Andressa Soares Bio and Personal Life of The Brazilian Dancer

Andressa Soares (born March 28, 1988) is a 36-year-old Brazilian-born model, singer, dancer, and social media sensation whose modeling career has seen her grace the cover of top magazines both local and international.

Beyond her talent as a singer and all-around entertainer, the most notable asset that got Soares all the fame would be her drool-worthy curves. The Brazilian model is very curvy and beautiful. On the personal side, she is happily married but has been in a few failed relationships in the past.

Andressa Soares’s Biography Summary
  • Full name: Andressa Soares
  • Nicknames: Mulher Melancia, Watermelon Woman
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: March 28, 1988
  • Andressa Soares’s Age: 36
  • Ethnicity: Brancos
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Andressa Soares’s Husband: Michel Macedo
  • Andressa Soares’s Children: Arthur (son)
  • Andressa Soares’s Parents: Carmen Soares (mother) Aurelio Soares (father)
  • Siblings: Hugo Soares (brother)
  • Andressa Soares’s Height in Inches: 5’8″
  • Andressa Soares’s Height in Centimetres: 172.5cm
  • Andressa Soares’s Weight: 68.3kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 36-26-47 in
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 91-66-119 cm
  • Bra/cup size: 36C (80C)
  • Andressa Soares’s Net worth: $1-5 million
  • Famous for: dancer, Instagram star, and cover model
  • Andressa Soares’s Instagram: @mulhermelanciaoficial
  • Twitter: @MelanciaOficial
  • Facebook: Andressa Soares
  • YouTube: Mulher Melancia

How Old Is Andressa Soares?

The Brazilian model is currently 36 years old. She was born on March 28, 1988, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her place of birth molded her into what she is today as she spent her formative years there.

However, many details about her family members are not yet known with the exception of their names. Her mother’s name has been revealed as Carmen Soares, her father is Aurelio Soares, and her brother is known as Hugo Soares. Her father is also known to have owned a dance studio in Ipanema where Soares worked as an instructor at some point.

Education doesn’t seem to be her forte as Soares is more interested in building her career as a model and entertainer. She, however, attended a high school where she was one of the popular girls as a result of her curves. While in high school, Soares was active in sports, especially soccer, and also took part in dancing and singing activities.

Apparently, her high school days played a key role in shaping Andressa Soares’s career path. She has not shared details of any college experience or if she is a university graduate. Nevertheless, she is doing quite well in her career endeavors.

Andressa Soares Began Her Career Immediately After High School

Upon the completion of her high school education, Andressa Soares proceeded to start her career. She began by working at a radio station where her fans gave her the nickname Watermelon Woman (Mulher Melancia in Portuguese).

She later began dancing for MC Creu, a Brazilian musician. As part of the crew, she created the choreography for the 2009 hit single Dança do Créu. Subsequently, her adept dancing skills and attractive body curves propelled her to national fame.

She leveraged her initial romance with fame and released her first music video titled Velocidade 6 (Speed 6) which made quite a buzz. Soares subsequently toured around Brazil, performing at venues and gaining more fans.

How Did Andressa Soares Become an Influencer?

Having garnered a massive fan base as a result of her exploits as a dancer with a banging body, Soares used the opportunity to harness the potential social media has to offer. With time, her social media presence became huge with many followers trooping in to enjoy her posts.

Soares soon became a brand ambassador and started modeling for fitness magazines in her native country. She also signed a deal with a modeling agency which helped her build her brand.

The model now works with the biggest brands and has also made appearances in TV commercials and other ads. Soares has appeared on the cover page of the renowned Playboy magazine three times. The 2008 issue of the magazine with her picture was rated as bestselling the whole year.

Andressa Soares’ Acting Career

Apart from modeling and her social media presence, Andressa Soares is also an actress in her own right. Riding on the wings of her successful modeling career and social media influence, Soares began getting attention from movie producers who gave her roles.

She has appeared in a few TV shows, including Total Zorra, The Treasure, and The Farm reality show. She also appeared in the reality show A Fazenda in 2009. her earlier appearances as an actress can be seen in the 1999 Spike Jonze film Being John Malkovich, Programa Silvio Santos (1997), and SuperPop (1999). So far, she has five credits as an actress, according to her IMDb page.

  • 2015 – Luciana by Night (TV Series) as Self
  • 2013 – Programa Silvio Santos (TV Series) as Self
  • 2013 – Eliana (TV Series) as Self
  • 2012 – SuperPop (TV Series) as Self
  • A Fazenda (TV Series) as Self-Contestant

Andressa Soares’ Social Media Reach

The Instagram star has built a strong fan base with loyal fans across different social media platforms. Her Instagram page is the most active with over 1.7m followers. She posts regularly on the platform, sharing her daily activities with her myriad of fans. She also has a YouTube channel where she has 145K subscribers as of March 2022. Andressa is also available on Twitter with 301K followers

Are Andressa Soares Curves Natural?

Nicknamed Watermelon Woman (Mulher Melancia in Portuguese) for her big butts which fans say look like watermelons, Soares has her curves in the right places. There have been questions raised about the authenticity of those curves of hers and if they are natural. If the recent trend that has seen many celebrities and ordinary people go under the knife to get body augmentations are to be considered, it might not be wrong to speculate that Soares has had a few things done on her body.

On the contrary, the social media influencer maintains that her curves are real. The only thing she has done to enhance that part of her body is constant exercise and the right diet. According to the model, her naturally curvy body became noticeable when she was only two years old.

 “When I was one or two years old, the mothers and fathers of all the other children would say, ‘”Look at the butt on that girl, kids!’” 

This would later motivate her to start working out at the gym very early in life, in fact, there are speculations that she had to get a fake ID to get in as she was underaged at the time. Meanwhile, Soares is not the only one blessed with a banging body in her family. Her mom and grandmom are said to be well endowed.

Andressa Soares Started Gyming in High School

While there are speculations that she started gyming as a 12-year-old, Soares officially began building her body in her senior year by carrying weights.

She does a lot of heavy and intense training to keep her curves banging. The model particularly loves squats, leg presses, as well as high-intensity treadmill running. However, she desists from training her upper body that often as she says;  “I can’t work out from the waist up, because I’m large.” 


To maintain her body and keep the curves sharp, Andressa Soares eats healthy meals every two hours to fuel her muscles. Such habits help her metabolism to be active and she doesn’t joke with her routine.

Soares follows her diet plan year-round. She makes sure to eat only whole and unprocessed foods to maintain a healthy body and stay fit. Taking care of her body has become a necessity, not just for health reasons but the fact that she actually earns from her body.

However, intense training and diet are not the only things Andressa indulges in as that would be quite boring sometimes. She also eats less healthy things just to satisfy her cravings and keep her taste buds happy. Eating a little junk or sweet things also replenishes the energy she may lose while doing her intense training sessions.

Andressa Soares Height Compared To Other Instagram Models

The model is beautifully endowed in the right places and is considered a tall woman as well. With a height of 1.72 m, she is considerably tall and stands a few inches taller than some of her notable colleagues in the industry.

Jailyne Ojeda, an American model is 1.65 m tall while Demi Rose, a popular British model and social media celebrity has a height of 1.57 m. Standing taller than Andressa is Anastasia Kvitko, a glamour model from Russia. Kvitko is 1.75 m tall and has over 12 million followers on Instagram where she shares explicit content.

One thing these ladies have in common is their richly endowed bodies, though some were acquired through surgical procedures. Soares, on her part, takes to the gym often to maintain her looks.

Is Andressa Soares Dating Anyone?

Andressa Soares is a married woman. She is currently married to Michel Macedo, a Brazilian Macedo. Though there is no public proof of their marriage, the two reportedly got married in 2017. Her relationship with the footballer is Instagram official. Lovely pictures of them with their son who was born in 2020 have appeared on her page.

before Maceda came into the picture, Soares dated Thiago whom she was also engaged to but in 2015, the relationship hit the rocks. She also dated Pierre Leal but the romance only lasted for 2 months.

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