Who is Hedon Texist and Is He Really a Billionaire NBA Player?

Hedon Texist is supposedly a billionaire basketball player for the NBA who became very popular despite never appearing in public. His profile is not found on any websites related to Basketball, and there’s no single piece of information we can find about him on the internet.

For all intents and purposes, Hedon Texist is rumored to be a billionaire NBA player and since this rumor came alive, the internet has become saturated with stories about an NBA player who is powerful and skillful and has made so much money from the sports to be called a billionaire. There’s just one problem with that analogy, and it is the fact that Hedon Texist is a myth created by a troll on the internet.

No one has seen his face, nor has anyone seen him play the sports from which he supposedly made his billions, and to top it all off, in-depth and thorough research has revealed that he is not on the roster for any NBA team. The emergence of the name Hedon Texist has invariably caused a stir and even the fact that he does not exist has not stopped the public and the media from wondering about the myth that is Hedon Texist. Here’s all we know about the mythical Hedon Texist.

Hedon Texist is Most Likely an Alias

The debate on whether Hedon Texist is a real person has raged on for as long as the name itself has been known. The general assumption is that he is male and that he is a United States of America citizen. However, that is all there is to know about the supposed NBA star. There is no information about his exact date of birth or family members including parents and/or siblings.

There are also no verifiable details about his formal education background or his ethnic identity. Even if a little credibility is to be accorded to the story of his actual existence, one might come to the conclusion that Hedon Texist might actually be an alias for some other NBA player. The mystery of this supposed NBA player’s existence is made even more so by the fact that his face or physical features have never once been revealed to the public.

He supposedly keeps a low profile but that story seems far-fetched when you consider the source of his billions. Simply put, high-profile NBA players, whose net worths are not even close to a billion dollars, do not keep low profiles. In fact, the idea that they might be able to pull it off is as preposterous as going out on a rainy day without an umbrella and expecting not to get drenched by the rain.

Becoming a Billionaire as an NBA Player is Very Possible

Hedon Taxis

One of the questions that have trailed the myth that is Hedon Texist is how did he make his billions in the NBA? The overriding consensus has been that Hedon didn’t make his supposed billions just by being an NBA player alone. There is also talk that while making billions in the NBA is very achievable, the journey and the process it would require to achieve such a feat is a long and arduous one.

To put things in clearer perspective, former NBA players like Dwyane Wade ($170 million), Hakeem Olajuwon ($200 million), Grant Hill ($250 million), and Vinnie Johnson ($400 million), are considered to be among the richest non-active NBA players at the moment. These players were in the league for over a decade and a closer look at them will reveal that the closest one to a billion is Vinnie Johnson who is about $600 million short of the $1 billion mark.

It is also important to recognize that while their primary source of income might come from their careers as basketball players, most of these players have made hundreds of millions through other means including endorsements, merchandising, and owning several businesses among many others.

NBA Players Make Their Money Through Other Means Aside From Basketball

Now the question of having billionaires in the NBA is a tall order but as previously mentioned has been achieved. At the moment, only one active NBA star can lay claim to the title of being a billionaire and that player is LeBron James according to a Forbes list released in June 2022.

The LA Lakers star is second only to PSG and Argentina International footballer, Lionel Messi in the list of highest-paid athletes. This outstanding achievement also made LeBron James the second-ever NBA player, past or present, after retired NBA legend Michael Jordan, to become a billionaire.

To break it down, LeBron James earned over $121 million last year alone, but not all of that money was made on the basketball court. In general, LeBron James has made around $400 million from his career as a basketball star while turning out for illustrious NBA teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and presently with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is interesting to note that the majority of LeBron’s over $1 billion net worth did not come from playing basketball alone. Various sources have revealed that he garnered an additional over $900 million from several other businesses such as owning a video production company, and from several lucrative endorsement deals like a lifetime Nike sponsorship and also as a representative of Blaze Pizza Franchises.

LeBron James’ journey to being a billionaire is one that includes a variety of life lessons ranging from perseverance, developing one’s natural talent, handling and managing financial resources effectively, and generally overcoming adversity. Born and raised in Ohio by a single mother who struggled to get by, LeBron James learned how to manage money from a young age by listening to his uncles who always taught him the act of saving.

Armed with the life lessons he had learned from his mother and uncles, LeBron James would go on to develop his natural talent for basketball as he was scouted and recruited by St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in 1999. His impressive numbers, over 4 years, of over 2,500 points convinced the Cleveland Cavaliers to make him their number 1 overall in the 2003 NBA draft.

The NBA star has not looked back from his impressive debut in the NBA which included 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 9 assists. He has gone on to win 4 championships, 3 Olympic medals, and 4 NBA MVP awards over an illustrious career. LeBron James is driven and that drive has led to success on and off the court. He knows how to run a business and his career on the court looks set to go on for a little while longer as he is eligible for a two-year-$97 million contract extension from the Lakers.

Attaining the enviable heights of having over a billion dollars is not enough for James. He plans to stay at that height and made his intentions clear by stating that he has plans of owning an NBA franchise sooner rather than later. He is also part-owner of the Boston Red Sox.

While the existence of Hedon Texist remains a source of argument and a mystery, it is not entirely inconceivable that an NBA star can be a billionaire. However, it is important to realize that that level of financial wealth is nearly impossible through the court alone and this has been made abundantly clear by players like LeBron James.

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