Jemma Lucy – Biography, 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Jemma Lucy
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The story of how Jemma Lucy came to be a star is one you should not miss because as there continues to be an improvement on the quality of life of the human population, there is an extra time that is no longer dedicated to survival that needs to be filled. Naturally, entertainment has been the preferred choice of filler that most people have gone for and this has resulted in an exponential rise in the demand for various forms of entertainment which has resulted in the rise of different entertainment programs.

From reality shows to television shows to films to music, more forms of entertainment are constantly being rolled out in order to keep with increasing demands. This has also meant an increasing number of people have become a member of the entertainment industry. One of these people is Jemma Lucy who is a reality television star and a model.

Jemma Lucy – Biography

Jemma Lucy is a glamour model who is currently based in Manchester, England; a reward of her hard work which began since 2005. She was born in Oxford, England on the 16th of May, 1988 to Jayne Henley and was given the name is Jemma Henley at birth. Her father, Robert Henley was the head of a global shipping company and thus, was a wealthy man. This, of course, meant Jemma Lucy was raised in a privileged environment, which would later create its own problems for the reality star.

Young Lucy first got a taste of television life when she appeared on the television show, Brat Camp, a reality show where her concerned parents took her after she got her first tattoo in a rebellious streak against her parents who she believed gave more attention to her sister, Lulu than to her. The tattoo came off the back of Lucy getting expelled three times from different schools.

Unfortunately, Brat Camp did nothing to quell her controversial behavior other than giving her a taste for television and showing her the endless opportunities available therein. She went on to appear in another reality television show, Signed by Katie Price in 2011. Although the show did not last long, it left a lasting impact on Jemma Lucy who has described Katie Price as her idol since the show ended. After appearing on Signed by Katie Price, Jemma Lucy laid low for a while until she starred on Ex on the Beach from 2015 to 2016.

It was her appearance on Ex on the Beach that finally made the young star a popular personality. Her personality on the show, which was no different from her real-life personality brought her fame especially because of her tendency to draw controversy through her search for love and troublemaking. This streak made her a fan favorite of audiences that so desperately wanted entertainment.

So, when the opportunity to bring that entertainment onto one of UK’s biggest entertainment platforms, Celebrity Big Brother came up in 2017, neither Jemma Lucy nor the show producers passed up the chance to put her in one of Britain’s favorite houses. She appeared in the 20th season of the show and placed 6th at the end of the show, but not without making several headlines while she was in the house.

Jemma Lucy is currently off screen but still continues to make headlines through her social media pages, like her Instagram page, @jemlucy, on Twitter @jem_lucy.

Five Interesting Facts You Need to Know

She is a Tattoo Model

In the most ironic twist of events, if Jemma Lucy’s parents had not dragged her to Brat Camp when she got a tattoo, she may not have been so famous now. Her parents’ efforts to keep her from getting more tattoos was met with a spectacular failure and she has gone on to add several of them, becoming an international tattoo model in the process.

She is Co-Owner of a Dating Website

Because she is a big fan of tattoos and desires love as much a the girl next door, Jemma Lucy has gone ahead to combine her two favorite things into a business enterprise. She co-founded a website, Dating Ink which is a dating website geared towards lovers of tattoos meeting and falling in love with each other while bonding over something they both love…..Tattoos.

Plastic Surgery

Is it a surprise that Jemma Lucy had some plastic surgery procedures done on her body? Probably not. The Celebrity Big Brother star has gone under the knife for body ‘improvements’ such as for her butt, her breasts, and her face. To her credits, she still looks absolutely amazing.

She has Dated a Couple of Men

Jemma Lucy
Jemma and her baby bump

Jemma Lucy spent her time on Ex on the Beach searching for love and she has been able to find it in a couple of men. She dated David Hawley and Stephen Bear in the past but is reportedly single at this time. For someone who holds love in such high esteem, we have no doubt that she will not stay single too long.

Sometime in the first month of 2019, Jemma announced that she was expecting her first child to the surprise of many. The identity of the baby’s father is still not available as she has chosen to keep the info to herself.

Physically Appearance

For such a small person, Jemma Lucy has not hesitated from being a thorn in the flesh of several celebrities, including her own idol, Katie Price. Despite the body enhancement surgeries, Jemma stands at just 5 feet and 7 inches with a body weight of 51kg. But what’s even more obvious is the fact that there is no Jemma without her tattoos which basically cover every available space on her body.