Erin Everly
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A renowned model in the 80’s and 90’s who was loved for her charisma and high spirit is the beautiful blue-eyed brunette, Erin Everly. Take a look at her bio and 5 things about her which are not known.

Erin Everly’s Bio

The former model was born in Los, Angeles California on 8th November 1965, with birthname Erin Invicta Everly. She received her college education with her siblings in Buckley School in Sherman Oaks of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles but later they transferred to continue college education at a public school when their parents were in a financial fix. Early in Everly’s life, around the 1970’s, her parents got separated and it was said that the divorce was as a result of her father’s struggle with drugs.

In 1982 at 16 years, she moved to New York City to pursue her passion for modelling and eventually built a successful career as a model and actress. In the 1980’s she appeared in ads and commercials and did promotions for brands like Bebe, Guess, Jordache and others. In 1988, she was the inspiration behind “Sweet Child O Mine” where she was featured along with Axyl Rose in collaboration with his band crew for the Guns ‘N Roses video and in 1992 she landed a contract with Wilhelmina Models Agency.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Model 

1. She Was Born Into A Family Of Artistes

Erin Everly’s father was Don Everly, a rock and roll artist of the well known Everly Brothers, her mum, Venetia Stevenson, was an actress and later a cloth designer. Her maternal Grandfather Robert Stevenson was a director, and her Grandmother, Anna Lee was an actress. Her paternal grandfather was a talented guitarist, while her grandmother was a musician. She has a brother named Edan, who made a career in the music industry and a sister named Stacey, who became an actress.

2. She Suffered From Dyslexia As A Child

As a child, Erin was said to have suffered from dyslexia which is said to be a reading disorder and it posed a huge challenge for her in terms of academic work. Although they say the disorder was hereditary, no news has been made available with regards to whom she inherited it from in her family.

3. She Had A Maniac Husband With Twisted Views

Erin Everly became well known for her affiliation with artiste Axl Rose. Their love affair which began in 1986 continued for 4 years and metamorphosed into marriage. This took place at Cupid’s Inn Chapel in Las Vegas on April 28, 1990. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only 10 months. What could have caused a divorce after a long-term relationship not long into marriage? was the big question on most people’s mind. Erin later stated that her marriage to Rose couldn’t last because it was an abusive one. She accused her ex-lover of physical and sexual assault and sued him, alleging that he removed all the doors in her home so that she could always be monitored. She said that Rose believed that he was possessed by the spirit of Jon Bonham, a drummer who past on long ago. She explained her ex-husband’s weird view of a past life in which they were Indians and that she killed their children which was why he was being so mean to her in this life.

Erin Everly

Rose filed for a divorce in the early days of their marriage but withdrew it when he found out his wife, Erin was with child. She later had a miscarriage and this further brought down the walls of their marriage. They eventually agreed to have a divorce after 10 months and separated in January 1991. Their story nevertheless didn’t end in 1991 as in 1994, Erin went public with her claim of receiving physical, sexual and emotional abuse all through her relationship with Rose. A lawsuit worth millions of dollars was filed against Rose eventually and he made payments to Erin to end the lawsuit though the figures weren’t made public.

4. The Ex-Model Had Numerous Affairs After Her Failed Marriage to Rose

Shortly after she broke up with Rose in 1991, she dated Mathew Nelson for barely a year, and then she dated Donovan Leitch and Anthony Kiedis at different periods in 1992. She dated David Arquette in 1993 all of which were short-lived.

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5. She Had A Second Failed Marriage

She got remarried in 1997 to John C. Portman who was Vice Chairman of Portman Holdings and also John Portman and associates in Atlanta Georgia. Before their marriage, George had a child, Joannah Portman, who ventured into the acting career. Erin and John had 3 children; 2 girls named Eres and Esper and a boy named Eason. However, like her first marriage, Erin Everly’s second marriage to John ended in a divorce in 2006.

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