Does Rick Hoffman Have a Wife and Is He Gay? Inside His Relationship

Rick Hoffman does not have a wife because he has never been married. He is also not gay despite the rumors that say otherwise. Hoffman is one who prefers to keep his love life very private. As a result, it is not known if he is even dating anyone. So far, there’s been nothing to prove the rumors about his sexuality.

Rick Hoffman is an American actor who shot into the limelight after playing the role of Louis Litt on Suits, an American legal drama television series that made quite some waves around America and beyond. Hoffman is popular on Suits for his on-screen persona, which often cracks people up with some sarcastic put-downs and mudbaths.

Having spent over two decades in Hollywood, the actor has now become one of the faces that are quite popular onscreen. He may not be popular in the way Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hanks is, but he is well-known all the same. That being said, it is noteworthy that the actor has held his ground for a long time in the very competitive movie industry.

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$1 million
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53 years old (12 June 1970)
5 feet, 8 inches(1.72 m)
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Is Rick Hoffman A Married Man?

Rick Hoffman is not married and has never publicly disclosed any details about his personal life, including his dating history. He does have a son, born in 2012, but the identity of the child’s mother is not known

Rick Hoffman’s private life has been a hot subject of discussion among fans for some time. This is mainly because of the dissenting views held by many of the fans about whether or not he is a married man or whether he is currently in a relationship with a girlfriend.

Somehow, Rick Hoffman has successfully been able to leave his private life right out of his public business, and it is quite stunning that details about whether or not he is seeing anybody remain in the dark right now. At the moment, it is not certain if he is in love with anyone just yet. However, there were rumors in 2016 that the actor was dating Stephanie Waring, an English soap actress, and that they ‘go way back.’

Rick Hoffman
Patrick J. Adams and Rick Hoffman star on ‘Suits’

Why Do People Think Rick Hoffman Is Gay?

There have been some occasional rumors over the years that Rick Hoffman may be gay. The rumors have refused to go away, especially as the actor has refused to speak about them. However, there is no evidence at all to prove that Rick Hoffman is gay. This rather wild assumption about his sexuality may have been brought about by the fact that he played the role of a gay man in a 2004 short film titled Our Time Is Up. This is, however, not enough reason to suspect that he is gay.

What is Rick Hoffman’s Relationship With Meghan Markle?

One of the people Hoffman had a good relationship with on the set of Suits was Meghan Markle. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and a member of the British royal family through her marriage to Prince Harry, starred in the series as Rachel Zane. While on the show, she and Rick got off very well and became good pals.

Rick Hoffman
Rick Hoffman and Meghan Markle.

Talking about how close he and Meghan were, Rick Hoffman once revealed that she helped him out when he needed a date to a wedding. At the time, he had just gotten out of a relationship and was still sore. It happened that he was to attend a wedding and he needed a date for the event but had no one to go with him.

Amazingly, Meghan Markle stepped up and agreed that she would attend the wedding and be at his side as his date. Consequently, they both flew to Paris, where the wedding was held, and had a good time together. More so, Rick was among the Suits cast that attended the royal wedding in May 2018 to see Meghan walk down the aisle with Prince Harry.

Rick Hoffman Has a Son

One of the major reasons why interest in Rick Hoffman’s private life has soared over the years is because he has a son whom he is very fond of. Fans are confused about who the boy’s mother is and whether or not Hoffman is still with her.

Our investigation has shown that Rick Hoffman is no longer with the mother of his son, who was born in December 2014. His baby mama’s identity also remains quite a mystery as he has not thought it wise to reveal her to the world. However, according to reports, Hoffman spent more than 5 years with her before they parted ways.

Key Takeaways 

  • Rick Hoffman does not have a wife, and there is no information on whether or not he has ever been married.
  • Rick Hoffman has never admitted to being gay, he keeps his personal life away from the spotlight, hence the rumors that he is still in the closet.
  • He has a son who was born in 2014 but has not said anything about who the boy’s mother is and what really happened between them.
  • Hoffman allegedly dated his baby mama for close to five years before they went their separate ways.
  • Rick Hoffman is reportedly single at the moment.


Who is Rick Hoffman’s Wife?

Rick Hoffman does not have a wife and has never been married, although he has never publicly disclosed his marital status.

Is Rick Hoffman Gay?

There is no evidence at all to prove that Rick Hoffman is gay. The rumors about his sexuality were brought about by the fact that he played the role of a gay man in a 2004 short film titled Our Time Is Up.


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