Meet Sasha Czack, Sylvester Stallone’s Ex-wife

Sasha Czack is the ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone, the famous American actor and filmmaker. She is an American photographer, writer, actress, and film director. She was born on July 17, 1950, and is 73 years old as of 2024. 

The celebrity photographer’s marriage to Sylvester Stallion, which lasted for 11 years, produced two children, Seargeoh Stallone( now deceased) and Sage Stallone. She later married Richard Ash, whom she also divorced after two years of marriage. Aside from Sasha’s affiliation with Sylvester Stallion, there are many fascinating facts about her that might pique your interest, and you will get to know them here.

Summary of Sasha Czack’s Biography

  • Birth name: Alexandra Jane Czack
  • Stage name: Sasha Czack
  • Nickname: Stitch
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: July 17, 1950
  • Sasha Czack’s Age: 73 years old
  • Place of birth: Chester, Pennsylvania, United States of America 
  • Education: St John’s Senior High School, University of Notre Dame Du Lac
  • Profession: Photographer, film director, writer and actress
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Sasha Czack’s Ex-Husband(s): Sylvester Stallone and Richard Ash
  • Sasha Czack’s Children: Sage Stallone(deceased) and Seargeoh Stallone
  • Sasha Czack’s Height in Inches: 60 inches
  • Sasha Czack’s Height in Centimeters: 152cm
  • Sasha Czack’s Weight: 50 kg
  • Sasha Czack’s Net worth: Over $12 million
  • Famous for: Being Sylvester Sallone’ex-wife

How Old is Sasha Czack?

Sasha Czack is 73 years old as of 2024. She was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, United States of America, on July 17, 1950, to American parents whose identities are unknown.

Detailed accounts of Sasha’s life while growing up remain a mystery because she does not reveal much to the public and is not even active on social media. 

However, it is a known fact that she was passionate about acting as a young girl. She studied at St John’s Senior High School and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Media studies at the University of Notre Dame Du Lac.

Sasha Czack and Sylvester Stallone Met While on a Film Set

Meet Sasha Czack, Sylvester Stallone's Ex-wife
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Sasha’s love story with Sylvester Stallone allegedly kicked off with them meeting on set in the early 1970s. At that time, Sylvester was not as famous as he is now, and Sasha was still coming up in her acting and photography career.

They were both in the movie industry and shared similar passions, so it was easy for them to strike a connection that budded into a romantic relationship based on love and support.

Sasha Czack Became Sylvester Stallone’s Wife in 1974

After dating for some time, Sasha Czack and Sylvester Stallone got married in 1974 and relocated to Canada, where they welcomed their first son, Sage Moonblood Stallone, on May 5, 1976, and their second son, Seargeoh Stallone in 45. 

However, Their union faced many marital crises that shook their home. The ups and downs were so much that they had to separate in 1978 but later came back together to make things work.

Their marriage lasted for a while but hit the rocks after 11 years of exchanging marital vows. Sylvester was so overwhelmed with his career that he could barely afford time for their home, and Sasha had to pause work to look after their family and care, especially for Seargeoh, who was diagnosed with autism. This affected their family so much that they had to call it quits in 1985. Their divorce was made official on February 14, 1985.

Sylvester Paid Shasha $12 million as a divorce settlement. News of the duo’s marriage dissolution broke the internet then because it culminated in a massive payout for Shasha and was one of Hollywood’s most expensive divorces of all time.

Sasha Czack had Two Children with Sylvester Stallone

Sage Moonblood Stallone and Seargeoh Stallone are the only children Sasha ever had. Sage (also known as Stoney to his loved ones), who was born on May 5, 1976, died of heart failure at his home in Studio City, Los Angeles, in July 2012. On the other hand, Seargoh was born in 1979 after his parents came back together following their short estrangement. He was diagnosed with autism at age three but has gotten better with therapy.

Before Sage died, he graduated from the School of the Arts in Filmmaking at the University of North Carolina and was briefly married to Starlin Wright (2007-2008). He had quite a successful career, and just like his parents, he was a film director and appeared in many movies like Rocky V 1990 and Vic (2006). His mother filed for custody of his estate after his demise.

Seargoh’s autism did not stop him from venturing into acting. He appeared in the film Rocky II (1979) as the newborn son of the character Rocky Balboa, played by Robert Balboa, Jr. This was the same character Sage played in Rocky V(1990).

Sasha Remarried Richard Ash After her Failed Marriage to Sylvester Stallone

Sasha found love again and got married to Richard Ash in 1997. The pair dated after they met in 1996 on the set of Long Lost Love, a movie Shasha wrote and produced. Richard was a sound effects and music technician at that time. 

However, they divorced after two years and have not shed any light on why they went their separate ways.

Meet Sasha Czack, Sylvester Stallone's Ex-wife
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Sasha Czack’s Professional Pursuits

In her prime, Sasha Czack made much money as a renowned photographer, actress, writer, and filmmaker who also directed movies. She was the lead still photographer in Rocky (1976) and also worked in Sage’s Vic as a photographer.

As an actress, she debuted in Roy Winsor’s Love of Life( 1951-1989), where she played the role of Jane. She was also featured in Rocky III (1982) and played Lily in Vic(2006), which was directed and produced by her son Sage Stallone. Sasha also appeared in Rob Goldberg and Dan Goldman’s Rocky Series documentary of 2011.

Sasha wrote the story of Rocky(1976) with Sylvester Stallone, and the movie’s success was a huge milestone in her career. She also wrote and directed her film Long Lost Love in 1996. Richard Ash worked as a recording mixer on the set of her movie.

What is Sasha Czack Doing Now?

Due to Sasha’s private life, it is difficult to say what she does now, but she seems to have retired and is now focused on supporting autism-related organizations. She put a hold on her career after Seargeohs’s autism diagnosis and only returned to the industry to support Sage’s project in 2006. Since then, nothing has been disclosed about her pursuits.

FAQs About Sasha Czack

Who is Sasha Czack?

Shasa Czack is the ex-wife of famous Hollywood actor and filmmaker Sylvester Stallone. She is an American photographer, actress, writer and filmmaker.

Sasha Czack’s net worth?

Due to Sasha Czack’s private life, her exact net worth is not known, but fans presume it is more than $12 million since she received $12 million from Sylvester Stallone as a divorce settlement in 1985.

Is Sasha Czack in a Relationship or married?

Currently, she is officially single and not in a relationship.

Does Sasha Czach have any children?

Shasha’s marriage to Sylvester Stallone produced two sons: Seargeoh Stallone(deceased) and Sage Stallone.

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