Alex Cora Net Worth, Salary and 8 Other Things About The Baseball Manager

Alex Cora has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He reportedly earns a salary of more than $1 million annually. Alex is a 48 year-old former MLB player and former manager of the Boston Red Sox (2017–2020).

If Alex Cora is truly worth the $10 million estimated to be his net worth, he has worked for every bit of it. He did so as a professional baseball player, an infielder who played for multiple Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, then as a baseball manager following his retirement as a player.

The Puerto Rican baseball manager began his career journey in 1993 when the Minnesota Twins selected him in the 12th round of the year’s MLB draft. But it was not until June 1998 that he made his major league debut as he decided to first go through collegiate baseball at the University of Miami. His professional career saw him play for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, and the Washington Nationals before he retired.

Cora also played for the Puerto Rico national baseball team, representing the country in the World Baseball Classic of 2006 and 2009. Many years down the line, he became the general manager of the team which he led to the 2017 World Baseball Classic. He also served as the manager of Criollos de Caguas which competes in the Puerto Rican Winter League before his coaching and managerial career took off in MLB.

The three-time World Series champion has a lot to be grateful for, both in his career and in his personal life. He was once married to Nilda Cora with whom he shares two kids and has been in a relationship with Angelica Feliciano who also has two kids with him.

Alex Cora’s Biography and Net Worth Summary

  • Full Name: Jose Alexander Cora
  • Alex Cora’s Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: October 18, 1975
  • Alex Cora’s Age: 48 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorce
  • Ex-wife: Nilda Cora
  • Alex Cora’s Spouse: Angelica Feliciano
  • Children: Four — Camila, Jeriel (Stepson), Xander, and Isander Cora
  • Alex Cora’s Parents: José Manuel Cora and Iris Amaro
  • Siblings: Lydia, Aimee, and Joey Cora
  • Alex Cora’s Height in Inches: 6 Feet
  • Alex Cora’s Height in Centimetres: 183 cm
  • Alex Cora’s Weight: 200 lbs (90 kg)
  • Famous For: Being a Former Professional Baseball Player and a Baseball Manager
  • Alex Cora’s Instagram: ac13alex
  • Twitter: @ac13alex

10. Alex Cora’s Net Worth Is Currently Estimated at $10 Million

Having a professional career as an athlete can be financially rewarding. From tennis players to boxers, soccer stars, American footballers, basketballers, and baseball players, many people have become millionaires through their professional careers in sports and this happens to be the story of Alex Cora. The former infielder played in MLB for a total of 14 seasons with various teams and his career earnings thereof didn’t only see him become a millionaire but a multimillionaire as well.

Whatever he earned as his salary with the multiple teams he played for in the MLB, the Puerto Rican baseball player augmented it through endorsement deals. Given his popularity, several notable brands partnered with Alex to have him promote their products and services.

While what he made through this avenue remains unknown to the public, it contributed a significant amount to his net worth. Even though he has retired as a player, Cora still makes money from endorsements. Sometime in March 2019, it was reported that the baseball manager signed an endorsement deal with a tire company based in Boston.

Since his retirement, his salary as a manager has been the major source of his income but he has also made good money from being a color analyst. He worked in that capacity for ESPN and ESPN Deportes from February 2013 to November 2013. Considering all of this, it is not hard to believe that Alex Cora’s net worth is $10 million at the moment. Cora is public-spirited which has made it hard for him to keep his wealth to himself. He has been involved in several philanthropic gestures over the years, including leading relief efforts after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017.

9. Alex Cora Earns At Least $1 Million Yearly As Salary

The father of four, to the best of our knowledge, began his coaching and managerial career in November 2016 when he became the bench coach for the Houston Astros. Although he assumed managerial duties with the side a few times due to the ejection of A. J. Hinch who was the team’s manager then, it was not until 2018 that he became a full-time manager for the first time.

In October 2017, Red Sox disclosed that it had signed Alex Cora on a three-year managerial contract that would run from 2018 through 2020 with an option for 2021. Details of the amount involved weren’t disclosed to the public but credible platforms later reported that his salary was pegged at $800 thousand yearly.

Following the electronic sign-stealing scandal in late 2019 and the possibility of the MLB suspending Cora for one year, he mutually parted ways with the Red Sox. But as fate would have it, the team came calling for him again and re-hired him as a manager in November 2020. This time it was a two-year contract with an option for the 2023 and 2024 seasons. Forbes reported that the deal offered him a significant raise from what he earned in 2018.

Alex Cora’s salary is believed to be around $1 million yearly at the moment.

8. The 48 Years Old Was Born and Bred In Caguas, Puerto Rico

Alex Cora was born on the 18th of October 1975 to José Manuel Cora and Iris Amaro. As you would easily find, his place of birth was in Caguas, Puerto Rico which was also where he spent most of his childhood.

Cora was a student of Bautista High School and was soon drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 12th round of the free-agent draft; this was in June 1993. Many would count that a breakthrough but Cora had plans to go to college, so he opted to enroll at the University of Miami where he played for the Hurricanes, leading the team to the College World Series. He would later be inducted into the University of Miami Hall of Fame, this was in 2006.

Alex is the youngest of four siblings, he has one older brother and two sisters who are also older than him. His brother’s name is Joey and his sisters are Lydia and Aimee. From what we gathered, Aimee works as a public relations officer with media houses while Lydia runs a medical lab.

7. His Brother Joey Cora Also Played Professional Baseball

It is often said that Alex Cora hails from a baseball family; apart from the fact that his parents and siblings are passionate about the sport, this is mostly because of his older brother Joey Cora who also played professional baseball in MLB. From 1987 to 1998, Joey played for the San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, and the Cleveland Indians. He participated in the Midsummer Classic (All-Star) of 1997 and became a World Series champion in 2005.

Like his younger brother, Joey took to coaching after he retired as a player. Beginning as a manager in the New York Mets minor league system, he joined Chicago White Sox as a coach in 2014 and remained with the side until 2011. He moved on to serve the Miami Marlins in the same capacity in 2012, and then the Pittsburgh Pirates where he coached from 2017 to 2021. Joey is currently with the New York Mets, he joined the franchise as a coach in 2022.

6. Alex Cora Made His MLB Debut Against His Brother

Born on the 14th of May 1965, Joey Cora is a decade older than Alex. It wouldn’t be out of place to assert that Alex only followed his big brother’s footsteps. Joey played college baseball for the Vanderbilt Commodores of Vanderbilt University. Thereafter, he was selected by the San Diego Padres in the first round of the 1985 MLB draft. Regardless, it was on the 6th of April 1987 that he made his MLB debut, this was 11 years before Alex debuted on the 7th of June 1998.

Making his MLB debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Alex Cora played against his brother who was the Seattle Mariners’ starting second baseman in the game. Although many consider Alex to be more accomplished in the sport than Joey, he thinks highly of his big brother and has stated several times that he wouldn’t have attained all his achievements without the guidance and influence of Joey.

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5. He Is a World Series Champion Both As a Player and As a Manager

One of the things that suggest Alex Cora is more accomplished in baseball than his older brother is the fact that he is a three-time World Series champion whereas Joey only won the championship once. The older Cora was a third base coach for the Chicago White Sox, the team that won the 2005 World championship.

His younger brother Alex has won the championship thrice: first as a shortstop and second baseman with the Boston Red Sox team that won the 2007 World Series, then as a bench coach with the Houston Astros who won the 2017 World Series, and most recently, as the Boston Red Sox manager in 2018 which saw him become the fifth rookie manager to win a World Series.

Disregarding the foregoing, Alex Cora was named the PWL Manager of the Year 2015 during his time as the general manager of Criollos de Caguas which plays in the Puerto Rican Winter League.

4. Alex Lost His Father José Manuel Cora When He Was 13 Years Old

Another reason why Alex Cora thinks highly of his brother Joey is that he played the role of a father all through his teenage years. It is said that Joey who is more like their late father, Jose Manuel Cora, took up the responsibility of being a father figure to the Cora family after its patriarch passed in the late 1980s.

Jose had been diagnosed with colon cancer and the disease claimed his life a few weeks before Alex’s 13th birthday. As he was barely a teenager, the baseball manager was protected from the reality of his father’s illness, with Joey steeping up to guide him after Jose’s death.

The Coras may not have become known as a baseball family if not for their father. He was the one that ignited the family’s passion for the sport. He even went as far as starting a Little League chapter in Caguas, Puerto Rico. This was in 1969 and reports have it that he served as the president of the league for many years.

3. Alex Cora Was Once Married To Nilda Cora

Much of the baseball manager’s love life has been kept away from the public but given the status he has attained, first as a celebrated baseball player and then as a beloved coach/manager, several facts about this aspect of his life have found their way to the public domain.

It is not a secret that Alex is a divorcee who was once married to Nilda Cora. Known as Nildamarie Lecleres-Vazquez before she got married to Alex, Nilda is also from Puerto Rico and was reportedly born on the 1st of December 1971.

It is hard to tell when Alex and Nilda began dating just as it is not clear when they got married. We can only confirm that they were once married but are now divorced. While the union lasted, they had a child together, a daughter named Camilla.

2. He Is Currently Engaged To Angelica Feliciano

Although his first marriage ended in a divorce, Alex Cora is willing to give it another shot. Several platforms have reported that he is engaged to Angelica Feliciano who he has been dating for a while. As it is with his ex-wife, much is yet to be learned about his relationship with Feliciano. Nonetheless, his fiancee also hails from a Puerto Rican baseball family: she is the sister of Jesús Feliciano — a former professional baseball outfielder and coach.

All things being equal, Angelica and Alex would be getting married in the nearest future but they have already started building a family together. The two are parents to two adorable sons.

1. Alex Cora Is a Devoted Father of Four

Before Cora got married to Nilda, he was reportedly engaged to Gabriela DeCastro. In the same vein, he is not the first love of his ex-wife. Before Alex came along, Nilda had had a serious relationship with some unknown fellow which resulted in the birth of her first child, a son named Jeriel. After she got married to Alex, he adopted Jeriel and they later welcomed a girl child named Camila Cora.

Apart from Jeriel and Camila who are now adults, Alex has twin sons named Xander Gabriel and Isander Manuel with his fiancée, Angelica Feliciano. They were born sometime in July 2017. The baseball manager is very fond and protective of his kids.

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