Sadik Hadzovic Bio: Wife, Height and Age of The American IFBB Professional

Sadik Hadzovic is a 37-year-old American fitness model and bodybuilder famously known for his exploits in the IFBB Professional Classic Physique Competition. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and has been married to Chelsey Pethick since 2019.

Sadik and Chelsey share two children, twin daughters, who usually appear on Sadik’s Instagram. Although nothing much is known about his wife and family, fans are keen on learning how he could achieve such an incredible feat at such a young age.

Summary of Sadik Hadzovic Bio

  • Full name: Sadik Hadzovic
  • Nickname: The Physique
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: June 8, 1987
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Age: 37 years old
  • Ethnicity: Bosnian
  • Nationality: Bosnian, American
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Wife: Chelsey Pethick
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Children: 2 (Twin Daughters)
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Height in Centimetres: 180 cm
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Weight: 83.9 – 88.5kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 46-30-18 inches (Chest-waist-biceps)
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Net worth: $1 million-$5 million (est.)
  • Famous as: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model
  • Sadik Hadzovic’s Instagram: @sadikhadzovic
  • Twitter: @SadikHadzovic
  • Facebook: @Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic is 37 years old and was born in Bosnia And Herzegovina

The American bodybuilder was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina on June 8, 1987. His parents were Bosnia natives. However, nothing much is known about them. The much information about them available in the public space is that his family moved to the United States as refugees when he was eight years old.

Upon arrival in the US, his family settled in New York, where his parents did various odd jobs to make ends meet. It is unknown if he is an only child or has other siblings as he has never shared such information with the public. His parents instilled their strict and no-nonsense mentality on Sadik, which helped him become determined to succeed in life.

According to Sadik, from a young age, he developed an interest in becoming a bodybuilder after watching superhero movies. However, he was skinny, underweight, and thought it was impossible to gain weight. Subsequently, at the age of 15 in 2002, he decided to change the narratives as he started exercising, doing push-ups and bicep curls.

In his words:

“I always envisioned myself with a well-built, superhero-like body and after looking in the mirror one day, I said NOW IS THE TIME.”

For the next decade, Sadik continued to train massively to gain extra muscle. As time went by, he shifted his focus from becoming like his comic-books superhero to becoming a professional bodybuilder. However, this dream didn’t take too long to materialize as he soon started competing professionally in the NPC Eastern USA Championship.

He Started His Bodybuilding Career in 2011 At Age 24

Sadik Hadzovic took part in his first competition in 2011. He was among the contestants at the NPC Eastern USA Championship, and even though he didn’t win the competition, he finished in 3rd place. However, the experience he got in the competition motivated him to take his training up a notch to come back bigger and stronger in the future.

The following year, he joined the NPC Metropolitan Championships, where he emerged as the winner of the 2012 edition. Later in the same year, he also participated in other shows and won two more titles. More so, he finished second in the NPC Junior Championships Men’s Physique Division 2012 and moved on to the Junior National Championships, where he triumphed over Anton Antipov and others to win the championship.

Hadzovic Won His Pro Card and Became a Professional Bodybuilder At Age 25 in 2012

After getting his Pro Card in 2012, Hadzovic wasted no time making his mark in the pro competitions. He enlisted for the IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro Championship in 2012, where he finished second. Before then, he had already earned his nickname, The Physique, and his popularity and fan base continued to increase.

Between 2012 and 2015, Said participated in about eight more competitions. By the time he reached age 28, he had already graced the podium seven more times. Among his achievements include winning the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival and finishing second in the Mr. Olympia Competition.

Since 2015, he has continued to motivate young builders and athletes online and share his passion for fitness via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. According to him,

“My greatest weakness is not being able to take a day off. I love the gym too much. I am in the gym a minimum of 365 days a year. Not even injuries can keep me from exercising and weight training.”

Since the inception of his career, Sadik has appeared on the cover of some health and fitness magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, Fitness RX, and many others. Although he hasn’t been competing since 2015, Sadik recently announced plans to return to Pro Competitions in 2022.

He Has Won Several Bodybuilding Competitions

So far in his career, Sadik Hadzovic has won three IFBB Pro League Championships and has won the Mr. Olympia Competition two times consecutively. The X-framed bodybuilder sees posing on stage as a dream come through, and his achievements speak volumes for his efforts.

Below are some of the competitions he has participated in and his achievements.

  • 2011 – NPC Eastern USA Championships – 3rd
  • 2012 – NPC Metropolitan Championships – 1st
  • 2012 – NPC Metropolitan Championships – 1st
  • 2012 – IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro – 2nd
  • 2012 – NPC Junior National Championships – 1st
  • 2012 – NPC Junior USA Championships Men’s Physique Division – 2nd Class B
  • 2012 – IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro – 1st
  • 2012 – IFBB Orange County Muscle Classic – 2nd
  • 2013 – IFBB Olympia Weekend – 4th
  • 2013 – IFBB New York Pro – 1st
  • 2014 – IFBB Olympia Weekend – 2nd
  • 2014 – IFBB PBW Tampa Pro – 1st
  • 2015 – IFBB Olympia weekend – 2nd
  • 2015 – IFBB Arnold Sports Festival – 1st

Sadik Hadzovic’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

As earlier mentioned, Sadik Hadzovic is 5 feet 11 inches tall, and this is not so bad for a bodybuilder of his caliber. He shares the same height as the 1989 Mr. Olympia Champion Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman. Sadik is taller than other notable American bodybuilders such as Roelly Winklaar (5 feet 8 inches), Phil Heath (5 feet 9 inches), and Dorian Yates (5 feet 10 inches).

Similarly, he is shorter compared to famous builders like Tony Atlas (6 feet 2 inches), Arnold Schwarzenegger (6 feet 2 inches), and Lou Ferrigno (6 feet 5 inches). Sadik’s height is complemented by a body weight that ranges between 83.9 and 88.5kg. In bodybuilding, weight and physique are everything, and Sadik has the best physique for his frame.

The outstanding bodybuilder also has wonderful body measurements, including chest size of 46 inches, a waist size of 30 inches, and biceps that measures 18 inches. A look at his Instagram, you’d see more of his workout pictures and videos. He also works as a personal trainer and has helped many people to achieve their desired body.

Sadik Hadzovic’s Fitness Routine

While he has achieved a great deal of fame and outstanding physique, Sadik Hadzovic devotes much time to his exercises and works out all year round. His style of training involves heavyweights with a higher rep range. He also uses the HIIT for cardio technique, which involves 1-minute sprints followed by 1-minute intervals for 30 minutes each session. Below is a breakdown of his daily workout routine for a week.

  • Mondays: Back

    • Deadlifts (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Bent-Over Barbell Rows (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Lat Pull Downs (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Overhand Pull-Ups (1 set to failure)
    • Underhand Pull-Ups (3 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Seated Cable Rows (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
  • Tuesday: Chest

    • Incline Barbell Bench Press (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Incline Dumbbell Flys (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Bench Press (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Machine Flys (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Decline Machine Press (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Cable Flys (3 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Push-Ups (1 set to failure)
  • Wednesday: Cardio

    • Interval Sprints (1-minute rest, 1-minute sprint for five sets)
  • Thursday: Legs

    • Donkey Calf Raises (6 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Leg Press (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Lying Leg Curl (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Leg Extensions (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Squats (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Walking Lunges to failure
  • Friday: Arms

    • Seated Preacher Curls (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • French Curls (on decline) (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Standing Hammer Curls (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Tricep Pushdowns (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Heavy Barbell Curl (3 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions (3 sets, 11-13 reps)
  • Saturday: Abs

    • Alternating Leg Ups (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Cable Crunches (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Alternating Toe Touches (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Running Plank (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Torso Twist with Medicine Ball (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Arm & Leg Raises With Exercise Ball (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Hanging Leg Raises (1 set to failure)
  • Sunday: Shoulders

    • Barbell Shrugs (4 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Dumbbell Shoulder Press (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Dumbbell Front Raises (Seated) (3 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Dumbbell Arnold Presses (Standing) (3 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Dumbbell Side Raises (Seated) (5 sets, 11-13 reps)
    • Standing Barbell Standing Military Press (4 sets, 11-13 reps)

He Has an Interesting Diet Plan

Sadik has an attractive dietary plan, which helps in his bodybuilding. Initially, he encountered some challenges because he noticed his efforts in the gym weren’t paying off. At the time, he didn’t pay attention to his diet; thus, taking over 2000 calories daily. However, when he started using the right dietary plans, his efforts started paying off.

Currently, the famed bodybuilder follows a paleo diet and often stays away from dairy products. According to him, he eats between 2500 and 2750 calories every day at the ratio of 2:1 for proteins and carbohydrates. He eats six times a day, broken down into a meal every two hours.

Although he doesn’t have many foods on his paleo diet list, it includes all types of veggies, lean turkey breast, nuts, egg whites, tilapia fish, bison steaks, and tuna fish. His favorites are pizza and sushi, and he also takes supplements to enhance his training.

Sadik Hadzovic’s Typical Diet Plan

  • Meal one: 1/2 lb. of Turkey or Lean Chicken or 1/2 a cup of Oats, with 8-10 Egg Whites.
  • Meal two: 1 cup of White Rice and 1/2 lb. of Red Meat.
  • Meal three: a large Potato and 1/2 lb. of Fish.
  • Meal four: Protein Shake.
  • Meal five: 1/2 lb. of Fish, with Broccoli or Asparagus.
  • Meal six: 1/2 Turkey or Lean Chicken or 8-10 Egg Whites, with Egg Yolks or Almonds.

His Supplements

  • Multivitamins
  • Fish Oils
  • Whey Protein
  • L-Carnitine
  • Yohimbine
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine

Sadik Hadzovic is Happily Married to Chelsey Pethick

While Sadik Hadzovic is enjoying a blossoming fitness career, he is also successful in his personal life. The American bodybuilder is happily married to Chelsey Pethick. Chelsey is an American travel and fitness blogger. Beyond that, nothing much is known about her, including her educational and family background, among others.

While nothing much is known about Chelsey, how the adorable couple met and started dating is also not public knowledge. However, they are said to have been together for a long time. The only their photos made it to social media was in 2017. After that, the couple walked down the aisle on June 29, 2019, after many years of a successful relationship.

Their wedding was witnessed by their close friends and family members, and it took place at the stunning Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Hawaii. Since then, the couple has been there, supporting each other, and enjoying a blissful union to date.

They Have Three Adorable Children

Sadik Hadzovic and his wife, Chelsey Pethick, have since expanded their family by welcoming three adorable children into their family. They first welcomed a set of twin daughters not long after their wedding while their son, Sonny, came along in September 2021. Sadik and his wife prefer keeping information about their kids private; as such, the exact date when the twins and their son were born remains unknown.

However, he hasn’t failed to gosh over his wife and kids via his Instagram posts. He sometimes features his family in his posts. While his kids are still young, being born to fitness enthusiasts, it won’t be surprising to see his son, Sonny, trail the same career path as his father in the future.

Other Interesting Facts About Sadik Hadvozic

1. Who is Sadik Hadzovic?

Sadik Hadzovic is a talented American fitness model and bodybuilder famously known for his exploits in the IFBB Professional Classic Physique Competition.

2. How Old is Sadik Hadzovic?

Sadik Hadzovic is a 37 year old.

3. Who is Sadik Hadzovic’s Wife?

Sadik Hadzovic is happily married to Chelsey Pethick.

4. How Tall is Sadik Hadzovic?

Sadik Hadzovic stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches.

5. What is Sadik Hadzovic’s Net Worth?

Sadik’s net worth is estimated between $1 million and $5 million.

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