Andressa Soares Biography, Facts and Family Life of The Brazilian Model

The word “bombshell” renders a perfect description of Brazilian-born international model, singer, dancer, and fitness enthusiast Andressa Soares. Her top-notch singing and dancing talents made her a household name in her native Brazil. However, Soares owes her rise to international prominence to her natural endowments which indeed can give Kim Kardashian a good run for her money.

The stage name “Watermelon Woman” (Mulher Melancia in Portuguese) was given to her by fans who were marveled at just how endowed Andressa Soares is. She has scored several international magazine covers including several features on the international men’s lifestyle magazine Playboy.

Andressa Soares Biography

She was born Andressa Soares Azevedo on March 28, 1988, in the Brazil capital city of Rio de Janeiro. There is not much information about her early education. Before going international, Andressa Soares resided in Vila Valqueire, a middle-class neighborhood in  Rio.

The Brazilian dancer and international glamour model is well known for her mesmerizing physique as well as her dancing/singing talents. From a very young age Andressa Soares had dreams of becoming a model, however, she never had definite plans on how to achieve her dreams.

It is on record that as early as the age of 12, she had already developed a peculiar physique different from that of all the other girls of the same age. As a result, she resorted to intense exercise in order to keep her weight in check. Being too young to register at a gym, the then-12-year old Andressa Soares went as far as obtaining a fake ID in order to get registered.

As a young adult, she landed her first regular job as an assistant at a radio station. She equally doubled as a dance instructor at her father’s dance studio in Ipanema, in the Southern end of Rio. She stumbled upon an opportunity to feature in a music/dance video and she decided to give it a shot. However, there were several girls who also auditioned for the same spot but thanks to Soares’s incredible figure, she was given the spot immediately the directors set eyes on her.

Being a talented dancer, Andressa Soares created the choreography for the 2008 hit single Dança do Créu which became a viral hit in her home country Brazil. Her dancing talents were very much apparent in the music video however, her incredible physique ensured that she remained etched in the minds of the Brazilian populace. Her popularity continued to soar afterward and she went on to launch a solo music career.

Her solo career proved equally successful following the release of her own music video Velocidade 6. In order to promote her music, the talented singer-dancer embarked on a Brazilian tour which had her perform at several sold-out shows with thousands of fans in attendance.

The popularity of the Watermelon Woman in her home country of Brazil eventually drew the attention of the international media which gave a major boost to her modeling career. She has appeared on several magazine covers including the June 2008 edition of Playboy Brazil which turned out to be the highest-selling edition for the entire year.

Family Life 

From all indications, Andressa Soares is truly enjoying her time in the spotlight. However, the international sensation always manages to keep her family away from the commotion that comes with her life as a celebrity. There are only a few critical points about her family that is known to the public.

According to Soares, she inherited her remarkable figure from her mother Carmen Soares. In addition, most of the other females in her family; her aunts are also blessed with a great body.

Other Facts About The Brazilian Model

. Watermelon Woman

Andressa Soares earned the moniker “Water Melon Woman” even before she became an international sensation. According to her, she was given the nickname during her days as a radio show assistant by fans of the radio show who were wowed by her beauty and therefore likened her behind to a pair of watermelons.

. Breast Augmentation

Andressa Soares underwent some breast enlargement procedures. While she is loved by her fans because her derrière is 100% natural, however, same cannot be said for other body parts of the glamour model. Way back in 2006, Soares underwent a procedure which had 500 ml of silicone put in each of her breasts.

Unfortunately, the volume of the prostheses proved to be too heavy for her and it got in the way of her dancing. In 2007, she opted for another procedure which reduced her breast volume to a comfortable 220 ml.

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. Exercise Regimen

As a fitness enthusiast, Andressa Soares engages in heavy and intense exercises to keep her body in shape. Her preferred routines include squats, leg presses and high-intensity treadmill running.

. Diet

In order to maintain her energy and metabolism, the international model eats every two hours. She maintains a very healthy diet which consists of whole and unprocessed foods. However, on very rare occasions, she also snacks on some not-so-healthy foods in order to satisfy her cravings.

. Height and Body Measurements

Andressa Soares has a height of 5 feet 7 inches or about 172 cm. With this height, her other body measurements were obtained to be a bust size of 35 inches or 91 cm, waist size of 28 inches or 71 cm while her hip size is 46 inches or 119cm. In general, she weighs 69kg or 152lbs.


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