Who Is Vanessa Posso and Is She Gervonta Davis’ Wife or Girlfriend?

Vanessa Posso is Gervonta Davis’ girlfriend and baby mama. The duo is not yet married; thus, she is not his wife, though they welcomed a child together in October 2021. Vanessa is a fashion influencer and businesswoman who began dating the professional boxer in January 2021.

Vanessa Posso gained recognition for her relationships with famous figures in the entertainment industry, including Gervonta Davis. This notwithstanding, she is steadily climbing the success ladder in her own right as an influencer and businesswoman. Here is all to know about her.

Who is Gervonta Davis’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Gervonta Davis does not have a wife, nor has he been married to anyone. Meanwhile, the boxer has been linked to several women in the past but has been unable to walk down the aisle with any of them. The professional boxer has a girlfriend and baby mama known as Vanessa Posso. Vanessa Posso and Gervonta Davis’ love has survived many challenges, as they have been together for some time and are supportive of each other.

What is Vanessa Posso’s Age?

Vanessa Posso is 36 years old as of 2024. She was born on May 30, 1988, in Colombia, though some sources say she was born in New York. According to many sources, her nationality is American, while she is of Afro-American descent, and her birth sign is Gemini. Her parents’ names and occupations are unknown, but she was born to Afro-American parents.

Vanessa, who is also known as Nessa Colombiana, has not revealed if she is a lone child or has other siblings. Though she has yet to disclose any details about her education, she is believed to have an excellent educational background.

Meanwhile, she did not just gain fame for dating famous men in the entertainment industry but also for her brands, which she has put much effort into building. She is a model, a businesswoman, and a fashion influencer. As an influencer, she uses her social media handles to advertise her products, such as jewelry and many other designs.

Vanessa, a businesswoman, has a jewelry brand known as Its Rich Girlz, which deals in rings, bangles, necklaces, and earrings for any gender. She also has a website where one can shop for any jewelry. The fashion influencer is still upgrading and expanding her businesses.

Vanessa Posso’s Ethnicity

Vanessa Posso’s ethnicity is revealed to be Afro-American. Meanwhile, since little is known about her parents, how she inherited her ethnicity can not be specified extensively. Looking at her, one can see that her physical appearance speaks volumes about the black race.

How Long has Vanessa Posso been Gervonta Davis’ Girlfriend?

Vanessa Posso has been Gervonta Davis’ girlfriend for some years now. The duo did not reveal how they met or the circumstances that led them to meet each other. However, they reportedly starting dating in January 2021 and welcoming their daughter, Giovanna Thalia, who was the lover’s first child together. Meanwhile, the duo has faced numerous challenges that have made headlines in their relationship.

Gervonta Davis and His Girlfriend Have Made Headlines For The Wrong Reasons In Their Relationship

In 2021, Vanessa Posso made headlines after an online feud with model Bernice Burgos’s daughter, Ashley Burgos. This came after Vanessa uploaded a post on her Instagram story that stated that she discovered something while lurking. The fashion influencer also mentioned that the whole family and GMA don’t play.

Being that Gervonta Davis at that time was involved in a cheating saga and Ashley Burgos was allegedly his hidden lover, this did not sit well with her. This made her take to her Instagram story to slam the fashion influencer for disrespecting and threatening her family. Ashley Burgos further challenged her to come out in Los Angeles; however, both ladies have settled their differences as the posts have long been deleted.

Meanwhile, before this scandal, the professional boxer took to his Instagram story to reveal that he cheated on his girlfriend and could not stop cheating on her because he was real. After some time, he came out to debunk the previous statement, revealing that his account had been hacked, so he was not the one who had posted it. However, the public did not buy his defense, as many pointed out that he used the same font and color. He later made things work out between him and Vanessa Posso as they continued posting each other on their Instagram handles.

Gervonta Davis Landed In Police Custody Following a Distress Call From His Baby Mama

Vanessa Posso and Gervonta Davis hit the headlines again in December 2022. The professional boxer allegedly gave a woman a closed-hand slap. Vanessa further placed a call to the police, stating that she needed help as she was trying to get home with her baby in her car before he attacked her. After some minutes, she placed another call to the police, stating that she was in danger at that moment.

The police were also called by a representative from the Mercedes-Benz emergency center as Vanessa drove a Mercedes-Benz. The emergency center revealed that she pressed an emergency button in her car, stating that a man was speeding at her. The professional boxer denied all these after he was arrested and revealed that she was the one who started the fight. He said that she spat on him and dipped his toothbrush into poop.

Gervonta Davis also released a lot of statements on his social media handles to prove that he was not a monster who would harm his child and baby mama. On the other hand, Vanessa Posso also took to her Instagram to clarify issues; she stated that she called the authorities at that time because she was tense. She further said the professional boxer did not harm her or her child and that they sought the necessary help while working towards peaceful co-parenting.

Are Gervonta Davis and Vanessa Posso Still Together?

At the moment, it is unknown whether Vanessa Posso and Gervonta Davis are still together. Judging by their social media handles, where they often flaunt each other, one may conclude that they are no longer together as the fashion influencer has been inactive. Unlike before, the professional boxer has not uploaded any pictures of his baby for a long time.

Following the new developments in their relationship, many have concluded that they are no longer together. However, we will not conclude until either Gervonta or Vanessa openly confirms they are no longer together.


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