Who Is Rick Steves’ Ex-wife Anne Steves?

Anne Steves is Rick Steves’s ex-wife. She is a nurse and social activist who hails from Snohomish, Washington in the United States.

Anne and Rick tied the nuptial knot in 1984 and went on to spend 26 long years as husband and wife. Their union came to an end in 2009, and the couple’s divorce was finalized the next year.

Who is Rick Steves’ Wife?

Currently, Rick Steves is not married, but he was once the husband of Anne Steves. Rick is a renowned American travel writer and tour guide.

Anne Steves was born on the 4th of April 1960, and her current age is 64. A native of Snohomish, Washington, in the United States, Anna is obviously of American nationality. However, her ethnic background is said to be White Caucasian.

Despite the fact that she was the wife of a man as popular as Rick. Anna managed to keep information about her birth family under lock and key. Thus, nothing is known about her parents. It is not equally known if she has siblings or grew up as an only child.


Another part of Anna’s life that needs elucidation is her academic records. She reportedly got her earliest educational qualifications in her place of birth, Snohomish, Washington but her university records are sadly lacking.

What Does Anna Steves Do For a Living?

Anna Steves used to work in the health sector as a nurse before she married Rick. However, after exchanging marriage vows with Rick, Anna came into the limelight, and many only knew her as the wife of the American travel mogul.

There are speculations that Anna resigned from her job as a nurse to become a homemaker after giving birth to their children, but this claim has never been substantiated.

However, following their divorce, Anna has been living a quiet life, and no one knows exactly what she is doing to make ends meet these days.

Anna Became Rick Steves’ Wife in 1984

Anna and her ex-spouse, Rick Steves, became man and wife in 1984, but the exact date of their nuptials is not known.

Reportedly, the duo first crossed paths a couple of years earlier, in 1982, when they visited a Barstow, California-based restaurant at the same time.

The couple got talking and eventually started dating. Their dating period lasted for a couple of years before they decided to make things official by tying the nuptial knot in 1984. Their wedding was said to be a beautiful affair held at the Villanova, Pennsylvania-based St. Thomas church, and the reception followed at Saint Davids’ Golf Club.

Anne Steves
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Are Rick and Anne Steves Still Married?

No, Rick and Anne have long gone their separate ways. The couple’s union endured for 26 long years before they started experiencing friction.

In 2009, Anne and Steve made the conscious decision to call it quits with their relationship. The duo set the divorce ball rolling at the Snohomish Superior Court in the same year, and it became finalized on the 5th of March 2010.

Though the couple’s divorce was well covered by the media, the couple never deemed it necessary to reveal what led to their split. There were speculations that Rick’s travel partner, Trish Feaster, had something to do with the couple’s split. In fact, it was rumored that they were having a secret affair, and Anne found out.

Though Rick Steve’s alleged affair with Trish was never proven while he was still married to Anna, the American traveler later named Trish as his girlfriend a couple of years later. Needless to say, Steve’s claims left fans wondering exactly when their relationship started – before or after divorce.

Since her divorce was finalized in 2010, Anne never bothered to remarry. However, she has been keeping the details of her recent hookups and breakups under wraps. Thus, we cannot say whether she is dating or not.

That said, we must acknowledge that her husband has been active in the love scene post-divorce. After he broke up with Trish, Rick started dating a popular Evangelical Lutheran Church bishop named Shelley Bryan. The duo went public with their relationship in December 2019 and are still together.

Anna Steves Shares Two Children with Rick

Rick Steves
Rick, Anne, and their two children image source

Andy Steves and Jackie Steves are the names of Anna and Rick Steves’ children. While their birth details are not known, Andy is a travel agent and author like his father. Weekend Student Adventures Europe is the name of his travel company, and he is the author of Europe: City- Hopping on a Budget.

Their daughter is a piano teacher and often helps out in writing Rick’s travel blogs.

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