Does Marcus King Have A Wife, Girlfriend or Fiance?

Marcus King is not married, nor does he have a wife. He is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Briley Hussey, and they are set to get married in 2023.

Marcus is an American songwriter, singer, and guitarist, famous as the lead singer, frontman, and guitarist of the Marcus King Band. Though the guitarist is not yet married, he is on the path to making his longtime lover his wife. Meanwhile, the guitarist was romantically involved with someone in the past, and here is everything you should know about his relationships.

Who Is Marcus King Engaged To?

King Marcus is not married yet, but he is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Briley Hussey. It was revealed that the duo met in July 2021, and it was love at first sight for Marcus. They are yet to exchange their marital vows. When they met, Marcus King was still hurting from the breakup of his previous relationship.

According to Marcus, he was in a bad place and had no courage or strength to put himself together at that time. However, Briley brought about a huge change in him when they met. She made him realize that he needed to move on as brighter days were ahead.

At this point, Marcus decided to spend the rest of his life with her. Even though they started dating almost immediately, the couple took their time getting to know each other well. Briley was rather particular about this. Though it took her some time, she gave his love a chance despite being older than the guitarist.

Marcus King and Briley Hussey Got Engaged in 2022

Having met in 2021, Marcus King and Briley Hussey dated for a while before deciding to go deeper. They got engaged between February and March 2022. Their engagement occurred at the Red Hat Amphitheatre in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

For their engagement, the duo reportedly attended a live music festival where the guitarist asked his lover to be his wife. Briley could not hold back her joy and took to her social media handle to share the great news. Their wedding is set to take place sometime in 2023.

Marcus King’s Fiance, Briley Hussey, Is a Singer

Marcus King’s fiance, Briley Hussey, is a singer born in 1991 in Kingston, North Carolina, United States. She attended elementary school in North Carolina and has not revealed much about her high school.

The singer later attended East Carolina University before moving to Greenville, North Carolina’s public university. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Briley started singing at a young age, and by the age of seven, she sang the Indian anthem at a baseball game. Subsequently, she began singing anthems in high school and college tournaments while growing up.

Marcus King’s fiance took voice lessons at Max Blizzard, North Carolina. Before her graduation, she worked at a radio station based in Greenville. She would later get a job as a technical recruit at Insight Global, where she worked for a year. The singer worked for various telecommunications companies, such as Centerline Digital, Paymentus, LexisNexis, and others.

Though she gained recognition for her voice in college, Briley Hussey gained worldwide fame in 2015 when she sang at Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She also sang the American anthem at a Republican political rally in Raleigh.

Who Did Marcus King Date In The Past?

Briley Hussey is not Marcus King’s first love, as he was romantically involved with someone else. His ex-girlfriend, who is known as Haley, dated the guitarist for four years before they split in 2020. Their breakup happened around the time COVID-19 broke out, and this left Marcus devastated.

It was a hard time for the singer. He said as much on his social media handle but never revealed why they decided to end their relationship.


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