Chris Paul’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

He was born Christopher Emmanuel Paul on May 6, 1985 and it appears that sports is in his blood. At an early age his dad, who was a former athlete himself, coached his boys in football and basketball. So it is no surprise that Chris chose this career path, despite all his numerous achievements since then, today it’s all about his statistics.

So join us as we dig up, Chris Paul’s statistics, beginning with Chris Paul’s height.

Chris Paul’s Height

Well he’s a basketball player, so we are guessing he’s one of the tall ones, the question today is, what is Chris Paul’s height? He stands tall at 6 feet, despite this he is still considered ‘short’ in the NBA. Apparently everybody says Chris Paul is short, even Kobe went as far as to say he has a ‘little man’ complex after the Clippers (Paul’s team) lost to the Lakers 96-91.

Chris Paul's height 3

Don’t be mistaken, things like this do not deter the athlete, rather he has developed a thick skin.In a children’s book titled, Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big, he explained his struggle at a young age. According to, the book focuses on Paul’s dreams to make the grade school team, despite his size and the criticism he received from others.

The book was obviously meant to encourage kids to dream big no matter what limitations were before them. In an extract from the book he wrote, ‘I remembered that the average height of a player in the NBA was 6 feet 7 inches tall. I was only 4 feet 1 inch tall. And I wasn’t going to get much taller in the next few days.’

Chris Paul's height 5

The story didn’t change much as the athlete was 5 feet and an inch when he started high school, he received the same criticism and was even made fun of by his brother alongside his friends. Despite this, he fed off the encouragement of his parents and his grand dad, Papa Chilly, who taught him to believe in himself.

Chris Paul's height 6

The book was actually written in honor of Papa Chilly, who was beaten to death outside of his Winston-Salem, N.C., home, a few miles from the Paul house. He was gone too soon and Chris has been honoring him since then. So that’s all we have on Chris Paul’s height for now, on to the next topic.

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Chris Paul’s Weight

He’s an athlete, so it’s expected that he should stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. Despite this, Chris has had a bumpy ride down that road, around 2012 when he had an injury, Chris put on a notable amount of weight, fans began to complain and the tabloids began to pay more attention to his size. It was alleged that he went from 80 kg to 90 kg.

Chris Paul's weight 8

Fans complained that the weight gain affected his speed over the years and it was aging him even though he was yet to reach his prime. Probably in a bid to get back out there and better himself, the athlete enlisted the help of Nabie Fofanah, aka the Speed Doctor, to help him get his speed back.

According to Fofanah, this was what they mostly worked on, ‘ His flexibility, physically, is one thing that we worked on a lot, his flexibility, his balance, and just balancing the strength of the muscles on both sides. That was the main thing and then also, adding a lot of conditioning that we did on the track with a lot of the repeat runs on the track was really helpful too.’

Chris Paul's height 9

Paul was one of Speed doctor’s first clients, but after he worked with the star athlete, he was a made man. Chris Paul’s weight is currently listed as 79 kg.

Chris Paul’s Body Measurements

This is not over yet, in addition to Chris Paul’s height and weight, we have his other body statistics here for you. The athlete has an athletic build and his chest size is 40 inches, his waist size is 34 inches and his biceps measure 17 inches.

Chris Paul's height shoes

If you were curious about what shoe size the the basketball player wears, we have got your back. He wears a US size 12.5,European size 46.5 and a UK size 11.5.


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