Who Was Zach Bryan’s Wife Elizabeth Rose Madden and Why Did They Divorce?

Zach Bryan’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Rose Madden, is an American lady who, according to her Facebook profile, is a photographer, pro golfer, and golf enthusiast. She is currently serving in the US Navy in Europe. Elizabeth became quite famous for her marriage to Zach Bryan, an American singer–songwriter from Oologah, Oklahoma.

Many people were surprised that Elizabeth and Zach’s marriage ended too soon, only a few months after their wedding, as they had assumed that their union would last forever. Since the divorcees haven’t discussed it, no one knows why they split up. Let’s see what actually transpired during their marriage and the possible reasons for their divorce.

Summary of Elizabeth Rose Madden’s Bio

  • Full name: Elizabeth Rose Madden
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Elizabeth Madden’s Husband: Zach Bryan
  • Facebook: Elizabeth Madden

Elizabeth Madden Graduated From Arizona State University

Elizabeth Rose Madden is an American woman who was born to her parents in the United States of America. Her date of birth is not available as she is a very private person and has not revealed any details about her personal life and family. The name of her parents and what they do (or did) for a living, religion, and ethnicity are unavailable.

Furthermore, Elizabeth has not disclosed any detail about her early days as a child like the neighborhood and type of home upbringing she had. It is also not known if she is the only child of her parents or if she has siblings whom she grew up alongside her.

When it comes to her education, there is also no information available regarding the institutions she attended for her primary and high school education. However, it is known that she graduated from Arizona State University although her course of study is unknown.

Elizabeth Rose Madden and Zach Bryan Met While Serving

Elizabeth Rose Madden

According to reports, Elizabeth and her ex-husband, Zach, met each other for the first time in the line of duty as they were both serving in the US Navy and stayed in the barracks. Details about their first meeting revealed that the pair felt a strong attraction for each other when they met and in no time they began dating.

As a girlfriend, Rose was very supportive of Zach’s aspirations to pursue a career in music and frequently sang background vocals on his rough-cut, DIY tracks. In the majority of his videos back then, she also made several appearances.

As their love blossomed, the lovebirds decided to take the step of committing to each other by tying the nuptial knot, however, they faced a lot of challenges, especially with regard to booking a venue for their event.

They Had Challenges Getting a Venue For Their Wedding Amid The 2020 Pandemic

At first, the couple had plans to have their wedding take place at Moraine Lake located in Banff National Park, Canada. Their plans were later foiled as the US authority had discovered severe cases of coronavirus on the US – Canadian Border.

Then, they planned to get married at Glacier National Park, Montana, and even went ahead to announce the new venue but unfortunately, the government yet again scuttled their plans as people were warned not to travel within more than a 350-mile radius while their wedding venue was over 640 miles.

Despite the several cancellations of their wedding event, Zach Bryan and Rose Madden were later able to get a venue for their wedding. The pair got hitched in 2020 in a wedding ceremony that took place at Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth; this place was roughly 150 miles from their residence and it proved successful.

Elizabeth Rose Madden

The wedding ceremony was described as a dreamy event with a perfect arrangement over a beautiful hilltop where the couple exchanged their wedding rings and handwritten vows although not as they would want it to be because of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A short time after their wedding, Zach tendered his resignation to the US Navy to pay more attention to his music career, having served in the Navy for eight years.

Elizabeth Madden’s Marriage To Zach Bryan Ended As Quickly As It Started 

If one looked at a crystal ball and gave the prediction that the lovebirds would not stay as a couple for up to a year, fans of the now-former couple would have hardly believed it. However, your guess is as good as ours. Elizabeth and Zach’s marriage ended as quickly as it started and they had no children.

According to sources, the pair had barely completed their honeymoon when they began having little troubles in their marriage which later led to their separation, and finally divorce. What led to the end of their union has not been revealed by both parties involved. However, there have been different versions of what many feel was the cause.

Why Did Elizabeth Madden and Zach Bryan Divorce?

Some online sources have claimed that the couple had split up on account of infidelity on the part of Zach Bryan. These sources claim that Elizabeth had caught Zach cheating on her with another woman after the Navy deployed him to Italy. Another source claims Zach was the one that filed for divorce from Elizabeth Rose Madden while she was serving in Italy.

The third account claimed Zach Byran’s popularity was too much for Elizabeth Madden to live with as she could not handle the kind of attention she attracted on account of her marriage to him. To recover her private life away from the spotlight, she had to call it quits on her marriage to the musician. Both parties took to their various social pages and deleted pictures and videos that they shared together.

Moving from the divorce, Elizabeth Rose Madden got deployed by the Navy back to Europe and since then she has been off the spotlight and nothing is currently known about her as she lives a very private life. Zach, on the other hand, found love again in the arms of a lady named Debra Peifer who is a social media personality, a former sales associate at Cheng Shop, and an ex-program officer at Collectors Universe.

Zach Bryan’s Ex-wife Is A Naval Officer, A Photographer, And A Golf Enthusiast

Because Elizabeth Rose Madden is not a well-known celebrity, little is known about her career. The former celebrity wife, according to sources and her Facebook profile, is a versatile individual. She is a professional golfer, a photographer, a golf enthusiast, and a naval officer.

Rose’s LinkedIn profile revealed that she is a direct supervisor for seven safety programs; this includes Fall Prevention, Hearing Conservation Program, Aircrew Survival Equipment, Electrostatic Discharge Control, Motorcycle Safety, Laser Hazards Control Program, and CPR.

In addition to all these, Rose is said to be enthusiastic about floral design and is a professional in the field.

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