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When it comes to the dating scene of accomplished pop and rock performing artists, you can always trust Adam Levine to come up with something new. This is not to mean that the Maroon 5 major artist is known for dating many women. On contrast, he has some sort of quieter dating life and has only been with a few. In fact, this is expected to remain small following the announcement that Adam was expecting a baby, but with who? Since that announcement in March 2016, many people have been interested in the performer’s business with questions floating everywhere. Is Adam Levine married? Who is Adam Levine’s wife, girlfriend or Fiancé? Here is a brief history of Adam’s dating life and current developments:

Does Adam Levine have something for Victoria’s Secret Models?

adam levine and Anne Vyalitsyna
Adam and Anne Vyalitsyna

Back in the early 2010, Adam was performing in an event in Las Vegas. It was the Sports-Illustrated-swimsuit-Issue. It was there he met Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, a Russian S-P swimsuit. They immediately struck a relationship that lasted 2 years, it ended in April 2012.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo
Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

However, Levine did not take over a month to meet his next date and it was Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, apparently also a Victoria’s Secret model. Although the couple encountered their short-lived storm and broke up in March 2013, they would get back together to rekindle a relationship that now seems to be taking good shape.

Levine and Behati were engaged in July the same year and later walked the wonderful aisle in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) on July 19th 2014. Arguably, Adam is more attracted to models from Victoria’s Secret and he has had two sensational relationships to express this side. If you were inquiring whether Levine is still single or taken, your answer is he is happily married. The couple recently announced that they were expecting a baby.

About the pregnancy

Well, the news was majorly rumors carried away by different media but this only remained so for a while before Adam himself confirmed every bit of the speculation. In a sweet photo post on his Instagram account, he remembered to have a milk bottle and basketball emojis just to enliven the already glaring face of beautiful Behati. Behati looked amazing as she flaunted her L.A Lakers hat and belly bump in a red bikini.

My two favorite laker fans. ????

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Earlier in March, Levine and his wife Behati went home searching in the Pacific sides of California. Their eyes were set on hilltop houses that seemed to have plenty of rooms befitting a family preparing for kids. As the couple approach their 2nd anniversary, nothing could be better than a child in line. Late in April, the couple revealed the baby’s sex…And ITS A GIRL! She is reported to be due in September 20th. And according to reports, they are already picking out baby names.

Perfect coupling

When you access most relationships between a pop-star and a model, Levine and Behati seem to be a perfect match for each other. 37-year-old Maroon 5 front man has been in the industry long enough to establish his brand and business. Behati on the other side is lovely and at 26 years of age, the 11 year gap offers room for understanding and thriving relationship. Every other picture of them portrays a happy relaxed and loving couple who understand each other’s interest.

Adam and Behati 2

You could tell this when they came back together after the short breakup, how their faces lit up in that classical wedding in Mexico and when they took that photo to confirm the pregnancy. Adam Levine is the type of rock artist who will just inspire any model to show off their skills and give the best on any red carpet. He simply compliments Behati who is much more conservative and humble yet very brave, professional and stunningly beautiful.

Does Adam Levine have any side girlfriends and fiancés?

Unfortunately, Adam Levine does not seem like the man to have mistresses, side girlfriends and fiancés. He is dedicated to his marriage and you can tell they have a secret chemistry that led them back into each other’s arms even after a breakup. It was not that much of a split as they could not live much long without the other. Now they are just planning for a complete family which will be possible now that there is a kid coming.

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