Who Is Ja Morant’s Sister and Does He Have a Brother?

Ja Morant’s sister is Teniya Morant. She is his only known biological sibling through his parents – Tee Morant and Jamie Morant. Aside from Teniya, Ja does not have any other brother or sister.

Born February 16, 2005, the 19 year-old student basketball player is today widely recognized as the younger sister of a popular American basketball star. Although she is mostly known as Ja’s sister, Teniya decided to create a name for herself away from her brother’s shadows and is currently recognized as a promising up-and-coming basketball player. Read on for more information on her.

What is Ja Morant’s Sister’s Name?

Ja Morant’s sister is named Teniya Morant. She is fondly called Niya by her family members and close friends.

How Old is Ja Morant’s Sister?

Ja Morant’s sister was born on February 16, 2005, and is currently 19 years old. She was born under the Aquarius star sign when Ja was five years old.

Just like Ja Morant, Teniya is the child of Tee Morant and Jamie Morant. She was born in Dalzell, South Carolina, the United States, and spent the bulk of her childhood there with her parents and big brother.

Who is Ja Morant’s Sister?

Ja Morant’s sister is Teniya Morant. Teniya currently attends Houston High School in Germantown, a public high school located in Germantown, Tennessee, which was founded in 1989. As you would expect, she took to basketball, and for a long time, she has been an active member of the school’s girls’ basketball team, nicknamed the Houston Mustangs.

Although she comes from a family of seasoned basketball players, Teniya revealed that she doesn’t take that advantage for granted. Unlike the girls in her team, she puts a lot of effort into improving her playing skills and even prefers to play against the boys because she finds them to be more challenging. According to her, being able to beat the boys would make it easier for her to beat the girls on her team.

However, despite the many efforts she put into her team’s growth, Teniya was grossly neglected by the team coach. After a long period of waiting to be duly appreciated, she decided to quit the team and train with her father instead.

What Does Teniya Morant Do for a Living?

Teniya Morant is a well-recognized student basketball player. Although she hasn’t made any official career moves yet, she discovered her love for basketball at a very young age and has carefully nurtured her skills with the help of her family ever since then.

While she was in high school, Teniya played as a point guard in the school’s girls’ basketball team. And while she encountered some challenges in the team, she maintained an undaunted resolve to pursue her dreams head-on.

In May 2023, Teniya revealed that she had gained admission into an HBCU and subsequently joined the school’s female basketball team. This is clear evidence that, just like her brother, Niya plans on building a career as a professional basketball player sometime soon.

How Many are Ja Morant’s Siblings?

Ja Morant only has one sibling. The said sibling is Teniya, who he shares with both his parents.

Does Ja Morant Have a Brother?

Ja Morant does not have a brother. He only has a little sister named Teniya.

Ja Morant Family Picture

Who Is Ja Morant’s Sister and Does She Have or Brother?
image source– Ja Morant with his parents, sister, girlfriend and daughter

The Morants are one of the highly recognized families in the American basketball industry. While Ja Morant seems to be the star in the family, there is a high chance that he would not have gotten to the level he is at today without his parents.

Ja Morant’s parents, Jamie and Tee Morant, were both aspiring athletes in their youth. However, they had to sacrifice their budding careers for their children. After their son was born, Tee had to give up his career as an international basketball player to stay home for his kid. Jamie, who was also an athlete in school, gave up her dreams to become a mother and wife.

However, while the couple did not get to live the life of their dream, they made sure that their children would. They started training Ja and Niya on the basic basketball skills at home, and considering where the kids are now, we can say that their parents’ sacrifices were all worth it.

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