Who is Rose Mendez? All About Alexa Demie’s Mother

Rose Mendez is the mother of Alexa Demie, the actress who is popular for playing the role of Maddy Perez on the hit HBO series, Euphoria. Rose Mendez is a professional makeup artist, budding producer, and scriptwriter. She was born on 25th October 1979 and is presently 44 years old.

Rose Mendez had Demie at a very young age and didn’t have much emotional and financial support as she embarked on motherhood. It was quite tough, but she stuck it out, and today, her daughter is a popular actress in Hollywood. She is quite busy with endorsement deals and whatnot, but they maintain a great relationship. Mendez has also inspired her daughter’s emergence as a makeup icon.

Rose Mendez’s Bio

  • AGE: 44 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 25th of October 1979
  • BIRTHPLACE: Michoacán, Mexico
  • BIRTH SIGN: Libra
  • ETHNICITY: Latina
  • SIBLINGS: one brother

Rose Mendez is Originally from Michoacán, Mexico

Rose Mendez was born on the 25th of October 1979 in Michoacán, Mexico. She has Mexican and American nationalities, while her ethnicity is Latina. There is a paucity of details about Mendez’s background, including her parents’ names. It is, however known that she has at least one sibling, a brother that she loves very much.

Rose Mendez spent the first few years of her life growing up in Mexico before immigrating to the United States of America with other members of her family.

She Worked as a Professional Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics

Upon immigrating to the U.S., Rose Mendez settled down in Los Angeles with her family. She was mostly raised by her mom and had a typical American upbringing. She grew up loving fashion and beauty. She also loved rock stars such as David Bowie. Despite this, Rose Mendez was still obviously Latina and faced discrimination from some quarters.

She did not dwell on this, though, and worked hard to complete her high school diploma at the University High School Los Angeles. She thereafter landed her first job as a professional makeup artist at a MAC store in Los Angeles. Rose Mendez spent several years at MAC, during which she honed her skills as a professional makeup artist. She has since left the organization but still provides makeup services for exclusive clients on important occasions such as prom.

Rose Mendez Had her Daughter, Alexa Demie, at an Early Age

Rose Mendez got pregnant with her daughter, Alexa Demie, at a very young age. She was still in school at the time and feared the kind of future that she would give to her daughter. Matters were further complicated by the fact that her baby daddy, Scott Wilson Vanerstrom, was in jail.

Facing a lack of emotional and financial support ahead, many advised Rose Mendez to get rid of the pregnancy, but she refused. She eventually had her daughter in the year 1990. Rose spent several years living in the Atwater neighborhood of Los Angeles, where she raised her daughter. She had the help of her grandmom and mom for the arduous task of raising her child. Her baby daddy also pitched in.

Rose Mendez’s daughter was thus able to have a normal life, and they spent years bonding over their mutual love of fashion and beauty. Mendez often took her daughter along with her to the MAC store where she worked. She also used her daughter as a model for her makeup skills. Rose Mendez also ingrained in her daughter several beauty tips and secrets.

Mother and daughter were indeed great pals, but they also fought with each other at times. Some of these fights were so bad that Alexa ran away from home on some occasions.

Alexa Demie’s Mom Is Quite Close to Her and is Supportive of her Career

Despite the fights and all, Rose Mendez and her daughter remained incredibly close. The makeup artist supported her daughter in any way she could, and when the young girl made the decision to pursue a career in showbiz, her support remained unwavering. She instilled in her daughter the belief that she could be anything she wanted in life, and such a strong attitude helped Alexa Demie conquer Hollywood.

Now that she is a star, Alexa has not forgotten all the people that helped her on the journey. She remains quite close to her mom, who is still her biggest fan. A look at Rose Mendez’s social media pages will reveal that she dedicates her time to generating good publicity for her daughter.

She shares her daughter’s upcoming projects, interviews, and magazine covers. She also lavishes praise on her on special occasions. Mendez also regularly shares throwback pictures of her and Alexa together, which undoubtedly excites the actress’ fans.

Rose Mendez is Working On Her Biopic with Her Daughter

Asides from her work as a professional artist, Rose Mendez is also a budding producer and scriptwriter. She is skilled in video, music, feature films, and independent film production. She is also skilled in scriptwriting and is the head of the creative forum known as Wide Awake and Dreaming. Mendez is working on several scripts that she is passionate about, and one of them is her memoir.

The memoir chronicles everything that she has gone through from childhood, and early pregnancy, to adulthood. Rose Mendez initially penned it down as part of a healing process, but she later realized that it could be made into a movie. She discussed it with her daughter, and they are set to produce a biopic about her life. Her daughter would be the executive producer ad would also star in it, playing the teenage version of her. There is no doubt that it would be a momentous occasion for Rose Mendez when the biopic eventually gets released.

Rose Mendez is also the Mother of Falize Rome, an Instagram influencer and Designer

Asides from Alexa Demie, Rose Mendez also has two other daughters. One of them is Falize Rome, a popular Instagram model, and influencer with 37.7k followers on her account. She is also a clothing designer and owns her own brand known as Rome by Falize. It features swimwear, dresses, branded tees, etc.

The identity of Rose Mendez’s last child is not available, but one thing that is for sure is that she loves and supports all of her children. She regularly posts about Falize on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She has also shared a video of her last daughter dancing on her Instagram account.

What is Rose Mendez’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Rose Mendez has Latina ethnicity and Mexican-American nationality. The makeup artist was born in the Mexican town of Michoacán in 1979 and migrated to the U.S. as an infant. She remains there to date, and it is possible that she has acquired American citizenship meaning that her ethnicity is Latina, and she has dual Mexican and American nationalities.

How Old is Rose Mendez?

Rose Mendez is 44 years old as she was born on the 25th of October 1979 in Michoacán, Mexico. Given that her daughter was born in 1990, it means that Mendez possibly had her first child at the age of 12.


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