Ja Morant Hair: How His Dreads Hairstyle Stands Him Out in the NBA

Ja Morant’s hair, which he alternates between twists, afro, and traditional dreads in colors such as black, pink, green, and blue, has gained attention on social media. This has inadvertently made him the center of attention for his unique look both on and off the basketball court.  

Ja’s knack for fashion is majorly responsible for his constant hairdo, and as a result, he is one of the most handsome basketballers out there. From what has been observed, dreads have become a signature style for the star. He sometimes makes them look unique by adding some extensions and colored braids to them. In this post, we’ll look into the secret behind Ja Morant’s unique hairstyle and how it has made him so popular.

Ja Morant’s Dreads Hairstyle

Ja Morant currently wears traditional dreads. In his three-year NBA career, his dreads were firm, which he often interchanged into rolls, comb coils, braids, and two-strand twists. In 2019, Ja was a new face in the NBA and was wearing an afro with a taper fade hairstyle. Not long after, he grew out his identical afro, having his hair done in a 4-part cornrow for a while.

That was before he turned his hair in twists. These twists soon became traditional dreads, also known as free-form dreadlocks. His dreadlocks were initially short but have now gotten long enough for the basketball star to put them in a dread bun. This is a habit he has started doing more recently.

At some point, Ja Morant has also worn his dreads in a unique large ponytail. He made his dreads stand out even more by dying the front few locks pink on one side and blue on the other. Though Ja is an NBA basketball star with an incredible career, he also focuses on his hair and personal style. All of the accolades he continues to get make him a person of interest, which is why fans try to copy his style. One thing that makes him unique is the fact that the style is very rare.

There are, however, a variety of curls available in different grades to consider. Ja has curls that are 4b grade; the type that is a very bouncy grade of curl. This is why Morant’s dreads are also bouncy, which is what some fans ask about.

What is Ja Morant’s Hair Color?

Ja Morant’s dreads are a combination of black, pink, green, and blue. He occasionally appears to dye them with additional colors like yellow and red. His hairstyle is composed of different patterns of Afro-textured hair like braids, dreads, twists, locks, cornrows, shorts, and ponytails.

Currently, the Memphis Grizzlies star wears traditional 4B strand dreads that only require consistent hydration to keep them healthy and steady. However, you can easily distinguish Ja’s dreads due to the front coil highlights, which feature a different color combination.

In simpler words, Morant’s hairdo is known as free-form locs. It’s common among folks with 4b hair and is just as natural as they get. The routine care that comes with this kind of hair is maybe the nicest aspect. Typically, it doesn’t take much care or attention for positive results.

The strands are quite durable, which might explain why Morant is frequently seen tying the dreads together to create multiple thick and wavy coils. He doesn’t dye the entire strands, but only a few, especially at the front. The colors are usually pink, yellow, blue, or red.

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Why Does Ja Morant Color His Hair?

Ja Morant doesn’t have or hasn’t disclosed any “special” reasons for coloring his hair. It could be simply for fashion, as the basketball star seems to believe having unique hair makes him stand out. His hair color could also be for special matches, just like when he colored his hair in Ukraine yellow and blue for the epic showdown vs. Chicago.

Furthermore, Ja’s flamboyant attitude and different but unique hairstyles make achieving fame outside of the NBA an easy feat. His various hairstyles have allowed the American to reinvent himself throughout his Basketball career while capturing the attention of the media and viewers around the world. This is simply great for publicity, attracting sponsorships and fanbase.

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