Is Briley Hussey Marcus King’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Briley Hussey is not Marcus King’s wife. Instead, she is his girlfriend, and the duo is reportedly set to marry sometime in the year 2023 having gotten engaged in 2022.

Marcus King and his fiancee Briley Hussey are what many might consider an unlikely couple considering their different career interests and personalities. However, their differences have in no way hindered their relationship from blossoming. They instead found a way to work out things between themselves. Here, we will satiate you with all the juicy tidbits about Briley Hussey, Marcus King’s wife-to-be.

Briley Hussey is Marcus King’s Fiancee

Briley Hussey is not Marcus King’s wife as she is not yet married to him. As of December 2022, the couple who reportedly met in July 2021, are still dating. Words have it that they are already engaged. Their engagement happened sometime between February and March 2022 when Briley said yes to Marcus’ proposal about seven months after they met.

Briley Hussey and Marcus King’s engagement happened at the Red Hat Amphitheatre in Raleigh, North Carolina, the United States of America. The duo was attending a live music festival often held at the theatre when Marcus popped the big question. Briley shared pictures of her engagement ring on Instagram soon after.

Briley Hussey is not Marcus King’s First Girlfriend

Prior to meeting Briley Hussey, Marcus had been in a relationship that lasted for four years but left him devastated. The singer does not talk about this relationship much due to how hurt he was when it ended. Her name is Hailey, and they allegedly parted ways during the 2020 lockdown.

While speaking to, King revealed that Hailey walking out of his life made him remember the many losses he has had to bear since he was a child. This includes his mother abandoning him as a kid, the death of his childhood crush in a motor accident, losing his uncle and grandfather, and many others. He ultimately fell into depression and took solace in alcohol.

Though he still made music, the dark side of his life and his struggles still screamed their existence in his life with certain songs he wrote like “Dark Cloud”, “Young Blood” etc.

Marcus Met Briley When He Was at a Low Ebb in His Life

Speaking about his relationship with Briley Hussey, Marcus King admitted that Briley made his life whole again. He revealed that he met her when he was broken and had no strength to piece himself together. Meeting Briley around July 2021 made him realize he needed to make the best out of his life.

Marcus also revealed that the moment he met Briley, it was not just love at first sight for him but he also knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. However, Briley needed time to get convinced that Marcus was the right man for her. It took her a while but she would eventually come around just in time for his proposal.

Briley Hussey is 5 Years Older than Marcus King

33 years old Briley Hussey is five years older than her 28 years old boyfriend Marcus King (born March 11, 1996). She was born and raised in Kingston, North Carolina. She had her primary education in her hometown and later attended East Carolina University. She studied communications at the Greenville, North Carolina public research university, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications.

Their age difference notwithstanding, King and Hussey have been a steady support to each other and their relationship seems rock solid despite some of the criticisms they have received.

What does Marcus King’s Girlfriend do for a Living?

From an early age, Briley began showing her affinity for singing. Her first publicly recorded performance was at 7 when she sang Indiana’s anthem at a baseball game. With this early exposure, Briley grew up singing anthems at various college sporting events over the years.

She was particularly intrigued at how the anthems were sung at North Carolina State University and also that of East Carolina University. As Briley Hussey got older, she enrolled in voice lessons with North Carolina-based music and voice coach Max Blizzard and perfected her singing.

Before she graduated from college, Briley worked as an intern at a radio station named Pirate Radio 1250 & 930 in Greenville, North Carolina from December 2011 through 2013. Later on, she secured a job as a technical recruiter at a firm known as Insight Global from June 2013 to January 2014.

Later, she secured another job as a communications coordinator with Adams Financial in 2014. She also worked as a project coordinator at Centerline Digital in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina during this time. Other places where she previously worked include LexisNexis as Associate Project Manager, Paymentus in Charlotte, North Carolina as Partner Solutions Manager.

Briley Hussey got Famous After Singing at a Republican Presidential Rally in 2015

Though she was relatively famous, at least concerning performing at college sports events, Briley Hussey got national recognition in 2015 when she sang at former US President – Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In particular, she sang the American anthem at a republican political rally in Raleigh Dorton Arena.

Recalling how it dawned on her that she would perform at the rally, Hussey said her college friend called her on the phone to inform her about being appointed to sing the anthem. According to her, she first thought it was a joke, but her disbelief waned when she was told that Trump’s then-campaign deputy state director Taylor Playforth had heard her sing on social media.

When she got over At the rally, she sang in front of over 15000 Americans to the delight of her family and the entire Kingston community which is her hometown.

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