anchor. This gave Kendis a national exposure that so many aspiring journalists crave in their career, he spent three years at CNN, covering events like the glamorous Grammy and Academy Awards.

His later career moves before and after leaving CNN include being a host for HGTV’s I Want That and KSWB-TV News.

Gibson left CNN and joined another national network in June 2010, he joined CBS News, working out of Los Angeles as a correspondent for CBS Newspath. He spent barely a year there and moved on to WJLA, an ABC affiliate that worked out of Washington before he joined his current workplace, ABC News as a correspondent and anchor for World News Now.

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Is He Gay Or Married To A Wife?

When it comes to Kendis Gibson and his personal life and relationships, he has it shrouded in mystery. The news reporter has dealt with rumors that he is gay by mostly denying them and insisting that he is straight, however, many still believe that for a man who has achieved so much in his work life, he seems really intent on keeping his personal life away from the media. He is currently considered single since he has not revealed any attachment to any lady.

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