Who Is Zak Bagans’ Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Zak Bagans does not have a girlfriend and he has never been married, so he doesn’t have a wife. However, he used to date the former Playboy model and TV personality, Holly Madison.

Zak Bagans and Holly Madison were together for two years before they went their separate ways. Aside from Holly, Zak has been in other romantic relationships in the past but he appears to be very much single now.

Is Zak Bagans Married?

No! Zak Bagans is not married. He has a very successful television career, but it seems to be at the expense of his love life as he has not had a successful romantic relationship. He was once engaged, but the wedding never happened. So, to the best of public knowledge, Zak Bagans has never been married.

Though he has not said anything openly about why he is not married or shared the challenges he encountered with girlfriends, fans speculate that he has an overly busy schedule and does not have time for love. Whichever way, he has neither confirmed nor denied their claims. But the best everyone knows is that Zag does not have a wife.

Zag Bagans Relationship

Although Zak Bagans is not married yet, he has been in a relationship with a couple of ladies like Christine Dolce, and Ashley Mallet. Here is what his relationship history looks like:

Zak Bagans Dated Late Myspace Queen – Christine Dolce

One of Zag’s earliest lovers was the late Christine Dolce who was nicknamed ForBiddeN. Christine used to be an American Myspace Internet personality in the 2000s. She was a beautiful Californian lady who took advantage of her amazing looks to become a successful model and actress. She was also a cosmetologist who became quite popular, all thanks to Myspace.

Regarding her relationship with Bagans, they were a couple sometime in 2013 and being a social media personality, she shared the news of their relationship on Tweeter, saying that she had slept with Zak. Sadly, their relationship ended a few months later and after they had gone their separate ways, Christine, who was addicted to alcohol, lost her life in February 2017 to liver failure.

Ashley Mallett Used To Be Zak Bagans’ Girlfriend

After ending things with Christine, Zag Bagans got into another relationship with Ashley Mallett, a paranormal investigator. They were quite close reportedly engaged at some point. Their engagement rumor came after Zak posted a photo of them on Twitter on April 1, 2014. However, a wedding never took place and there is no information about their current relationship status.

Zak Bagans and Holly Madison Also Dated

Zak Bagans took a long break from dating after he officially broke up with Christine. Though there were a lot of ladies at his beck and call, he rather chose to be single. This continued until he met Holly Madison in 2019.

Bagans’ beau, Holly Madison, is an American TV personality and model well-known as a Playboy model. Previously, she was a girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy alongside two other ladies. Their union lasted between 2002 and 2009 before they split.

Before the breakup, she starred in Girl Next Door, an E-tv series, along with the other girlfriends. Holly later wedded Pasquale Rotella in September 2013. Six years down the line, they ended their marriage (in February 2019), but they had two beautiful children together before then.

After the divorce in 2019, Holly and Zag met at Zag’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, but that was not their first meeting point as they had a history together. According to reports, Holly had met the Ghost Adventures star way back in 2011. However, they were more focused on their business.

Therefore, the museum served as a reunion and they started dating. Though they were not open about their relationship, netizens still found out by comparing their Instagram posts. Despite the revelations about their relationship, they remained together and enjoyed a blissful romantic relationship void of scandals and dramas until February 2021 when they shocked Netizens with the news of their breakup.

Since the breakup, none of these former pair have explained the reason behind their split to the public, so all we have are mere speculations. Some think that they fell out of love, and others insist that they no longer have time for each other. Whatever the case may be, they had a drama-free breakup.

Are Zak Bagans And Holly Madison Back Together?

Zak Bagans and Holly Madison are not back together. Since their separation in 2021, they have remained amiable friends and had each other’s backs. Just four months after their breakup, Madison got a role in an episode of Bagans’ show titled, Haunting in the Hills.

Earlier on, Holly suspected that her home was haunted and she invited Bagans’ team to verify her claims. After the investigation using night cameras, they found her claims to be true, however, Holly insisted on living in her mansion anyways.

As a result of her refusal to leave the mansion, Bagan labeled her a brave woman.

Does Zak Bagans Have A Daughter With Holly Madison?

The paranormal investigator does not have a daughter with the former Playboy model. Though rumors are making the rounds that Zag has a child with Holly, those speculations are false. In reality, Zak Bagans does not have any child, all he has is a dog named Gracie.

However, Holly has a son, Forest Leonardo, and a daughter, Rainbow Aurora, from her marriage with Pasquale Rotella.

Is Zak Bagans Married To Nick Groff’s Sister?

No! Zak Bagans is not married to Nick Groff’s sister, Dianna. Nick Groff is a paranormal investigator. He was also Zak Bagans’ colleague in Ghost Adventures. On the other hand, Dianna is Nick Groff’s elder sister.

Though there is no information about any relationship she has with Zak Bagans, it is known that they are not married. In the meantime, Zak Bagans is single and is neither married nor involved with anyone.

Who Is Zag Bagans Dating Now?

The TV celebrity, Zag Bagans, is not dating anyone. Currently, he is single, at least to the best of public knowledge. The TV personality is probably taking the time to build his career, as well as find someone he can spend happily ever after with.

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