Wylda Rae Johnson: All About Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Daughter

Wylda Rae Johnson is the daughter of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson. Wylda Rae was born on July 7, 2010, and is 14 years old as of 2024. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, Wylda has experienced a unique childhood surrounded by creativity and talent.

Despite her young age, she has already made a few public appearances alongside her famous parents, leaving fans curious about her future endeavors. In this article, we will delve into Wylda Rae Johnson’s life, exploring her upbringing and potential as the daughter of two Hollywood stars.

Summary of Wylda Rae Johnson’s Bio

  • Full Name: Wylda Rae Johnson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 7, 2010
  • Place of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Wylda Rae Johnson’s Age: 14 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: British
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Wylda Rae Johnson’s Parents: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (father), Samantha Taylor-Johnson (mother)
  • Siblings: 3 – Romy Hero Johnson (sister), Angelica Jopling (half-sister), Jessie Phoenix Jopling (half-sister)
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Famous for: Being the daughter of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Samantha Taylor-Johnson

How Old Is Wylda Rae Johnson?

Wylda Rae Johnson is 14 years old as of 2024 and was born on July 7, 2010, in London, England, United Kingdom. Wylda’s zodiac sign is Cancer, and her ethnicity is mixed courtesy of a Jewish father and a Caucasian mother.

Additionally, Wylda Rae Johnson is not just British by birth but also through her parental heritage. Concerning parents, Wylda is the oldest of two daughters born to British entertainers Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Samantha Taylor-Johnson.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s Father Is An Actor

Wylda Rae Johnson’s dad, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is a talented British actor. He was born Aaron Perry Johnson on June 13, 1990, in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, making him 34 years old as of 2024.

Aaron comes from a creative family, with his mother, Sarah, a housewife, and his father, Robert, a civil engineer. His sister, Gemma, is also involved in the entertainment industry as a singer and actress.

In addition to his family background, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is of Jewish descent. Embracing his cultural heritage, he has mentioned in interviews that he identifies with his Jewish roots and takes pride in his ancestry.

Regarding his education, Aaron attended Holmer Green Senior School in Buckinghamshire. However, he had an unconventional educational journey as he started acting at a young age. His early success in the entertainment industry meant that he had to balance his education with his burgeoning acting career.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s professional acting career began in the early 2000s when he was just a teenager. He gained recognition for his role as the young Charlie Chaplin in the biographical film “Shanghai Knights” (2003). This performance showcased his talent and established him as a promising young actor.

Throughout his career, Aaron has delivered remarkable performances in various movies and TV series. One of his notable roles came in 2009 when he portrayed a young John Lennon in the biographical film “Nowhere Boy.” This portrayal earned him critical acclaim and further solidified his place in the industry.

However, his role as Dave Lizewski, also known as Kick-Ass, in the film adaptation of the comic book series “Kick-Ass” (2010) propelled him to international fame. Aaron’s portrayal of the ordinary teenager turned superhero was charismatic and relatable, earning him widespread recognition and praise.

Following the success of “Kick-Ass,” Aaron Taylor-Johnson went on to star in several other high-profile films. He appeared in “Savages” (2012), “Anna Karenina” (2012), and “Godzilla” (2014), showcasing his versatility as an actor. In 2016, he portrayed the character of Ray Marcus in the psychological thriller “Nocturnal Animals,” a role that earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

One of Aaron’s most notable roles came in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he portrayed Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver, in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015). His performance as the superhuman speedster was widely praised by audiences and critics alike.

Aside from his film roles, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has also made television appearances. In 2018, he starred in the critically acclaimed limited series “Sharp Objects,” based on Gillian Flynn’s novel. His portrayal of John Keene, a troubled young man, earned him a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s Mother Is An Artist And Filmmaker

Wylda Rae Johnson’s mother, Samantha Taylor-Johnson, is a British filmmaker and artist known for her diverse and successful career in the arts. She was born Samantha Taylor-Wood on March 4, 1967, in Croydon, London, making her 57 years old as of 2024.

Samantha’s parents are Geraldine Taylor, a yoga teacher and astrologist, and David Taylor, a father who left when she was nine. She has a younger sister named Ashley Taylor Dawson, an actress, and a maternal half-brother named Kristian Taylor-Wood, who is also involved in the entertainment industry.

Regarding education, Samantha attended Beacon Community College in Crowborough, East Sussex, and later studied at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she pursued a degree in fine art.

Samantha’s career as a fine artist began in the early 1990s. She gained recognition for her photography and video installations, which often explored themes of identity, gender, and power dynamics. One of her notable works is the series “Crying Men,” where she captured images of famous actors shedding tears. This series received critical acclaim and showcased Samantha’s ability to capture vulnerable moments on film.

Throughout her career, Samantha has collaborated with various artists and filmmakers. She has worked with renowned figures such as Damien Hirst and David Bowie. Her art has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Tate Modern in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In addition to her success as a fine artist, Samantha has made a mark in the entertainment industry as a director, music producer, and filmmaker. She made her directorial debut with the film “Nowhere Boy” in 2009, depicting musician John Lennon’s early life. The film received critical acclaim and propelled Samantha into the spotlight as a talented filmmaker.

Following the success of “Nowhere Boy,” Samantha directed the film adaptation of the best-selling novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” in 2015. Despite mixed reviews, the film was a commercial success and solidified Samantha’s position as a sought-after director.

In the world of music, Samantha has collaborated with artists such as the Pet Shop Boys, R.E.M., and The Chemical Brothers. She has directed music videos for these artists, showcasing her creative vision and ability to translate music into visual storytelling.

Samantha continues to explore different mediums and genres in her career. Her work often delves into complex themes and emotions, challenging societal norms and expectations. She is known for her unique visual style and ability to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

As of 2024, Samantha Taylor-Johnson’s career spans over three decades, and she remains an influential figure in the arts and entertainment industry. Her versatility as an artist and filmmaker has allowed her to make a significant impact and leave a lasting legacy in both fields.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s Parents Have Been Married For Over A Decade

Wylda Rae Johnson’s parents, Aaron and Samantha Taylor-Johnson, have been married for over a decade. Despite their significant age difference, their relationship has stood the test of time. They tied the knot on June 21, 2012, and are still happy.


At the time of Wylda’s birth in July 2010, her parents had already been engaged for more than six months. Their engagement was a symbol of their commitment to each other and their family, which has remained evident throughout the years. Their enduring bond is a testament to their strong connection and mutual support.

Wylda’s parents first met on the set of the film “Nowhere Boy” in 2009. Her mother, Samantha, a renowned artist and filmmaker, was directing the movie, while her dad, Aaron, was cast as the lead, portraying a young John Lennon. The couple’s chemistry was undeniable, and they soon started dating.

Not unexpectedly, their relationship faced scrutiny due to their significant age difference. Aaron was 19 years old when they met, while Samantha was 42. This age gap attracted attention from the public and the media, with some questioning the longevity of their union.

However, Aaron and Samantha remained unfazed by the criticism and continued to build their relationship on a foundation of love and respect.

After a couple of years together, Aaron and Samantha got engaged. The proposal took place in November 2009 and lasted for nearly three years, giving them ample time to solidify their commitment and prepare for their future together.

On June 21, 2012, Aaron and Samantha exchanged vows in a private ceremony at Babington House in Somerset, England. The wedding was an intimate affair, attended by close friends and family.

The couple’s love and dedication to each other were evident as they embarked on their journey as husband and wife. Since their marriage, Aaron and Samantha Taylor-Johnson have supported and uplifted each other in their personal and professional endeavors.

They have worked together on various projects, showcasing their compatibility on and off the screen. Their relationship inspires many, demonstrating that age is just a number when it comes to love and happiness.

Wylda Rae Johnson Has Three Siblings

Wylda Rae Johnson has three siblings in all. She has one younger sister and two older maternal half-sisters. Wylda is officially the most senior of two children from her parents, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Samantha Taylor-Johnson’s marital union. Her younger sister, Romy Hero Johnson, was born on January 18, 2012, and as of 2024, she is 12 years old.

In addition to her sister Romy, Wylda Rae Johnson has two older half-sisters from her mother’s first marriage to art dealer and gallerist Jay Joplin. Her half-sisters are Angelica Jopling and Jessie Phoenix Jopling.

Angelica Jopling was born on April 24, 1997, and as of 2024, she would be 27 years old. Jessie Phoenix Jopling was born on October 8, 2005, making her 18 years old as of 2024.

Samantha Taylor-Johnson’s marriage to Jay Jopling lasted from 1997 to September 2008, spanning eleven years. Jay Jopling is a renowned art dealer and gallerist, and during their marriage, the couple had two daughters, Angelica and Jessie. However, their marriage ultimately ended in divorce in September 2008.

As for Wylda Rae Johnson’s siblings, Angelica Jopling began as an actress best known for her appearance in “The Devil’s Mistress” (2008) and “Nowhere Boy” (2009). Several sources now indicate that she has pursued a career in the arts, following in her father’s footsteps.

She has made a name for herself as an artist and has exhibited her work in various galleries. These sources also claim that Jessie Phoenix Jopling is currently studying art and design. Much like her older sister, she shows great talent and potential in her artistic endeavors.

Not much is known about Romy Hero Johnson. Wylda’s parents prefer to keep her and her siblings, especially Romy, out of the spotlight and the scrutiny that invariably trails anyone in it.

Wylda Rae Johnson Currently Lives In Los Angeles, California

Wylda, her parents, and her siblings live in Los Angeles, California, United States. It is crucial, however, to emphasize that Wylda spent her early life primarily in the United Kingdom, where she was born. As the daughter of two prominent figures in the entertainment industry, Wylda Rae was exposed to the limelight from an early age.

Despite being born into a family known for their work in film and art, Wylda Rae’s parents have tried to shield her and her siblings from excessive media attention. Samantha and Aaron Taylor-Johnson have repeatedly spoken about how protective they are of their children’s privacy.

As a result, there is limited information available about Wylda Rae’s early life and the schools she attended. This further reflects Wylda’s parents’ desire to provide her with a normal upbringing away from the constant scrutiny of the public eye.

While Wylda Rae’s parents occasionally attend public events, premieres, and award shows, they have consciously tried to keep her out of the spotlight. As a result, sightings of Wylda Rae with her parents are relatively rare compared to other celebrity children.

However, there have been a few instances where Wylda Rae has been seen out and about with her parents. She has occasionally accompanied them to industry-related events or family outings. These moments, captured by paparazzi or shared on social media, provide glimpses into the family’s life and offer fans a rare insight into Wylda Rae’s upbringing.

Aaron and Samantha Taylor-Johnson prioritize the well-being and privacy of their children. By keeping their children away from the constant glare of the media, they ensure that Wylda Rae can grow up in a more regular and balanced environment.

As Wylda Rae Johnson grows older, she will likely have more agency in deciding how much of her life she wants to share with the public. Her parents’ approach to parenting and maintaining their family’s privacy will likely shape her views on privacy and public exposure.


How Old is Wylda Rae Johnson?

Wylda Rae Johnson is 14 years old as of 2024. She was born on July 7, 2010.

Who are Wylda Rae Johnson’s Parents?

Wylda Rae Johnson’s parents are Aaron Taylor-Johnson, an English actor, and Samantha Taylor-Johnson, a British artist and filmmaker.

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