Who is Rick Lagina’s Wife? All About His Love Life and Sexuality

Rick Lagina does not have a wife or girlfriend to the best of public knowledge, and this has raised speculations that he is gay, but there is no confirmation of this.

The 72-year-old Rick Lagina is a former American postal worker turned treasure hunter and reality TV star. Together with his younger brother, Marty, Rick scours Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, looking for centuries-old treasures and historical artifacts believed to be buried on the island. This search constitutes the basis of the hugely popular History Channel series, The Curse of Oak Island, which has shone the light on both brothers and their personal lives.

Did Rick Lagina Ever Get Married?

It is possible that Rick Lagina was married in the past and perhaps divorced his wife along the way. It is also possible that he has never gotten married in his life. One thing that is for sure is that Rick Lagina is not married at present. He also doesn’t seem to have any kids.
This is in stark contrast to his younger brother and frequent collaborator, Marty Lagina.

Marty is married to a woman named Olivia Lagina, and together, they run the vineyard and the wine production company that he has founded known as Mari Vineyards. The couple has two well-accomplished children.

Their son, Alex Lagina, is a trained engineer and diver. He joins his father and uncle in their Oak Island treasure quest. He is also the manager of the vineyard. Marty Lagina also has a daughter named Madeline Lagina. She is a physician and trained at Emory University School of Medicine. She is presently based in Michigan and is married to a fellow named Erik Winnega.

Rick Lagina
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Is Rick Lagina Gay?

One cannot for certain whether Rick Lagina is gay or not, as he has never come out to confirm his sexuality. It is possible that Rick Lagina is gay. It is also possible that he is not and that speculations in that regard are entirely false. Of course, it is not difficult to see why there will be such speculations.

The fact that Rick Lagina is not married and does not seem to have any kids at his age will make many wonder if his sexuality played a part in the current state of his love life. However, this does not confirm anything though.

Rick Lagina
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Who is Rick Lagina Dating?

Rick Lagina does not appear to be dating anyone at the moment. The Michigan native is pretty much focused on the quest to uncover the treasures of Oak Island. He and his brother and other team members spend several hours each day scouring the island and also filming their search.

They also sometimes have to work on the weekend. It is tough work, but through it all, Rick Lagina never complains and remains gracious. He is quite nice to people who come around Oak Island and thanks them for being fans of the show. He is approachable, generous, and appreciative of fans, and there is nothing pretentious about him. All these have made him a fan favorite, and he has also helped to make The Curse of Oak Island one of the most-watched shows on the History Channel.


Who is Rick Lagina?

Rick Lagina is an American treasure hunter and former postal worker who is one of the stars of The Curse of Oak Island, a reality TV show on the History Channel. Rick was born in 1952 and is a native of Michigan.

Is Rick Lagina Married?

Rick Lagina is not married to the best of public knowledge. The several news reports on him, as well as interviews he has conducted, do not mention any wife.

Who is Margaret Olivia?

Margaret Olivia is Marty Lagina’s wife and Rick Lagina’s sister-in-law. Margaret Olivia joins hands with her husband to run the wine-producing business and vineyards Mari Vineyards.

Is Rick Lagina Dating Anyone?

Rick Lagina does not appear to be dating anyone. The 72-year-old treasure hunter seems to be focusing all his energies on exploring and uncovering the hidden treasures of Oak Island.

Does Rick Lagina Have Children?

Rick Lagina does not have children, in stark contrast to his younger brother, Marty Lagina, who has two children, Alex and Maddie, with his wife, Olivia.


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