Who is the Wife of Peter Gadiot or is He in a Relationship?

Peter Gadiot does not have a wife and the identity of his girlfriend is not known, that is if he is in any romantic relationship at the moment.

Peter has answered numerous questions on Twitter and Instagram concerning his relationship status but he never bothered to reveal the identity of his girlfriend. The celebrated actor has also shared images of some girls who were believed to be his love interest at different times but he never confirmed any.

Does Peter Gadiot Have a Girlfriend?

Peter Gadiot says he is currently single. In April 2014, the American entertainer went live on Twitter for a Q&A hashtag challenge where he encouraged fans to ask him any question. Following this, a fan made bold to ask whether he is dating any girl and Peter’s answer was “Sadly not but hopefully I will have one soon!”

A couple of months before his Q&A hashtag challenge, Peter took to his Instagram handle to share an image of a bikini-clad girl but deliberately withheld her identity. When he replied that he had no girlfriend in April, fans took it that the girl in his IG post was never his girlfriend. However, the picture is still available on his page.

Fast forward to four years later in 2018, Peter Gadiot made some insinuations about his girlfriend when a tweep wrote “I don’t think anyone would pretend to be a ginger in their profile pic, so mine is definitely me #justiceforgingers.” In his response, the actor exclaimed that his ex-girlfriend was in fact, a ‘ginger’; he accompanied his reply with an OK emoji. To date, the woman’s identity is not known and fans have been wondering if she is the ex-girlfriend.

Speculations about the actor’s elusive girlfriend ran rife again in September 2020 when Peter took to his Instagram to share a silhouette image of a woman alongside a beautiful poem that resembled an attempt at being romantic. Probably, the accompanying poem was dedicated to the lady in the picture. However, nothing further has been heard about her.

In November 2018, Peter Gadiot did a question and answer session on Instagram when a fan inquired to know the kind of woman he would likely date. Responding, Peter said he dates both celebs and non-celebs.

Peter Gadiot and Alice Braga’s Relationship

After Gadiot and American actress Alice Braga co-starred on the set of the television series, Queen of the South, their characters Teresa and James displayed strong onscreen chemistry, and before long, fans started thinking that they were also dating off the screen.

Talking about their roles in the TV series, the two entertainers made it clear to the public that things would be kept strictly professional between them and there would not be any chance of a romantic relationship.

Besides, the celebrity duo seemed to be always at loggerheads; they never actually got along with each other.

Peter Gadiot and Selena Gomez’s Relationship

Gadiot never dated celebrated actor and musician, Selena Gomez, however, the duo was once rumored to be dating. Selena is one popular actress who has been shipped with numerous men but she never deems it necessary to confirm or refute any of the speculations.

Peter Gadiot and Sophie Lowe’s Relationship

Peter Gadiot and actress Sophie Lowe were co-stars in the television series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and it didn’t take long for fans to start speculating that they also have a relationship off-screen. However, neither of them has to date confirmed or denied it.

Is Peter Gadiot Gay?

Peter Gadiot’s sexual orientation is not known. He has no girlfriend, and no wife, and never talks about his sexuality in public space. All his romantic relationships with the opposite sex so far only happened on screen but never in real life. Thus, many tend to label him gay.

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