Who Are Rachel McAdams’ Husband, Jamie Linden, and Kids?

Rachel McAdams’ partner is Jamie Linden, an American screenwriter best known for We Are Marshall (2006), Dear John (2010), and 10 Years (2011). Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden have two kids: a son born in April 2018 and a daughter born in 2020.

While Jamie Linden isn’t someone you are expected to know, especially if you have no business in the movie industry, you should be able to tell a thing or two about his partner, Rachel McAdams if you are a moviegoer. The Canadian actress has been a part of the industry since 2001 when she played Hannah Grant in the “Food for Thought” episode of the Disney Channel coming-of-age series, The Famous Jett Jackson. Thereafter, she has been seen in other notable TV shows like Slings & Arrows and True Detective but has pulled off more big-screen roles.

Spotlight, Game Night, The Family Stone, Red Eye, Sherlock Holmes, Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Midnight in Paris are only some of her popular movie roles. Spotlight earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress amongst other coveted awards she has received. The fame she gained from her acting career has rubbed off on other aspects of her life. It was never a secret that she dated Welsh actor Michael Sheen from 2010 to 2013, just as it is known to all that Jamie Linden is the special man in her life.

Profile Summary of Jamie Linden

  • Full Name: Jamie Linden
  • Nationality: American
  • Place of Birth: Winter Park, Florida
  • Date of Birth: September 3, 1980
  • Age: 43 Years Old
  • High School: Lake Howell High School
  • College: Florida State University
  • Occupation: Screenwriter and Producer
  • Spouse: Rachel McAdams
  • No. of Children: 1
  • Net Worth: $3 Million

Is Rachel McAdams Married? 

Rachel McAdams is not married, but she is in a long-term relationship with Jamie Linden, a Hollywood Screenwriter. They have been together since 2016 and have two children together.

Given that Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden have been together for almost a decade and have even started a family together, it is only natural that some people have come to regard Jamie as Rachel McAdams’ husband, but that is not factual.

Even though they had dated other people before they got together, neither Rachel nor Jamie has ever been married. While the actress dated Ryan Gosling and Michael Sheen, the screenwriter dated Zooey Deschanel from June 2012 to August 2014. If Rachel and Jamie are married, then they did so secretly. As far as the public knows, they are unmarried partners.

Perhaps they have resolved that the most important thing for them is to be happy together and not to be labeled as a married couple.

Meet Rachel McAdams’ Long-term Partner – Jamie Linden

Rachel McAdams’ partner, Jamie Linden, is 43 years old as he was born on the 3rd of September 1980. As you would easily find, his spouse, Rachel McAdams was born on the 17th of November 1978. This means that Jamie is nearly two years younger than his famous spouse.

Unlike McAdams, who is known to be the oldest of three children born to a nurse and a truck driver, respectively named Sandra Gale and Lance McAdams, a lot of background information is yet to be learned about Jamie. We can only confirm that he was born and bred in Winter Park, Florida. There, he attended Lake Howell High School, after which he proceeded to Florida State University’s College of Communication, where he studied marketing and media production.

Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden’s Relationship Has Been Since 2016

To a large extent, Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden have kept their relationship away from the prying eyes of the public. Because of this, how they met, and the circumstances surrounding the beginning of their relationship are yet to be disclosed. Nonetheless, it might not be wrong to conclude it’s their careers that brought them together, given that they both work in the entertainment industry.

It was in the Spring of 2016 that people started speculating that the two were lovers; this was after they were seen together in Los Angeles, Paris, and then at a friend’s wedding in Virginia. It kind of became obvious that they were romantic partners even though they never discussed this with the media and avoided appearing together at industry events.

If anyone doubted that the two were together, the doubts were cleared when they welcomed a son on the 10th of April 2018. As of August 2020, it was reported that they were expecting a second child, and they welcomed the child, a daughter, in late 2020. The couple is notoriously private and has yet to share the names of their kids with members of the public.

Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden’s Relationship Timeline

Year  Event
April 2016 Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden start dating and keep their relationship a secret.
May 2016 The couple attend the Cannes Fim Festival in Paris together.
June 2016 McAdams and Linden attend a wedding in Virginia and pose for photos with the couple, who are friends of Linden.
April 2018 Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden welcome their first child together, a son. The actress reveals that she is having fun being a mom and plans to keep her son’s life private even if hers isn’t.
2020 The couple welcome a second child together, a daughter. As is the norm, McAdams and Linden refuse to disclose the name of their daughter to the public.
May 2022 Rachel McAdams reveals that she is looking forward to having her daughter watch her movie – Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden
Rachel McAdams and her partner Jamie Linden with their son

What Does Jamie Linden Do?

It would be ridiculous to deny that being Rachel McAdams’ spouse has contributed to Jamie Linden’s popularity as much as it is unfounded to suggest she is the only reason he is popular. Jamie has been working in the movie industry since 2006 in various capacities, but mostly as a screenwriter.

His career journey began in 2001 when he graduated from college. As the story goes, Linden and three friends went for The Price Is Right game show, where he won $5,000, which he took as a sign to stay back in Hollywood, California, and pursue a career in entertainment.

As a screenwriter, his most notable works are We Are Marshall, Dear John, 10 Years, and Money Monster. He co-produced Dear John, We Are Marshall and directed 10 Years, a 2011 comedy-drama romance starring Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, and Chris Pratt.

Jamie Linden’s Movies 

Title Year of Release  Credit
We are Marshall 2006 Writer and Co-Producer
Dear John 2010 Writer and Co-Producer
10 Years 2011 Writer and Director
Money Monster 2016 Writer

Jamie Linden’s Net Worth Compared to Rachel McAdams’

Through his exploits in the movie industry as a writer, producer, and director, Jamie Linden has accumulated quite an enviable wealth. While what he made from each of his aforementioned works is best known to him, it has been guesstimated in various quarters that he is a multi-millionaire. According to these reports, he has a net worth of $3 million.

The amount is a significant sum but it dwarfs when compared to his spouse’s $25 million. How Rachel McAdams made her money isn’t far-fetched. She has portrayed several characters in popular movies. Reports have it that she made $5 million from her role in Sherlock Holmes, $4 million from The Time Traveler’s Wife, $2 million from Morning Glory, and $1 million from Red Eye.


Who is Rachel McAdams’ Husband?

Rachel McAdams does not have a husband, as she has never been married. However, Rachel McAdams has a long-time partner, Jamie Linden, who is a screenwriter. Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden have been together since April 2016 and have two children together.

Jamie Linden’s Net Worth

Jamie Linden’s net worth is $3 million in 2024 compared to that of his partner Rachel McAdams, which is $25 million.

Who are Jamie Linden’s Children?

Jamie Linden’s children are a son (born 2018) and a daughter (born 2022) that he had with his partner Rachel McAdams.

Did Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Date?

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams began dating in 2005 following their appearance as onscreen lovers in 2004’s The Notebook. They broke up in 2007 and briefly reunited in 2008 before breaking up for good. The demanding nature of their respective careers played a part in their split.

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