Does Justin Bieber Have Kids?

Justin Bieber does not have kids. He has not welcomed any children with his wife or from past relationships. However, the talented Canadian singer has been rumored to have welcomed a kid as a result of his Instagram posts of him carrying children.

Who are Justin Bieber’s Kids?

Justin Bieber doesn’t have any kids. Since his marriage with Hailey Baldwin Bieber, the couple has not announced welcoming any child. However, they seem to have a strong attachment to children, as they often upload on their social media pictures of them with cute little children.


Some of the babies they take snapshots with are from friends and Bieber’s half-siblings. On the other hand, the singer has dated several people in the past and has not welcomed any children with them.

What Led to the Rumor of Justin Bieber Having Kids?

There are no tangible reasons for the rumor. Meanwhile, the fact that Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber have been married for over 5 years has left the public wondering why they don’t have kids yet. There were claims that the Canadian singer and his wife had welcomed children and decided to keep their identities a secret. Meanwhile, Hailey previously revealed that she would love to raise her children out of the eyes of the media, as she would not be able to stand rumors about her child.

This led the rumormongers to the conclusion that Justin Bieber and his wife must have welcomed a child secretly. Finally, their uploads with different children on their social media gave the rumor an express route to fly. However, the fact remains that the rumor cannot survive for long, as some of the children the couple has seen on social media have been confirmed not to be their children.

Justin Bieber’s Wife, Hailey Bieber, Was Once Speculated To Be Pregnant

Having been in the public eye since her marriage to Justin Bieber, speculations about Hailey Bieber have also been circulating. Hailey was once speculated to be pregnant as a result of a noticeable weight gain. However, she tried to clear the air by saying that she was not pregnant but was having some body changes. She further had to disclose to a magazine that if, in the future, she turned out to be pregnant, the media would be the last to know.

Hailey Bieber expressed how annoying it is to her when people consistently look into other people’s private lives. Some still refer back to this speculation, citing that there is a possibility that Hailey Bieber was truly pregnant and must have taken the route of keeping her kid’s identity private.

Justin was Once Accused To Have Fathered a Baby From a Fan

Justin Bieber was rumored to have fathered a child in 2011 after a fan claimed that she was the mother of his kid, who was at that time three months old. The fan, Mariah Yeater, revealed that she was taken away by one of Justin’s security personnel to meet with Justin. She stated that when she met Justin, he took her to a private place, and they got involved in a sexual relationship that got her pregnant.

However, this was debunked by Justin Bieber’s representatives, who stated that the singer was never alone and, therefore, there wouldn’t have been a time he took such action. They further stated that Mariah Yeater only fabricated the story to look for a financial settlement from the singer. Currently, nothing has been heard of the claims or the baby from Mariah Yeater.

Has Justin Bieber Confirmed The Rumor Of Him Having Kids?

No, Justin Beiber has decided to keep quiet over the rumors of him having kids. He decided to take it as one of the things that accompany famous personalities. However, the Canadian pop icon has decided to pay more attention to his career and marriage than to rumors and speculations.


Does Justin Bieber Have A Baby?

No, Justin Bieber does not have any kids at the moment. All speculations claiming that he is a father have not been confirmed yet.

Is Hailey Bieber Pregnant?

Hailey Bieber has never confirmed that she is pregnant. However, gaining weight, which showed an identifiable body change, gave rise to the rumor of her pregnancy.

Is Justin Bieber Single or Married?

Justin Beiber is married to Hailey Bieber. The couple had a courthouse wedding on September 13, 2018, and are still together to date.

Are Hailey and Justin Still Married?

Yes, Justin Bieber is still married to his wife, Hailey Bieber, and they are busy enjoying every bit of their marriage.


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