Is Robert James-Collier Married? Meet His Girlfriend Lauren Chandiram

Rob James-Collier is not married but has a girlfriend who goes by the name; Lauren Chandiram, with whom he has a son called Milo James-Collier

Chandiram has been a part of James-Collier’s life since the late 2000s when he started making a name for himself and winning awards for his role on Coronation Street. The two have been together for so long that many have described them as man and wife. But even though the couple have been together for more than a decade and have a child together, they have not signed the dotted lines on any marriage certificate.

Robert James-Collier is a well-known English actor and model. The Salford in Greater Manchester native is popular for his depiction of Liam Connor in ITV’s Coronation Street and Thomas Barrow in the PBS British historical period drama series, Downton Abbey. James-Collier has played a number of other important roles that have helped to bring not just him but every other person in his life to the limelight. The very first person that this limelight has affected is his partner Lauren Chandiram.

Profile Summary of Lauren Chandiram

  • Name: Lauren Chandiram
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Age: N/A
  • Nationality: British
  • Occupation: Unknown
  • Partner: Robert James Collier
  • Children: 1 (Milo James-Collier)
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Lauren Chandiram Is British

Information about Lauren Chandiram is few and far between, unlike her famous actor partner. A quick search on the internet would reveal that he was born Robert Collier on September 23rd, 1976, in the city of Salford, Greater Manchester. The actor would, however, later change his name to Robert James-Collier to comply with the rules of the British Actors’ Equity Association which does not allow two members to use the same name. Apparently, there was already a member going by the name ‘Robert Collier’ by the time he enrolled. To further distinguish himself for branding purposes, Lauren’s partner would later be known as just ‘Rob’ rather than ‘Robert’.

Such information about Chandiram is not available to the public. It is only reported that she is British. It is further not known where she attended school and what level of education she achieved. Her partner, on the other hand, attended St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic High School, Eccles, Greater Manchester before earning two degrees – one from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the other from the University of Huddersfield.

Chandiram and James-Collier Went Public With Their Relationship In The Late 2000s

Lauren Chandiram and Robert James-Collier announced themselves to the world as a couple in 2007 when they appeared on the red carpet together. This happened while they were attending the premiere of one of Rob’s projects. We have no inkling as to who else either couple had ever dated. Some of Chandiram’s husband’s fans insist that he cannot be this charming without having a bevy of women around him. But since the actor, and his longtime partner, have opted to not reveal more than necessary to the public about them when it comes to their love life, we might never know all the people they may have been with.

In like fashion, details of when exactly the duo began dating and how they met are not public knowledge. We only know that the pair have been inseparable ever since we got to know of them. Rob has described Lauren as being a great support to him. While it is not clear what she does for a living, she has clearly given her partner all the support he needs to flourish in his career as his acting has garnered him a few awards.

Rob James-Collier wife and son
Rob James-Collier and his partner Lauren Chandiram: Image source

Robert James-Collier  and His Girlfriend are Parents To a Son

A few years after Lauren Chandiram and Robert James-Collier appeared on the red carpet together, the pair started a family with the birth of a son. Their tot, named Milo James-Collier, was born in 2010, making him 13 years old.

You would think that the couple might have added another member to the family since that time but that has not been the case. Welcoming a child also did not spur them to make things official by exchanging marital vows. However, we can not rule out the possibility of them having done so in private seeing that they take pride in keeping personal matters private. The pair are so private that they do not have verified social media handles.

Rob James-Collier At A Glance

Rob James-Collier Facts

The Movie Roles That Shaped James-Collier’s Acting Career

Robert probably thought of acting as a side hustle because he still took his regular job very seriously when he delved into the profession. However, this all changed in the year 2005 when with no considerable experience, he auditioned for the BBC One TV series, Down to Earth, and was given the role of a womanizing pub landlord. He was said to have impressed actors Denise Welch and Ricky Tomlinson during his audition and was given the role. In 2006, he appeared in an episode of the third season of Shameless, playing the role of Stud. That same year, he also appeared in New Street Law.

Counting on these works, Rob James-Collier began appearing on the British Soap Opera Coronation Street as Liam Connor and remained on the soap until early 2008 when he announced in an interview that he was leaving the show but planned to come back in the future. Unfortunately, a few months later the character he played, Liam Connor, was killed and three residents were being investigated for the crime. That ended his role in the series.

After leaving Coronation Street, Lauren Chandiram’s partner landed a lead role as Thomas Barrow in the drama TV series Downton Abbey which aired from 2010 to 2015. He also starred in the West End stage version of Calendar Girls, directed by Nigel Cole. In 2016, he appeared in the British crime drama, The Level as Kevin O’Dowd, followed by his role in the British horror film, The Ritual, as Hutch. In addition to this, the thespian has also starred in several other films and TV shows.

Rob’s Exploits As A Model

Asides from acting, Rob is also into modeling as already mentioned. The good-looking Briton has modeled for the British catalog retailer Argos and appeared in their Autumn/Winter 2007 and Spring/Summer 2008 catalogs. He is a two-time winner of the British Soap Awards for Sexiest Male, and in addition to this, Robert James-Collier has also won the “Best Exit” at the 2009 British Soap Awards and the Sexiest Male and Best Newcomer at the 2007 Inside Soap Awards.


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