Does Andrew Benintendi Have a Wife or Girlfriend? Facts About His Love and Family Life

One thing Andrew Benintendi cannot be categorized as is an ordinary baller. The American professional baseball outfielder plays for the Boston Red Sox of the Major League Baseball (MLB) where he started his professional career following an impressive college career for the Arkansas Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas. He joined the big league after his selection in the first round of the 2015 MLB draft. So far in the game, Andrew Benintendi has been more than impressive and expectedly, the coming years in the league will see him excel even higher.

In college, Benintendi was named the SEC Player of the Year among other milestones, including bagging the title of the National Player of the Year award from Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball, as well as the Dick Howser Trophy and USA Baseball’s Golden Spikes Award. Thus, it didn’t come as a surprise when he made the list of the top prospects for the 2015 Major League Baseball draft. All these milestones brought the spotlight upon him and as such, his family and personal life details have courted the attention of the public leading to questions like “Is he married or dating anyone?”.

Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Benintendi is not married but he is not looking for a wife at the moment
  • Andrew Benintendi is originally from Italy
  • His parents were athletes during their school days
  • Andrew Benintendi is officially “taken”
  • His family resides in Ohio

These 5 Facts Will Tell You More About Andrew Benintendi’s Love Life and Family

1. Andrew Benintendi is not married but he’s off the market

Andrew Benintendi

He may be a great baseball player who enjoys the perks that come with the spotlight but this Red Sox outfielder does not like his love life to be in the gossip mill. Thus, gleaning information about his love life is a challenge. But while he wouldn’t discuss who his girlfriend is, he doesn’t mind talking about his family and the way they helped his career growth. One thing is clear though, he is not married but he seems to be in a serious relationship.

The most revealing information the baseball player has shared with the public about his love life is a series of pictures he posted on Instagram to wish his girlfriend a happy 23rd birthday. The first post was shared in March 2018 with the caption “Happy 23rd Babe!! #JordanYear #taken ??” and no further details have been given. He didn’t also deem it important to share her name with curious fans but this has not stopped the information excavators.

2. He may have been college sweethearts with his girlfriend

While Andrew didn’t spill the beans on the identity of the girl who won his heart, social media detectives dug her up and gave her a name – Becca Schamel, a St. Louis native. Interestingly, Schamel graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2017, two years after Andrew left the same school to join the big league. This suggests they were college sweethearts or something close.

Many hearts remain broken as the hunky baseball star seems to be committed in his relationship and has no time for gossip or any other woman.

3. The scoop on Andrew Benintendi’s girlfriend Becca Schamel

Her full name is Rebecca Ann Schamel and she was born in St. Missouri on March 22, 1995. Her parents are Gail (father) and Kurt Schamel (mother). Becca grew up with two older sisters and a brother identified as Elizabeth, Abigail, and Carter. She played soccer at some point but didn’t pursue a career in sports.

Before furthering her studies in college, Schamel graduated from Nerinx Hall High School in 2013. She then studied Kinesiology Pre-Professional Major with a Spanish and Biology minor at the University of Arkansas, graduating in 2017. She is currently pursuing a Medicine degree at the University of Missouri Columbia, School of Medicine. Facts about Andrew Benintendi’s girlfriend are still unfolding, even as the baseball star keeps a tight lid on them.

4. His father played baseball and helped him practice as a child

Andrew Sebastian Benintendi was born in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, on July 6, 1994. As the oldest of the three children of his parents, he grew up with two sisters – Olivia and Lily and they were raised by their parents identified as Chris, an attorney, and Jill, a homemaker. Notably, Andrew was raised as a Cincinnati Reds fan by parents who were high school and varsity athletes, exposing him to the world of sports from childhood.

Growing up in a home where sports is revered, his athletic aptitude was evident from an early stage. He danced, dabbled in soccer and golf, as well as thrived in basketball and baseball. Though they didn’t really go pro, his father was a baseball player in his heydays while his mother was also athletic. As a result of his background, Benintendi got baseball lessons from his father and this helped him a lot. He doesn’t hesitate to share those memories with the public.

 “We’d always go out back when I was a kid and throw tennis balls,” said Andrew Benintendi to MLB. “He’ll tell you that he was throwing them pretty hard. He would call himself, ‘The Big Texan.’ I don’t know why, but it kind of stuck and he’s been kind of my hitting coach, I guess, growing up. I never really had an instructor or anything.” 

As a student of Madeira High School located in Madeira, Ohio, Benintendi posted records that remained unbeatable. In high school, he played both baseball and basketball and performed remarkably, landing the 2011-12 Cincinnati Enquirer Division III co-Player of the Year in his junior year. His father’s support obviously paid off.

5. His family is from Ohio but his paternal grandparents were immigrants from Italy

Benintendi’s paternal grandparents Robert, an OB-GYN, and Sally were originally from Sicily, Italy, from where they immigrated to the United States. Thus, his roots are traceable to Italy. Benintendi’s family now comprising of his parents Jill and Chris and a younger sister named Lilly, currently reside in Ohio. The family is pretty close-knit, as revealed by Benintendi, his folks check up on him always. He also gets texts from his uncles and his parents after every game, encouraging him and these gestures keep him going.

According to his mother, Andrew is very close to his father, the bond is so strong they don’t go a day without communicating.  “Andrew and I are very close, but those two…What Chris and Andrew have is really, really special.” 

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