Who Is Joanna Haythorn, Charles Dance’s Ex-wife?

Joanna Haythorn (born in the 1940s) is the ex-wife of Charles Dance, the English actor, film director, and screenwriter who is well-known for playing Tywin Lannister in the Game of Thrones

Joanna Haythorn rose to the media spotlight as the wife of the actor. The duo got married in 1970 and pulled the string on their union in 2004, about three decades after they tied the knot. Her ex-husband has lent his efforts to the success of numerous movies through acting, screenwriting, and directing. Though their long and sweet marriage was strained, they are still parents to their two grown-up children.

Summary of Joanna Haythorn’s Biography 

  • Full name: Joanna Haythorn
  • Nickname: Joanna Haythorn
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1940s
  • Nationality: American and British  
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Joanna Haythorn’s ex-Husband: Charles Dance
  • Joanna Haythorn’s Children: Oliver and Rebecca Dance
  • Famous for: Being the ex-wife of the actor Charles Dance

Joanna Haythorn was Born in the 1940s

As much as Joanna Haythorn’s date, month, and year of birth are unknown, according to reports, it can be assumed that she was born in the 1940s in the United States of America. She is of American nationality and also holds British citizenship as she is originally from Britain, while her ethnicity remains under wraps.

Owing to the fact that she is someone that loves living her life outside of the media, details of who her parents are and what they did for a living are unknown. It is not known if she has any siblings, as the details of who they are and what they are up to have been kept off the public record.

Joanna is known to be well educated, but the schools that she attended from early school to college or university are unknown. However, she chose a career path in art and majored in sculpture.

How Long was Joanna Haythorn Charles Dance’s Wife?

Joanna Haythorn and Charles Dance’s marriage lasted just 34 years. They met in an art college in Plymouth, in the United Kingdom, while they were just nineteen years old. As of then, he was still in the prime of his career and had barely made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Though how long they dated is unknown, it was revealed that they dated for a long time before deciding to level up their relationship.

In 1970, the duo exchanged their marriage vows. The couple did not reveal their wedding venue or the type of wedding that they had. They lived as a great couple for three decades and counting without recording any scandal, which made many admire them as an idle couple. This, however, did not last as the news of their divorce went public in 2004 after 34 years of marriage to the shock of their admirers.

The reason for their divorce has been kept in the dark by the actor and his ex-wife. As a couple that has been looked up to by many, rumors are not bound to circulate following their divorce. Speculations have it that the divorce was a result of the actor’s infidelity. This has not been confirmed as both parties have kept mute on the reason for the divorce.

According to reports, Charles Dance still regrets that his marriage had to crash. He revealed in an interview that he was not a good husband to his wife, and it was all his fault that he could not save their marriage. Many couples who get divorced are seen to have strained relationships, but it is not so for Joanna Haythorn and Charles Dance, as they still maintain a good relationship with each other.

The Sculptress Has Remained Single Since She Got Divorced

Joanna Haythorn moved on pretty well with her life after her divorce. Though it is not known if she has been romantically involved with anyone since her divorce, she is currently single and chose not to remarry. Her ex-husband, on his path, moved on too and has been involved with five women since the divorce.

The women that he has been linked to are Emilia Fox, Sophia Myles, Shambhala Mathes, and Eleonar Boorman. He welcomed a daughter named Rose Boorman with Eleonar Boorman. Currently, he is known to be engaged to Alessandra Masi, an Italian film producer and painter, in October 2019.

Charles Dance is a Multitalented Individual

Joanna Haythorn

Charles Dance was born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, on October 10, 1946. He is the youngest son of Eleanor Marion, a cook, and Walter Dance, an engineer who served in the military. He is a British citizen and of mixed ancestry. The actor grew up in Plymouth and attended Widely Technical School for Boys in Crownhill.

He moved on to Plymouth College and Montfort University, where he majored in graphic design and photography. In the late 1970s, Charles started taking part in the production of a British theatre known as the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and Stratford-upon-Avon. In 1978, he made his onscreen debut in the ITV series Father Brown, featuring Commandant Neil O’Brien.

After his first acting gig, he started landing big roles, especially as a valiant, strict, and authoritative character. Currently, he is widely known for playing the role of Tywin Lannister in the Game of Thrones. Some of the movies that he has proved his prowess in include The Crown, Godzilla: King of Monsters, Against The Ice, The King’s Man, Dracula Untold, and many more.

Charles Dance, as a screenwriter and director, has seen the success of Ladies in Lavender and The Inn at The Edge of The World. The actor has received lots of honors for his mastery of interpreting characters. On June 17, 2006, he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Meet Joanna Haythorn’s Children With Charles Dance

Though Joanna Haythorn and Charles are no longer a couple, they are still parents to the children that they welcomed together. Below is a look into their children:

Oliver Dance

  • Date of Birth: 1974
  • Age: 50
Rebecca, Oliver, and Charles Dance

Oliver Dance is the first child and son of Joanna and her ex-husband, Charles Dance. While his date and month of birth remain a mystery, he was born in 1974. He rose to the spotlight as the son of an English actor. Other details, like what he is up to, the career that he has chosen, and many more, have been kept under the radar.

Rebbeca Dance

  • Date of Birth: 1980
  • Age: 44
Joanna Haythorn
Rebecca and Charles Dance

Rebbeca is the second child and first daughter of the couple. Just like her brother, her date and month of birth are also unknown, but she was born in 1980. She managed to gain popularity as the daughter of Charles Dance. Other details, such as her education, what she does for a living, and more, have been withheld from the media.


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