Why Did De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker Break Up

De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker have not revealed why they broke up. However, it is rumored that the breakup has everything to do with Walker cheating on Taylor.

De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker were one of the famous couples whose relationship was regarded as a perfect one. They seem to have all that is needed from each other, as they make use of every available opportunity to show how deep in love they are. However, things turned on the wrong side in their relationship, and they decided to choose the option of separation. Meanwhile, fans are still interested in the possible reason why they will ever have to split.

Who are De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker?

De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker are a popular social media couple known for their YouTube channel DK4L, which means De’arra and Ken for Life. They gained widespread recognition for their vlogs, pranks, challenges, and lifestyle content. De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker started their YouTube channel in 2014 and quickly amassed a large following.

The couple, who have an approximately 2-year age gap, decided to keep the background aspects of themselves away from the public. However, reports have it that Ken Walker, who is 30 years old in 2024, was born on March 12, 1994, while De’arra Taylor, who is 28 years old as of 2024, was born on April 17, 1996. They often share their personal experiences, travels, and relationship moments with their audience.

How Did De’arra and Ken Meet?

The couple met each other at Chipotle, a Mexican grill restaurant. According to the available reports, Ken Walker was already in the restaurant when De’erra walked in. He couldn’t resist the attraction he felt upon seeing her make her way into the restaurant; he had to make a move to meet her. He finally had a chat with her but didn’t fully succeed on the first day, as she refused to give him her phone number.

During this period, De’arra Taylor was 18 years old, and Ken was 20 years old. Even though De’arra refused to give out her number, she exchanged her Kik contact with Ken on the first day. From this platform, she secretly took Ken’s picture to show her friends. Meanwhile, they also started close communication through the same platform.

After talking for about a week on Kik, De’arra and Ken decided to have their first date in a pool. Getting to the pool, De’arra chose to take pictures and make videos with Ken’s phone while he had fun swimming in the pool. After their first date, they became more close to each other and embarked on several other hangouts together.

After the first hangout Ken had with De’arra in a pool, he uploaded the pictures from the date on his social media. This stirred up a reaction from a girl he was dating before he met De’arra. Ken confirmed this through one of his vlogs in DK4L, stating that he gave up other girls to have a serious relationship with De’arra. He stated that people always admire him and De’arra, as they constantly assure them that their relationship is based on true love.

Ken Walker Proposed To De’arra Taylor In 2019

After five years of dating De’arra, Ken Walker decided to up his game with his ex-lover. The couple uploaded the video of their engagement on their YouTube channel with the title The Question. The proposal was orchestrated during a romantic holiday in Santorini, Greece. According to the video, Ken was expressing his deep affection for De’arra and the significance she held in his life.

It proceeded to showcase key moments in their relationship, including Ken seeking approval from De’arra’s grandparents. Ken took De’arra to a rooftop under the guise of a dinner setting, where he arranged a spontaneous photo session as the sun descended. To De’arra’s surprise, as she turned around, Ken was on one knee, marking the heartfelt culmination of his love declaration and their shared journey.

Every emotion De’arra experienced during the proposal was skillfully captured. She uploaded it on her Instagram, stating that it was unexpected, as she was only taking a picture of the beautiful view. De’arra further explained through the caption that the moment was extremely beautiful, and she has never had a happier moment than that.

What Happened Between De’arra and Ken?

De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker surprisingly ended their relationship, and the unexpected news of the couple’s breakup left everyone in a very sad state. For their fans, witnessing the end of their relationship was difficult, especially considering that they were a charming couple who had recently become engaged. Everyone was looking out for their wedding like Ken promised during their engagement.

Ken and De’arra revealed their breakup through a YouTube video released on August 20, 2021. The breakup saw the couple also separate their YouTube channel, which they were famously known for. This had the previous channel, DK4L, left dormant as they moved on with their separate other channels.

Furthermore, De’arra and Ken assured the public that they would keep following each other on their different social media accounts. However, they also stated that they could never collaborate on any video.

Why Did De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker Split?

Neither De’arra Taylor nor Ken Walker have disclosed the reason for their split on August 20, 2021. However, some speculations pegged the reason for cheating. It has been speculated that Ken cheated on De’arra, and that is what led to them calling off their relationship.

According to the details provided, a video of Ken Walker was uploaded on Instagram where he was in a parking lot with an unknown woman. It was further disclosed that Ken Walker admitted to this and apologized to De’arra through a YouTube video, which is unfortunately reported to be no longer available.

Furthermore, Ken Walker’s fans during this period were very busy digesting the authenticity of the claim and the video. However, further confirmation came through Ken Walker’s twin brother, Kris Walker, who confirmed through an Instagram post that it was his brother who was on the video.

Meanwhile, we stick with the fact that De’arra and Ken Walker have not confirmed the reason for their separation. Therefore, all the available information as to what caused their separation may not be true.


Why Did De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker Break Up?

The reason for De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker’s breakup has remained undisclosed. However, reports have it that they broke up because Walker was caught by a camera in a parking lot with an unknown woman.

How long were De’arra and Ken together?

De’arra and Ken Walker were together for almost seven years, as they started dating in 2014 and separated on August 20, 2021.

Are De’arra and Ken Still a Couple?

No, De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker are no longer together, as they called off their engagement on August 20, 2021.


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