Who Is Nardo Wick’s Girlfriend Soryiaa?

Soryiaa is Nardo Wick’s girlfriend, she is a social media influencer, model, and health and beauty specialist who rose to prominence after her relationship with the American rapper went viral.

Nardo Wick is an American rapper best known for his single, Who Want Smoke? Having attained fame as one of the most successful American rappers, he is not just in the news for his career but also for his personal life with his bae, Soryiaa.

What is Soryiaa’s Real Name

Soryiaa’s real name is unknown at the moment. Due to the fact that she lives away from the spotlight, not much is known about her. Her name was only disclosed as the girlfriend of the American rapper Nardo Wick. Until she discloses her personal details, which include her real name, she is still identified as Soryiaa.

Details about Soryiaa’s age, date, and month of birth have been unclear. This has made her birth sign unknown; however, all that is known is that she was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States. The American national’s ethnicity has not been mentioned. Soryiaa keeps a relatively low profile when it comes to revealing her background.

Consequent to this, the name of the beauty specialist’s parents and what they do for a living have not been mentioned. There is no credible information on if she has siblings or what they also have their hands on. Information regarding how and where she spent her childhood has also not been disclosed.

Following the fact that the health specialist is a personality that keeps a low profile, nothing is known about her educational background. The names of the elementary, middle, and high schools that Soryiaa attended have not been mentioned. It is also not known if the beauty specialist earned a degree or not.

When Did Soryiaa Become Nardo Wick’s Girlfriend?

Nardo Wick and Soryiaa prefer to keep their relationship off the media, and as such, they have made little to nothing about it known. Based on this, when and how the lovers met is unknown. When they started dating, has also remained off record. This has made the length of their relationship unknown.

Meanwhile, Nardo Wick and Soryiaa have been together for quite some time. They rarely flaunt each other on their social media handles. However, it was reported that the rapper and health specialist are serious about their relationship and wish to level up their game.

Prior to making the identity of his girlfriend known, Nardo Wick often teased his fans with incomplete pictures of his bae on his social media handles. He once posted a picture of her eyebrows, which put his fans in a heated debate about who she was.

Nardo Wick’s fans started speculating that his girlfriend was Soryiaa after they got a glimpse of her dress and goggles on his social media handle. A while after he had succeeded in piquing the interest of the public, he posted her picture on his social media handle. Currently, the lovers do not hesitate to flaunt each other’s pictures on their social media handles.

What Does Nardo Wick’s Girlfriend Do for a Living?

Soryiaa is a beautiful and talented lady who is following different career paths. According to her Instagram bio, Soryiaa is a health and beauty specialist. She has an Instagram handle where she posts pictures of wigs. Other things that she does as a health and beauty specialist were not mentioned, but it is believed that she is doing great in the field.

Soryiaa is also a social media influencer and model. She is active on Instagram as @soryiaa_, where she has about 68.5k followers. On her Instagram handle, she shares beautiful pictures of herself and her boyfriend. She also has another Instagram account, @thesoryiaeffect, where she has over 4.6 k followers. The beauty specialist displays wigs on this handle.


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