Who Is Mary Martin, Steve Martin’s Daughter

Mary Martin is the daughter of Steve Martin, the American movie star, comedian, producer, and writer. Mary is 11 years old, and her parents were already married for five years when she was born. Since her arrival, Steve and his wife, Anne Stringfield, have built their life around their daughter.

Summary of Mary Martin’s Biography

  • Full Name: Mary Martin
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: December 2012
  • Mary Martin’s Age: 11 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Mary Martin’s Parents: Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield
  • Famous For: Being the daughter of Steve Martin

Does Steve Martin Have Children?

Yes, Steve Martin does have a child, and she is an adorable 11-year-old girl who goes by the name Mary Martin. According to reports, Mary’s date of birth reads December 2012, but her exact birthday has never been disclosed.

Steve and his wife even kept Mary’s name hidden for a long time after she was born. Talking to the New York Post in February 2013, a close friend of the comedian said Steve is the kind of celebrity that does not play with his privacy, but in actual fact, he worked really hard to become a father and is thrilled with the new addition to his family.

Steve finally revealed his daughter’s name on the set of David Letterman’s show when he jokingly said they considered a lot of less conventional names. Mentioning Conquistador, the comedian asked David what he thinks, saying that he never wanted to take any of those Hollywood names which he referred to as weird. Conquistador is a statement, Steve concluded.

It was on the set of the show that we got to know that Steve named his daughter Mary Martins after his mother, who died five years earlier in 2010

Mary is already of school age, but her educational journey is not documented.

Mary’s Father is a Big Name in the Entertainment World

Mary Martin’s dad Steve Martin is part of the entertainment industry, where he works as a comedian, actor, producer, writer, musician, and more.

Born on August 14th, 1945, Steve was given the full name Stephen Glenn Martin. Though he started small, Steve has recorded tremendous success in his onscreen and off-screen career. In his more than five decades-long career, the American entertainment giant can be counted among those that have dominated the stand-up comedy scene.

Apart from his success as a comedian, Steve recorded corresponding success in the acting scene, playing starring roles in numerous productions. As a writer, the multi-talented movie star has written several plays, including 1993’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Pleasure of My Company in 2003, and much more. Mary Martin’s dad also wrote articles for publication in media outlets like The New Yorker.

The father of one has a plethora of prestigious awards and nominations to show for his hard work and dedication to the movie industry. This includes five Grammy Awards, an Honorary Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, an AFI Life Achievement Award, and a Mark Twain Prize For American Humor.

Mary Martin’s Mother Is a Writer

Mary Martin
Anne, her husband, and daughter image source

Mary Martin’s mother, Anne Stringfield, works for the media industry, and for many years, she has been under the payroll of The New Yorker, where she started to work as a fact-checker. This bit of information about Anne came from Steve’s Wiki page.

In fact, many have speculated that the duo may have had something to do with each other at The New Yorker since the comedian also wrote for the publication during the 1990s, and they are not far from the truth. Important to note that Anne also works for the fashion media, Vogue.

Unlike her celebrity husband, Anne’s personal details are not readily available. We were only told that she was born in 1972, but facts like her birthday and month have remained elusive to date. Also, she has never mentioned her family in the public space.

Mary’s Parents were Married Before they Had Her

Steve and Anne were already five years into their union before they welcomed their only daughter.

It was while Mary Martin’s mother was working as a fact-checker with The New Yorker that he got acquainted with Steve. Her work as a fact checker involved calling freelance writers of the media house to double-check facts, and Steve was one of the people she was constantly calling.

According to what the celebrated comedian cum actor told AARP magazine in 2017, they were talking for more than one year before getting to meet each other in person. When they finally met, the duo dated for three years before he asked for her hand in marriage.

Mary Martin’s parents eventually tied the knot on July 28th, 2007, in his Los Angeles Californian home. The wedding had a stellar guest list comprising the likes of Bob Kerrey (a Nebraska Senator), who officiated at the wedding, Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live creator); who acted as the best man, and 75 other celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Carl Reiner, Eugene Levy, and Diane Keaton.

The guests were never told it was a solemnization of holy matrimony until Steve appeared in an Inspector Closeau mustache with his bride donned out in a Vera Wang gown

The couple have been married for over 16 years, and according to Steve, he is very happy with his little family, crediting Anne for their loved-up family and low-keyed lifestyle. Steve said Ann is very kind, and that is counted among the vital qualities a human being can have.

Mary Martin’s Relationship with Parents

Mary Martin has a great relationship with both parents. Though Steve and Anne are not big on displaying their family on social media and public spaces, it is glaring that the Martin household is a close-knit one.

According to the American actor and comedian, he became a father at the perfect time, exactly when he felt he would be able to be a good father figure. Talking further, Steve said if he had become a father earlier, it would have affected his career growth. But now that he is well established in his professional life, the multi-talented entertainer said he is very forthcoming with Mary. Father and daughter have all the time in the world to just hang around and play in their home, and Steve thinks it is fantastic.

Even though Anne is not the type that comes to the public space with stories of her family life, the mother of one is equally enjoying life with her husband and only child.

She is not on any Career Path yet

Mary is yet to show interest in any career paths, however, the youngster lives a private life shielded by her parents. Thus, it would be rather difficult to know when she does start experimenting with something.

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