Alexa Demie’s Parents: Get to Know Her Dad and Mom Rose Mendez

Alexa Demie’s parents are Wilson Vanerstrom and Rose Mendez. Not much is known about her American father, Wilson, but we know that her mother, Rose, is a makeup artist and fashion designer from Mexico.

Alexa Demie’s parents gave birth to the 33 year-old actress and singer in 1990. She became famous for playing the role of Maddy Perez in a drama series titled Euphoria. Her mother has tapped into her daughter’s fame to develop her brand, unlike her father, who lives a life away from the media. Read on as we reveal all that is to be known about Alexa Demie’s parents.

How Alexa Demie’s Parents Met Each Other

It is quite impossible to ascertain when and how Alexa Demie’s parents met each other, as they have not made any mention of it. However, considering information from sources that identified Alexa’s mother as being a Mexican immigrant, we assume that the couple met each other after Rose Mendez migrated from Mexico to the United States.

It wasn’t stated how long they dated, but it seems like they had a pretty good time at the early stage of their relationship. None of Alexa Demie’s parents have made statements relating to when they decided to tie the knot. However, reports had it that they had gotten married to each other and had welcomed three children.

Meanwhile, their marriage was short-lived. When Alexa Damie was 8 years old, her parents separated. According to a source, they claimed that the reason for the separation was because of Wilson Vanerstrom’s drug addiction. They stated that he was in rehabilitation when Alexa was only 8 years old and only got to see her during AA meetings.

This leaves us with the assumption that the couple may not have been separated but were distanced because of Wilson’s drug addiction. However, reports claim that the couple is not currently living together.

Meet Alexa Demie’s Father, Scott Wilson Vanerstrom 

Scott Wilson Vanerstrom is the father of Alexa Demie and also the stepson of Dennis Wilson, an American musician, songwriter, and co-founder of the Beach Boys. Despite being the father of a famous actress, his personal life has been kept away from the public eye.

There are no details of his age, as his date, month, and year of birth cannot be pegged. He holds white ethnicity and American nationality. A source has it that Wilson is a businessman but failed to elaborate on the type of business he is into.

Alexa Demie Has a Close Relationship With Her Father

There is always a strong bond between daughters and fathers, and the actress is seen to be caught in this web. Alexa Demie is seen to have a very close relationship with her father. Despite the fact that he wasn’t there for her at her young age, reports have it that she always gets to see him when he is in rehab.

Rose Mendez Is Alexa Demie’s Mother 

Rose Mendez was born on October 25, 1979, in Michoacan, Mexico. She was born into a Christian family, and although her father’s name is unknown, her mother is known as Martha. Alexa Demie’s mother grew up with her parents and a brother who is just known as Hugo. It is quite uncertain if Rose Mendez has other siblings other than Hugo.

Rose Mendez is a Professional Makeup Artist and Fashion Designer

Alexa Demie’s mother, on one of her social media handles, disclosed that she is a writer, producer, makeup artist, and fashion designer. She is the founder of Wide Awoke and Dream Creativity, a platform she uses to consolidate all her endeavors. Rose Mendez has so far found ground in her career as a makeup artist.

The makeup artist began her professional life in her native Michoacan, Mexico. For greater chances, she made the decision to move to the United States in the 1980s. Although she has always put in a lot of effort, her daughter’s prominence helped her achieve recognition and succeed as a celebrity makeup artist. Because of her career and famous daughter, she has since continued to garner additional media attention.

Rose Mendez is seen to have a good relationship with all her children and always supports their endeavors. She frequently uses her second daughter and Alexa as her muse. Rose does their cosmetics, snaps photos of them, and then uploads them on her Instagram account. This made her two daughters’ photos to be seen all over her Instagram.

Meet All the Children Welcomed By Alexa Demie’s Parents

Aside from Alexa Demie, who is the most famous of the couple’s children, there are two other children from their marriage. Let’s take a look at the three children welcomed by Wilson Vanerstrom and Rose Mendez, Alexa Demie’s parents.

Alexa Demie is the First Child Welcomed By the Couple

The actress, whose full name is Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom, was born in 1990. She prefers to be addressed by her first two names as her name seems long. The 34 is the eldest of the children welcomed by the couple. Due to the difference in her parents’ ethnicity, the actress now holds a mixed ethnicity and is of American nationality.

She is well-known for playing Maddy Perez in the 2019 HBO American teen drama series Euphoria. Along with this, Alexa has acting credits from other TV shows, including The OA (2019), in which she played Ingrid in an episode titled Treasure Island, and Love (2018), in which she played Marina in two of its episodes. In addition, Alexa has appeared in movies like Nineteen on Fire (2021), in which she played Paisley, and Waves (2019), in which she starred as Alexis Lopez, among others.

Alexa is a singer as well, so her career is not just restricted to acting. In 2016, she released Girl Like Me as her debut single. Pearl also included Alexa in his song Turnin Tricks.

Falize Rome is the Couple’s Second daughter

Although it is presently uncertain when she was born, other reports assert that she was born on September 28. The second child of the couple, Falize Rome, followed in part her mother’s career footsteps. Falize is a fashion designer and Instagram sensation who runs the “RomebyFalize” apparel line.

Her clothing business specializes in feminine clothes, particularly bikinis. Falize is thought to be succeeding in her career based on the information she posts online regarding her modeling and brand.

Meet The Other Child Born By Rose Mendez

The couple’s third child isn’t popular because nothing is known about her identity. Her age cannot be determined because it is quite difficult to determine the exact date of her birth. Again, according to some reports, she might not be Wilson Vanerstrom’s daughter.

This argument is based on the reality that Wilson and Rose had long since broken up prior to the birth of the third child. However, there is no confirmation of this as Rose Mendez has not made the identity of her biological father known.


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