Meet Susanna Lingman, Jim Courier’s Wife

Susanna Lingman is the wife of Jim Courier, the former world No. 1 tennis player. Born on November 3, 1983, and currently 40 years old, she is an American tennis player just like her husband whom she married in 2010. Their union has produced one child, a son named Kellan Courier.

The marriage between Jim Courier and Susanna Lingman is one that is described by many as perfect. So far, the couple, who has been married for close to 14 years, have maintained a happy union. Here’s everything you need to know about Jim Courier’s wife, Susanna Lingman.

Summary of Susanna Lingman’s Biography

  • Full name: Susanna Lingman
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: November 3, 1983
  • Susanna Lingman’s Age: 40 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Susanna Lingman’s Husband: Jim Courier
  • Susanna Lingman’s Child: Kellan Courier
  • Kellan Courier’s Parents: Eric Lingman and Belle Lingman
  • Sibling: David Lingman
  • Famous for: being the wife of the former professional tennis player, Jim Courier

Susanna Lingman Was Born in 1983

Jim Courier’s wife, Susanna Lingman, was born on November 3, 1983, and is currently 40 years old. Her place of birth hasn’t been revealed but it is known that she was born somewhere in the United States. Furthermore, a source once disclosed that she was raised in California, USA, leading us to assume that she was born in the same city where she was raised.

Susanna was raised by her parents, Eric Lingman and Belle Lingman, alongside her brother, David Lingman, is a professional tennis player. Unlike most athletes who are motivated by their parent’s careers, her parents were not into athletics.

However, reports have it that at some point, they had to embrace tennis, a move that was probably motivated by their daughter’s success in the sport. Meanwhile, Susanna’s parents are currently divorced but the reason for their split is unknown.

Her family aside, Susanna Lingman has very strong academic background. She had her high school education at Woodbridge High School which is in Irvine, California. After her graduation, she attended Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States but the course she studied at the institution remains unknown.

Jim Courier And His Wife Keep Their Relationship Private 

Susanna Lingman

Susanna Lingman and her husband, Jim Courier, are enjoying their marriage of over 14 years. Meanwhile, they have not disclosed how they started their relationship and nothing is known about how they met each other. Similarly, neither when they started dating nor how long they dated each other have been disclosed.

According to some sources, they got married in 2010. However, many reports have countered the information, claiming that they only got engaged in 2010. Some other reports have also claimed they never got engaged, explaining that they were expected to announce their engagement but instead of doing that, they jumped straight to getting married.

The couple reportedly exchanged their vows in a secret wedding that was witnessed by a few friends and family members. Meanwhile, neither Jim nor Susanna have publicly made any statements regarding the speculations surrounding their marriage. We hope that either the former world No. 1 tennis player or his wife will publicly address their marriage soon.

Even though they keep their relationship private, numerous sources have cited them as an ideal couple. Despite the fact that Jim doesn’t play on the ATP tour, he enjoys playing tennis with Susanna Lingman, the love of his life. The couple spends a lot of time together, going out on dinner dates and traveling to competitions.

The Couple Have Welcomed A Child Together

Jim Courier and his wife have so far welcomed a son into their marriage. The couple named their son Kellan Courier. His exact date of birth is currently not known, but according to available information, he should be between 8 and 9 years old.

His birth date was estimated based on a statement made by Jim Courier in 2015 on the arrival of his son. Therefore, we assume that if he wasn’t born in 2015, his birth date will definitely fall in 2016.

Susanna and Jim are raising their son away from the spotlight, as they have not uploaded any of his pictures. Although he is still too young to decide on a career path, we believe that he will definitely take after his parents and make a name for himself in tennis.

Susanna Lingman Is An Exceptional WTA Tennis Player

Susanna Lingman

During her elementary, high school, and university educational levels, Susanna Lingman won numerous awards and recognition for playing tennis. She triumphed in various junior competitions held across the country, and even led her high school’s squad as captain.

She also earned three high school team MVP awards and attained a national junior rating of 35. Susanna played tennis on the ITF and collegiate circuits. She had also received the Ivy League Rookie of the Year title.

Jim Courier’s Career Was Paused When She Had A Tumor Surgery

Susanna was having a great career when she was at Harvard University where she was the captain of her university tennis team. Her career was put on hold when she was diagnosed with a benign tumor. Her health condition was confirmed during a routine medical check.

Susanna was advised to have the benign tumor removed to avoid further health complications. She was taken through a surgical procedure, which led to her being confined to a bed for two weeks. In some of her interviews, she confirmed that it was difficult for her to recover. She also confirmed that the recovery process took away her summer tournaments as it was very difficult for her to regain her stamina.

What is Jim Courier’s Wife Currently Doing?

Susanna Lingman is currently more like a housewife, as she completely avoids the spotlight. Most especially now that her husband has retired from his professional tennis career, she is paying more attention to her family. Meanwhile, some reports have it that she is currently into brand marketing.

After her recovery from the tumor, nothing was heard of Susanna Lingman, even her career at Harvard University came to a stop. She never decided to go professional with her career like her older brother, David Lingman.

Susanna Lingman, in order to totally avoid the spotlight, has chosen not to have any social media accounts. Therefore, nothing is currently known about her, but her husband, Jim Courier, still maintains his social media accounts.


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