Who is Charleston White’s Wife or Is He Still Unmarried

Charleston White’s wife is a mystery black woman whose identity has been kept off the public record. The YouTuber has been reportedly married to his wife for over twelve years and they have two children together.

Charleston White is known for his controversial and entertaining content on YouTube. He gained popularity for his comments on trending topics, music, and many other contents. Despite his fame, he has chosen not to reveal details about his wife to the public.

Who Is Charleston White’s Wife?

Charleston White is married, but the name of his wife has remained a mystery. The Youtuber has chosen to keep the name of his wife out of the knowledge of the media. They have allegedly been married for over twelve years and going strong. Going by the above, details of how they met and when they got married are not common knowledge.

Charleston White's Wife

Meanwhile, various reports have it that she is a black woman. Other details about her educational background, career, and many others have remained top secrets, concealed by both of them.

Every known detail about Charleston White is based on his controversial YouTube videos with which he has succeeded in making lots of enemies. In October 2022, the Youtuber started a beef with King Harris, T.I’s 19 year-old son. In the video, he threw subtle shade at King Harris and T.I., which didn’t sit well with him. To stand up for his son, T.I. challenged the YouTuber to a UFC fight.

Asides from this, there are lots of other artists and people that he has issues with that have given him deadly threats. This has led the public to claim that he decided to keep his family, especially his wife, away from the media because of the series of death threats and issues that he has had with people. However, Charleston White has never made the reasons why he kept his wife away from the media known.

Did The YouTuber Get Divorced?

In May 2022, Charleston White revealed in one of his Youtube videos that he was going through a divorce. The YouTuber as a controversial content creator has managed to get on the nerves of many people. Rumor is that his wife got tired of his issues and decided to call it quits. There have been many comments on his YouTube video where he revealed that his wife was filing for divorce.

Some claimed that she is filing for divorce from her husband because of his feud with some gangsters and the constant threats that he gets. Others blamed him for going to other women after he became rich, despite the fact that his wife stood by him through thick and thin in the past. However, many believe that he is just making up the news of his divorce so that his haters will not transfer their aggression to his wife if they can’t get him.

On his part, Charleston White blamed the internet for ruining his home. He stated that his wife couldn’t cope with his fame, especially after her colleagues found out that he was her husband. The YouTuber also disclosed that he could not please his wife because he spent his time in an adult establishment. The last straw that shattered the camel’s back was when the rumors about him having a wife in Atlanta began to spread.

With the whole saga, Charleston White’s wife became fed up and filed for a divorce from him. The Youtuber says he has not had it easy since she left and hopes to win back her love with time. This proves that he is not taking another wife but till they get their love back on track, our fingers remain crossed.


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