Who is Dermot Mulroney’s Current Wife Tharita Cesaroni?

Tharita Cesaroni is the wife of Dermot Mulroney, an American actor and musician. The couple began dating almost immediately after Dermot separated from his first wife in 2005 and married in December 2007, just after his divorce was finalized. They share two kids.

Tharita, who was born in 1973 in Milan, Italy, and is the daughter of Emy Cesaroni, a famous Italian singer and actress, is a 51 year-old Italian-born cinematographer and movie producer.

Profile Summary of Tharita Cesaroni

  • Full Name: Tharita Cesaroni
  • Year of Birth: 1973
  • Age: 51 years old
  • Place of Birth: Milan, Italy
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.64m)
  • Weight: 110lbs (50kgs)
  • Occupation: Cinematographer, Producer
  • Net Worth: $400,000
  • Partner: Dermot Mulroney
  • Children: Mabel and Sally Mulroney

Tharita Cesaroni was Born and Raised in Italy

Although the exact date of her birth remains a mystery till today, Tharita Cesaroni was born in 1973 in her hometown of Milan in Italy. She grew up and was raised by her father, Franco Catulle, together with her mother, Emy Cesaroni.

Her mother was a well-known actress and singer in Italy, while her father’s occupation has never been mentioned. Despite being from a famous family, there are no records about Tharita having any siblings, and this can only mean that she was an only child.

Tharita Cesaroni
Tharita Cesaroni

Inspired by her mum’s career, Tharita decided to pursue a career as a singer when she was still very young, but that did not materialize as she planned. When she realized that her singing dream would not work, Tharita ventured into acting in her school.

She is believed to have attended a local school in her hometown, and it was also in this school that she began honing her acting skills through the school’s drama club. She also engaged herself in gymnastics and creative writing as hobbies.

Tharita later graduated in 1991 and didn’t bother to pursue a degree in a higher institution. Many people rumored that the reason behind her decision to avoid college was so she could focus on her career in the entertainment industry.

How Tharita Cesaroni Met and Married Dermot Mulroney

Tharita Mulroney is a very secret person, and she displayed it in everything she did; this also includes her relationship with her husband, Dermot Mulroney, before they got married.

The pair’s relationship remained a secret, and they did well hiding it until the paparazzi revealed them together in 2007. This was around the same period that Dermot parted ways with his first wife, Katherine Keener.

Dermot married Katherine in 1990, and they had a son named Clyde Keener Mulroney on the 21st of June 1991. They separated in May 2005 and not long after completing their divorce in 2007, Dermot hooked up with Tharita.

Dermot Mulroney
Tharita Cutulle and Dermot Mulroney

The pair dated for a while before they decided to make it official by getting married on the 19th of December 2007. The marriage ceremony was a private event attended only by close family and friends, although the location was not disclosed.

The couple decided to make their marital status official by updating their info on social media which came as a shock to fans considering the fact that Dermot had just divorced his ex-wife.

There were speculations that they may have started seeing each other before Dermot even got divorced, but no information was released to that effect. Tharita and her husband have remained married till now and they reside in Los Angeles.

It’s safe to say that Tharita Mulroney was relatively unknown until she married a celebrity of Dermot Mulroney’s caliber. She has not come of recognition in Hollywood in the same manner that she was known in her Milan hometown.

Despite all that, Tharita has remained private as she’s ever been apart from a few times that her family has been mentioned in the social media space. We can say that she is famous only by association.

The Couple Are Parents To Two Children

The marriage between Tharita and Dermot Mulroney didn’t take long before it produced a child, less than nine months later. This made curious fans speculate that Tharita may have been pregnant before they got married.

The couple announced in 2008 that they had given birth to a beautiful girl named Mabel Ray Mulroney. The beautiful angel was Christened and baptized in a ceremony at San Pietro’s Church located in Roccascalegna, Abruzzo, Italy.

Not long after the birth of Mabel, she was joined by another child, a beautiful girl named Sally June Mulroney, in 2009. This brought the number of the family members to 4, and they are a close-knit one. Dermot Mulroney and Tharita Cesaroni have been living happily together with no publicly known issues between them.

Dermot Mulroney, Tharita Cesaroni and their two children
Dermot Mulroney, Tharita Cesaroni, and their two children

Tharita Cesaroni’s Thriving Career and How Much She Has Made From It

Tharita was well known in Italy due to her mother’s impact in the movie industry, but very little has been said of her as far as acting in Hollywood is concerned.

This is to say that the only time she was ever credited for featuring in any movie was when she got a special thanks in the credits for the 2013 horror comedy movie named The Rambler.

The movie featured her husband, Lindsay Pulsipher, and Natasha Lyonne, and was nominated for a few awards in the industry.

On the other hand, she has helped out in several projects that have never been mentioned. This may be down to the fact that she is relatively private in her career and likes being in the background. Before then, Tharita worked as a Cinematographer in her hometown and had produced several movies.

With all these, Tharita is said to have gathered an estimated net worth of about $400,000. However, it has not been publicly revealed how she was able to earn this much. The assumption remains that it is from her works in the entertainment industry seeing how good she is at what she does.

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